Venus in Aquarius

Transiting Venus in Aquarius


After weeks of power lunches, networking dinners and more than a few games of one-upmanship, Venus grew weary of Capricorn’s ambitious, status-conscious world of mostly work and little play.  Tired of working weekends, Venus knew it was time to rebel and thumbing her nose at authority, crossed into Aquarius.

While Venus is in Aquarius, she values her independence, enjoys being self-sufficient and revels in her freedom. Although her earthy side is uncomfortable in the sign of detachment, her airy side relates well to its aloofness. She’s impressed by the Water Bearer’s intellect, admires its humanitarian nature and respects its desire to be different.

As the planetary ruler of the horoscope’s second house, Venus presides over money and values. While many Venus signs are prudent and value a healthy savings account, Venus in Aquarius isn’t one of them. It’s not that she’s against accumulating cash; it’s just that she’s not attached to money for money’s sake. In Aquarius, Venus values money for the experiences it can make possible, such as education and travel. She also values it for what it can accomplish, which is why she invests her money in humanitarian, social or political causes instead of the stock market.

As the natural ruler of the seventh house, Venus presides over love and committed relationships, and while in Aquarius, she learns to love authentically. Although she enjoys romance and physical intimacy, her relationships are rooted in friendship, companionship and intellectual compatibility.  Of all the Venus signs, this is the one who most enjoys her own company. That’s why she needs a confident partner, one with a strong sense of self who can entertain him or herself when she needs her space, and most of all, one who respects her as a true equal.

Venus  is in Aquarius from December 7, 2016 – January 3, 2017