Mars in Sagittarius: The Archer Aims High

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As the planetary ruler of pioneers and trailblazers, Mars is very much at home in Sagittarius because it is the natural ruler of explorers, distant journeys and long voyages. In fact, whenever the planet of action visits the sign of wanderlust, he keeps his options open and his passport close at hand.

Similarly, you too may feel the urge to expand your physical boundaries by traveling to a new location or exploring a new culture. Although Mars in Sagittarius will inspire you to dream big, you don’t need to board a plane and visit a new nation (although it would be nice). Simply visiting a new neighborhood or sampling a new cuisine will also fit the bill.  The key is that you feel the urge to move beyond your current experience and are motivated to actually seek out new ones.

Education is another way to broaden one’s horizons, and since Sagittarius rules the house of higher learning, while Mars is here you may want increase your knowledge through study. While formal education is one avenue, it’s not the only one. During this time, many of you may opt to increase your wisdom by accessing information via other Sagittarius-ruled mediums such as reading self-help books, listening to podcasts or attending webinars.

Since Sagittarius is the sign of truth and social justice, while Mars is immersed in the sign of the archer he can be quite the crusader. Consequently, under its influence some of you may find yourselves on a soapbox as you become more passionate about politics, religion, philosophy and world events.

Mars is assertive by nature, and when he’s in Sagittarius, he excels at debate. He’s also always ready for an argument. While advocating for a cause is certainly admirable, during this time it is important to think before you speak. After all, the Archer is known for his bluntness, not his manners. Add Mars and some fiery impatience to the mix you have the perfect recipe for hurt feelings, ruined relationships and perhaps a burned bridge or two.

As the undisputed knight of the zodiac, Mars is always ready to rise to the occasion, embark upon a journey and rescue us from danger. However, as he travels through the sign of religion and philosophy, he’s more likely  find himself engaged in a spiritual quest. Likewise, some of you may find yourselves waxing philosophical as you ponder the meaning of life and discover your own personal truths.

If he heeds the wisdom of the Archer, by the time Mars leaves Sagittarius, he’ll understand that true growth occurs not through physical conquests but through intellectual ones.

Likewise, so will we.

Mars is in Sagittarius from August  – September 27.

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  1. Love this one, rings true for my Saggo Mars ! Thanks Debra