Transiting Venus in Capricorn

Transiting Venus in Capricorn


After spending the past few weeks in the friendly, optimistic and easygoing sign of Sagittarius, it was time for Venus to end her vacation and get back to work.

Segni zodiacali - CapricornoAs she slipped out of the Archer’s casual attire and into a conservatively cut yet elegant designer suit, the goddess of love felt her work ethic grow stronger, her posture stand taller and her ambition explode. Dressed for success, Venus entered Capricorn.

As the planetary ruler of money, the earthy side of Venus is at home in Capricorn. When it comes to finances, Venus in Capricorn knows how to save for a rainy day, as well as for vacations, emergencies and retirement. While no one will ever accuse her of being a spendthrift, she’s willing to pay big bucks if she believes it’s a worthwhile investment. Whether it’s fashion, furniture or anything else for that matter, she’s not interested in fads or the latest trends. Immersed in Capricorn tradition, she’s only interested in what will stand the test of time and that includes relationships.

While in this faithful sign, Venus takes promises and commitments seriously. When it comes to romance, you won’t find her waxing poetically, but you will find that she shows up. Through good times and bad, she demonstrates her love through her steadfast support and willingness to help.  She’s also results-oriented, which is why promises mean little her. Venus in Capricorn is looking for a producer.

Although her airy side is at odds with the Capricorn’s aloof nature, her earthy side knows that beneath the Seagoat’s chilly exterior is a passion that runs deep.  While in Capricorn, Venus is actually quite lusty. She’s also very discreet and extremely selective, which means only a privileged few experience this side of her.

Finally, Venus presides over personal values, and while she’s in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, she’ll define exactly who, what and where her priorities lie.

 Venus is in Capricorn from November 11 – December 7, 2016