Venus in Leo

Transiting Venus in Leo

After weeks of sharing hearty meals with her family and staying close to home, Venus simply grew tired of the Crab’s domestic routine. Longing for excitement, she kicked off her comfy slippers and, dressed to the nines, headed straight into the flamboyant, strong-willed and passionate sign of Leo.

LeoWomanWhile in the sign of the Lion, Venus is confident, enthusiastic and enjoys being the center of attention. If there’s a spotlight, odds are it’s shining on her, and if not, then she’s standing in the wings waiting for her big break. Deep down in her soul, Venus in Leo knows that it’s a question of when, not if; and while she’s waiting, she allows her creativity to blossom.

It’s true that Venus can be flirtatious and playful while she’s in the sign of romance, but as the planetary ruler of love and committed unions, she has little interest in playing the field. Despite her playful ways, Venus in Leo is in it for the long haul and refuses to settle for anything short of a loyal, loving, passionate and attentive partner who sets her heart on fire. In fairness, she gives as good as she gets, and in some instances, she gives more and lives to regret it. Although she has a well-developed sense of entitlement, Venus in Leo can be generous to a fault and susceptible to flattery. This combination can make her an easy target for smooth talkers, because when you win her heart, you also win her wallet.

Speaking of money, Venus also presides over financial affairs, and Leo rules entertainment, sporting events, casinos, children, romance and hobbies. Consequently, while she’s immersed in the sign of extravagance, you may feel inspired to go on a shopping spree or spend money on recreational activities. If you love to gamble, you may want to exercise restraint now, because when the planet of money is in the sign of speculation, you may find yourself with a bad case of gambling fever.

Finally, Venus is the planetary ruler of self-worth and personal values, and while in the Lion’s den, she spends her time and energy on the relationships and interests that matter most to her; the ones that inspire her, lift her up and make her feel alive.  In Leo, Venus encourages you to do the same.