Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio

After spending more than 7 months in Libra, Mars had his fill of cooperation, consideration and – ugh – compromise.

MarsGodofWarReady to declare Fie on Goodness, he swaggered into Scorpio feeling much like a king returning to his castle, which is only fitting since Mars once ruled the Underworld.

That is, until Pluto reclaimed his throne.

Still, Mars did such an outstanding job that he was granted co-rulership. For that reason, whenever Mars visits Scorpio, it feels like a homecoming.

As Mars moves through the heavens, he energizes whatever it touches. Whether that energy expresses itself as ambition, anger or passion depends upon the aspects (connections) it makes with other planets in your horoscope. Depending upon our individual charts, its influence may inspire increased energy, enhanced concentration, and a burning desire to achieve our goals. Alternatively, some of us may find that our behavior becomes callous, paranoid and uncompromising. Likewise, the life areas ruled by the house that Mars is transiting in your natal chart reveal where you can expect to experience more activity, as well as where you need to be taking action.

While Mars is in Scorpio, he can be a sinner, or he can be a saint.

At his worst, Mars in Scorpio is secretive and uses manipulation rather than his customary confrontation to achieve his objective, and if things get intense, he can be ruthless, obsessive, controlling and vindictive.

At his best, Mars in Scorpio is independent, focused, courageous, ambitious and passionate. He will fearlessly risk his life to save another. Like Pluto, Mars is at ease with mortality. The centuries he spent guarding the Underworld endowed him with an innate understanding of birth, death and transformation, and while in in Scorpio, he’s reminded that life does not end with death; rather, it simply begins anew in an altered form.

Consequently, while Mars is in Scorpio we are encouraged to transform transform our lives by allowing a situation, relationship or philosophy that has outworn its welcome to die a natural death. If we do, Mars will help us fill the void with opportunities, people or beliefs that are attuned to our life path when he makes his journey through Sagittarius.

Mars is in Scorpio from May 27 – August 2, 2016

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