Uranus, Pluto & Saturn: Influencing Marriage Since 1968 – Part 2


Pluto and the Undoing of

“Til Death Do Us Part”

In 1969, while Uranus was still transiting the sign of Libra, then-Governor Ronald Reagan (a Uranus-ruled Aquarian) signed the Family Law Act, which created “no fault” divorce in the state of California.

From that point forward, the “Golden State” was credited as being the pioneer of “no fault” divorce reform, and while it was certainly an agent for this reform, the credit for it actually belongs to Pluto.

Prior to divorce reform, one needed to prove “fault” in order to obtain a divorce. At that time, “irreconcilable differences,” “incompatibility” and “irretrievable breakdown” were no excuse for ending a marriage. Someone had to be at fault for something, and that “fault” had to be adultery, abandonment or cruel and inhuman treatment.

Without a doubt, the liberating and rebellious spirit of Uranus ignited and maintained the interest in “no fault” divorce. However, it was not until Pluto entered Libra that this revolutionary idea was transformed into a sweeping reform.

By 1975, just four years after Pluto entered Libra, 44 states had instituted some form of no-fault divorce, and today every state has enacted some form of  “no fault” divorce.

Pluto’s role in breaking the bonds of marriage is significant not only because he is the ruler of death and destruction, but because he is also the ruler of marital assets.

Pluto is also the ruler of sexual relations, and prior to the 1960’s, they were limited to the marital union (and had to be extremely discreet when they were not). However, once Uranus entered Libra, “free love” blossomed under its freedom-loving influence.

While Pluto was in Libra from 1971 – 1983, the once-shocking practice of “free love” was transformed into “premarital sex” and “living together” became an accepted practice in society, which dealt a further blow to the institution of marriage.

It is interesting to note that while Saturn is in the sign of marriage, he is at odds with Pluto.

Even more interesting is the fact that January 1, 2010 marked the 40th anniversary of divorce law reform.

Kind of makes you think something is about to happen, doesn’t it?

  1. I keep thinking things will change but it seems like 1 step forward and 2 back. My Aquarius planets think we need a revolution…

  2. I think your Aquarius planets have good instincts…