Mars in Capricorn

Transiting Mars in Capricorn


Confident that he learned everything he needed to know while he was in Sagittarius, Mars packed up camp and sauntered into Capricorn, where he’ll devote the next six weeks to climbing up the ladder of success.

Young hunky business manAs the planetary pioneer of the zodiac, Mars is very much at home in this achievement-oriented sign because it’s the sign of his exaltation. In other words, Mars in Capricorn brings out the very best traits in the planet as well as the sign.

While Mars is immersed in Capricorn’s energy, he functions at the highest level because his entrepreneurial spirit, competitive nature and fearless temperament are enhanced by Capricorn practicality, patience, purpose and perseverance.

Under Saturn’s influence, Mars is pursuing a goal with foresight as well as passion, with consistency as well as vigor and with common sense as well as courage. Mars in Capricorn isn’t simply driven to win. In Capricorn, he also craves public recognition as an expert in his field.

And he’s playing for all the marbles.

During this time, many of you will feel more inspired and goal-oriented than usual, while those of you who tend to be overachievers may feel like you’re in overdrive. Either way, just as Mars in Capricorn never settles for mediocrity, neither will you.

 Mars is in Capricorn from September 27 – November 8, 2016