Mars in Pisces

Transiting Mars in Pisces


Having spent six weeks fighting the good fight in Aquarius and being celebrated as a rebel with a cause, it was time for Mars to bid farewell to the sign of unpredictability and become acquainted with the sign of tranquility.

After inhaling several big breaths of Aquarius air, Mars dove into the watery world known as Pisces where he quickly discovered that his role as the conquering hero was at odds with this gentle, sensitive and sentimental sign that offers everyone kindness, compassion and counseling.

Whereas the Moon finds this sympathetic atmosphere utterly delightful, Mars experiences it as a hostile environment. Instead of feeling refreshed and renewed after immersing himself in its sea of tranquility, he initially feels physically tired, emotionally drained and very much like Samson after his encounter with the deceptive Delilah.

RomanceHeroHowever, once he gains his sea legs, Mars discovers that his strength has not diminished but instead is simply being expressed in the yet unfamiliar form of romantic yearnings, artistic inspiration and spiritual insights.

Reminded once again that he really needs to curb his impulsive side, Mars realizes that he is not being held captive by the shadow side of Pisces but is being embraced by its higher side.

Likewise, during this time, those of us who are not that idealistic, creative or introspective are likely to experience a decrease in motivation, an increase in procrastination and perhaps a touch of despair. However, if we open ourselves up to this energy instead of resisting it with our ego, we too will experience its higher side.

Despite gaining a deeper understanding, and yes, even an appreciation, for Pisces, when all is said and done Mars is still not comfortable in this emotionally sensitive sign.

Although he may be guilty of many things, no one will ever accuse Mars of being a wimp (except for Pluto but even then only behind his back), so when faced with the prospect of doing time in Pisces, he’s determined to make the most of it. With his strong sense of nobility, Mars embraces the Pisces philosophy of selfless service and sets out to safeguard those who are vulnerable and in need of protection. Consequently, by the time Mars bids farewell to Pisces he will be assured of a rousing – and well-deserved – hero’s welcome when he returns home to Aries.

Mars is in Pisces from December 19  – January 28, 2017

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  1. I’ve got Mars in Pisces and I never wear bondage. At least, not when I’m trekkin the alps, Brrr.