Saturn In Sagittarius

Der Engel auf dem Einhorn

At exactly 11:33 AM EST on December 23, Saturn bids a temporary farewell to Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius.

I say temporary because in reality, Saturn has a bit more work to do in the Underworld and will return on June 14 to finish the job by its September 15 deadline.

So what can we expect while Saturn is in Sagittarius?

Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac; the authority figure that insists we show up, do the work, obey the rules and earn our reward. Saturn cycles often coincide with critical junctures in our lives, and oftentimes will test our resolve. If there are any cracks in the foundation of whatever project, relationship or situation that Saturn has its eye on, it will split them wide open and force us to deal with them.

Although unwelcome, this reality check forces us to determine whether our current path is on solid or shaky ground. If the latter, can we fortify it, and if so, is it worth our commitment? In short, Saturn helps us achieve clarity, define what needs to be done to create sound structures and supports our efforts to do so.

Now as it moves into Sagittarius, it’s time for Saturn to help the Archer do the same.

As the natural ruler of the 9th house, Sagittarius presides over law, education, religion and philosophy, international relations and the foreign press. In its highest form, Sagittarius is tolerant, benevolent, inspiring and generous; in its lowest form, it is excessive, self-righteous, dogmatic and fanatical.

From 1995 – 2008, Pluto (obsession) was in Sagittarius, and from the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) to 9/11 (2001) to the Madrid train bombings (2004) to the Mumbai terror attack (2008), we have witnessed the rise of philosophical and religious extremist groups intent on destroying those who disagreed with their beliefs.

What drives them? Extreme religious and philosophical intolerance.

When Pluto left Sagittarius, these groups did not go away; instead, they became more determined to achieve their genocidal agendas. Why? Because after it departed Sagittarius, Pluto (power) entered Capricorn (determination) and soon became embroiled in a 2-1/2 year battle with Uranus (rebellion) in Aries (individual).

Enter Saturn in Sagittarius.

When Saturn challenges Neptune in the heavens in the fall of 2015 and early summer of 2016, the headlines may report more than a few instances where large groups of individuals were persecuted, and perhaps met their death, because of their spiritual beliefs.

However, in the early summer of 2016, there is a powerful, supportive flow of energy between Jupiter and Pluto, and at Jupiter’s urging, the celestial taskmaster will insist that those who believe in liberty take a stand, unite and work together to build a lasting foundation for religious and philosophical freedom.

By the time Saturn leaves Sagittarius at the end of 2017, it’s likely there will be some form of organized global initiative taking shape, or ideally, already in place.

To get there from here won’t be quick or easy; but if we show up, do the work and play by the rules, we’ll most certainly be rewarded.