Mercury in Leo: Hear Me Roar

Mercury in Leo: Hear Me Roar

After spending several weeks in Cancer’s cozy, quiet and sensitive world, it was time for Mercury to wring out his watery wings and bask in the warmth of the Sun.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.56.00 PMFrom the moment Mercury crossed into the Lion’s den, he felt an urge to polish his wings, clear his throat and take center stage. In Leo, Mercury is confident, authoritative and enjoys the spotlight. As the planetary ruler of communications, Mercury in Leo can teach the rest of the zodiac a thing or two about showmanship; and whether he’s teaching, preaching, making idle conversation or speaking in front of millions, Mercury in Leo demands to be heard. What’s more, he expects everyone’s undivided attention.

As the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo presides over creative self-expression, entertainment, gambling, sports, children, the performing arts and anything that ignites your passion. Consequently, while Mercury is here, he’s enthusiastic, playful, dramatic and direct. He speaks with authority and easily excels as a teacher, performer, politician or motivational speaker.

Of course, there are two sides to every sign, and Leo is no exception. Consequently, when Mercury in Leo is displaying the Lion’s lower nature, he can be insensitive, short-tempered, condescending and unwilling to listen, let alone consider, someone else’s opinion, needs or desires. At worst, when Mercury is draped in Leo’s imperial robes, he can be dogmatic, judgmental and dictatorial.

During this time, many of you may experience a burst of creativity, newfound enthusiasm or an increase in physical vitality.  It’s also possible that some of you will seek the limelight, while others may feel compelled to speak your mind. For those of you who may have been reluctant to speak a much-needed truth to someone, this energy may be just what the cosmos ordered.

Mercury is in Leo from July 5 – 25, 2017