Venus in Pisces

Transiting Venus in Pisces


Although the airy side of Venus reveled in her independence and enjoyed the new experiences she encountered while in Aquarius, her earthy side eventually found it’s detached, impersonal nature too cool for comfort.

Segni zodiacali - PesciLonging to be cradled in a sea of emotional warmth, she bid the Water Bearer farewell and dove headlong into the waters of the sentimental, soothing sign of her exaltation: Pisces.

A planet is exalted when it occupies a sign that is so complementary that its virtues are magnified and it expresses the highest nature of the planet and the sign. Consequently, while Venus is here, her senses are heightened, her sensitivity is increased and her compassion expands.

Since Venus is the planetary ruler of personal relationships, her thoughts naturally turn to romance while in the sign that represents the highest form of love, and just like the goddess, many of you may discover that during this time your thoughts are focused on matters of the heart.  By virtue of its rulership over the twelfth house, Pisces is connected to past lives and as the goddess of love makes her way through this karmic sign, somewhere along her journey she may encounter a soul mate.

Soul mates come into our lives in various forms and for a variety of reasons, and during this time it’s possible that some of you will meet one while others might “connect the dots” and recognize the lessons that past relationships have taught them.

In her role as the goddess of beauty, Venus also presides over the arts, and while she’s immersed the sign of imagination her creativity soars and her artistic talents blossom. As a result, those who are blessed with creative gifts are apt to receive inspiration now while those of us who lack artistic ability experience a greater appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us.

In addition to presiding over love and the arts, Venus is also the natural ruler of money, and although one might think that while Venus is in the idealistic sign of Pisces she’s impractical with money, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, when it comes to finances she can be quite frugal on a day-to-day basis, preferring to put a tidy sum aside that she can use to splurge on purchases that soothe her mind, her body and her soul.

Finally, by virtue of her rulership of the second house of the zodiac, Venus rules  personal values, and while is in the sign of forgiveness she encourages us to reconsider what is important to her, as well as to review past hurts so that she can release them. If we follow her lead, we will be able to release the negative emotions stored in our psyche; and in turn, we’ll have the opportunity to create a void that we can then fill with loving, peaceful and positive energy.

 In 2017, Venus will be in Pisces from January 3 –  February 3
and again from
April 2 – April 14 (Retrograde motion)
April 15 – 28 (Direct motion)

  1. In the past 6 years, I have experienced my 2nd Saturn return in 10th house Virgo,followed by Saturn in my sun sign Libra and all those Uranus-Pluto squares and Cardinal T-squares. Now its Saturn in the 12th house Scorpio along with transiting North Node. I’m hoping Venus transiting my 4th house will start the healing process and prepare me for the Grand Water Trine this summer. The last Grand Water Trine was one of the happiest and hopeful periods of my life that continued for about frive years. Of course, I have Mars invading my 11th house Libra at the end of the year for a 7 month stay. I need a new life.

    • The past 6 years have indeed been rough for you. As for a new life, Granted, Mars can also stir things up in a testy way but he may turn out to be helpful in the 11th house by activating the social aspects of it. After all you’ve been through for the past 6 years, I think you could use a nice vacation ; )

  2. for some odd reason this theory seems to be going around yahoo loll. ah but well… no the earth has no place as a ruling planet of anything in geocentric astrology. i don’t see venus as a problematic ruler for either taurus or libra. in point of fact, mars isn’t a horrible ruler for scorpio, and virgo and gemini certainly have no problem sharing mercury. pisces did seem to be a bit strange being ruled by jupiter and aquarius does seem to have found its proper ruler with uranus. but i don’t think there’s any reason why one planet can’t rule multiple signs, if these signs are differentially positioned and signify different characteritics of their ruling planet.