Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

After weeks of living in Libra’s well-mannered house of partnerships receiving polite suitors and engaging in light-hearted romances, Venus grew bored with encounters of the superficial kind. Shaking her hair loose from its elegant updo and slipping into a pair of sexy gladiators, Venus made a quick but graceful exit from Libra’s château de l’amour and caught the next ferry to the Underworld where she plunged headlong into Scorpio’s deep, dark, and seductive waters.

Segni zodiacali - ScorpioneAs the planet of love immerses herself in the sign of physical intimacy, you can feel the cosmic temperature rise. However, Scorpio offers much more than carnal pleasures. It offers the opportunity to  merge with another on the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual levels, and while Venus is here, she refuses to settle for anything less than the full experience.

However, while she’s here, Venus is in the sign of her detriment which mean’s she’s forced to play by Scorpio’s rules.  Whereas her airy Libra side is most uncomfortable being immersed in this intensely emotional sign, the earthy Taurus side of her is attracted to Scorpio because they share a common interest in sex, money and control. When it comes to sex, the airy side of Venus is flirtatious but her earthy side can be downright hedonistic. Consequently, while Venus is in Scorpio she can get down and dirty.

Since Venus is the planetary ruler of money, she has more than a passing interest in it. Since Scorpio presides over jointly-held assets and money that flows from sources other than a weekly paycheck, while Venus is here she has a gift for attracting, handling, accumulating and spending other people’s money.

Like Scorpio, the earthy side of Taurus enjoys being in control and has a well-deserved reputation for being possessive and holding a grudge. If she allows herself to ruled by her feelings while in Scorpio, Venus can be jealous, vindictive and an absolute control freak. For that reason, it’s crucial that Venus pays attention to her airy side which thinks rationally, plays fair and respects boundaries.

Last but not least, Venus presides over self-esteem and while in Scorpio, she can use its transformative energy to purge any feelings of inadequacy and transform her sense of self.

As she crossed into Scorpio, Venus knew that as a guest in the Underworld she would have the opportunity to experience renewal on more than one level. Although the rules weren’t her rules, she willingly immersed herself in its metamorphic waters and surrendered to a power greater than herself.

Having experienced the mysteries of the Underworld, Venus will emerge from Scorpio with a new understanding of birth, death and transformation that will serve her well as she continues her journey through the rest of the zodiac.

Venus is in Scorpio from September 23 – October 18