Mars in Cancer

Transiting Mars in Cancer

As the planetary ruler of war, Mars is used to wearing armor and wielding swords, so when the Crab told him to don an apron and get cooking, the hot water wasn’t the only thing that came to a boil.

That Mars and Cancer were at odds with each other comes as no surprise, because their relationship has always been a tense one.  You see, Mars is in its fall in Cancer, which means its energy is depleted. In fairness, although this watery sign isn’t powerful enough to extinguish Martian fire, it certainly puts a damper on it.

Consequently, while Mars is living under the Crab’s roof, he can be moody, irritable and hesitant. In fact, unless Mars can find a healthy way to express its energy, the domestic bliss that Cancer works so diligently to cultivate will be punctuated by domestic disturbances.

Fortunately, Mars is up to the challenge. While he may scoff at the idea of doing laundry or using a dust rag, he’s more than willing to do the heavy lifting. He’s also happy to cook if he’s allowed to use the barbecue, and since he used to rule Scorpio, he’ll help take out the trash. Most of all, he’ll defend Cancer’s home and family against external threats.

Likewise, a positive use of this Martian energy for us would be to channel it into a productive outlet such as making physical changes in the home.

Since Mars is known for his leadership abilities, sooner or later he will take charge of the household.  Consequently, during this time we may be motivated to play a more active role within our own tribe. He is also known for his passion, which is why  our physical appetites may be stimulated at this time. Although some of will crave food, most of us will crave intimacy and when Mars is involved, the odds of attaining what we desire are vastly improved.

Of course, attainment and fulfillment are not necessarily the same thing. At any other time, Mars is such an ego-driven planet that he wouldn’t notice the difference, and  if he did, he wouldn’t care as long as his own needs were being met.

However, while immersed in Cancer sensitivity, Mars experiences an emotional need to nurture someone else, and as the planetary ruler of the sign that beat out every other for the nickname “I, I, I, me, me, me,” this is not a comfortable position.

Likewise, it may not be comfortable for us either.

Nevertheless, like Mars we must rise to the challenge and learn to strike a balance between satisfying our own desires and meeting the needs of another.

And even if we fail, Mars will still stand proud as long as we go down fighting.

Mars is in Cancer from June 4  – July 20,  2017