Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio

After barely more than two weeks of Libra’s lighthearted relationships and superficial discussions, Mercury craved something more substantial. Eager to indulge his curiosity and exercise his mental muscles, Mercury bid farewell to the sign of hospitality and flew straight towards the sign that holds all the answers to the mysteries of life: Scorpio.

Scorpio zodiac icon As he approached the entrance to the Underworld, Mercury’s airy side began to feel overwhelmed by the depth of emotion that began to flood his rational mind, and he questioned his decision to spend the next several weeks in immersed in this intense sign. However, his burning curiosity overpowered his doubts, and he descended into Scorpio’s domain.

As the planetary ruler of the mind, the fleet-footed messenger has carte blanche to speculate, investigate, interrogate and extrapolate to his heart’s content, and he won’t quit until his curiosity is satisfied. However, during this time he’ll use whatever means necessary to do so. He’ll scrutinize every word, dissect every action and snoop in medicine chests, emails, diaries and financial statements. In the Underworld, nothing is sacred which means everything is fair game.

Mercury presides over all types of communications, but while in Scorpio he’s tight-lipped which means you won’t catch him gossiping, spilling his guts or divulging any of the secrets he learns in the Underworld. In Scorpio, Mercury shares information on a need-to-know basis and, if need be, will take a secret to his grave. He’ll also delve into areas that others find frightening or that are considered off-limits or taboo.

Finally, although by nature Mercury tends to be scattered, when he’s in Scorpio his mind is focused, his memory is sharp and his mental stamina is second to none.

Mercury is in Scorpio from October 24 – December 12, 2016