Mars Retrograde 2016



Mars in the Horoscope

The sign Mars was in at the time of your birth describes what motivates you to action, your ego’s cravings and how you express anger and passion.

The house Mars occupies in your horoscope describes the life areas where you tend to invest the most time and energy.

                                                                                      What does YOUR ego crave?
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As the planet of desire, energy and action, Mars represents the urge to initiate activities that satisfy whatever craving we have at the moment. It also happens to be the planet of war, and as such it embodies courage and heroism, as well as hatred and brutality. As befits a warrior, Mars has an aggressive nature, and on any given day you can find it advancing towards whatever battle, goal or achievement it just decided to pursue.

Except when it’s retrograde… then you hear Mars sound the retreat.

Mars in Retreat

Approximately every two years, the red planet begins to lose speed until it stops in its tracks, does an about face and spends the next 10 weeks retracing its steps. Like all retrogrades, the energy is turned inward and reviewed, but since Martian energy is about action, the focus is on its behavior.  On April 17, Mars will station retrograde at 8° Sagittarius, and during its journey backwards through the heavens, it will have ample time to review how it’s been expressing its anger, passion and ego and assess how well (or not) it works and plays with others.

1473740While in the sign of the Archer, Mars plays offense. It’s aggressive; it’s competitive and it makes bold moves. It can be a successful advocate who triumphs over injustice, but it can just as easily be a misguided crusader or overconfident blowhard that fails to deliver on its promises. When it moves into Scorpio, stealth replaces audacity.

1473739Symbolized by the scorpion, eagle and phoenix, Scorpio is a complex sign that embodies extremes.  Mars in Scorpio can be a saint or a sinner; a savior or an executioner. As an agent of transformation, it can rise to great heights for the benefit of mankind descend to the lowest depths and corrupt it.

During retrograde cycles, Mars assumes the role of the Monday morning quarterback who critiques and reviews its performance from a position of hindsight. However, in contrast to its football counterpart, once it stations direct Mars will have the opportunity to replay the same game with the advantage of applying what it (hopefully) learned during its retrograde journey.

Mars Retrograde and You

As Mars loses steam, it won’t be firing on all cylinders, and that extends to everything it rules in the zodiac.  So what can you expect during this cycle, and more important, how can you work with its energy?

1556167How Mars retrograde will influence you personally depends on (a) where it’s transiting (traveling) in your chart; (b) whether it will make any aspects (connections) to it; and if so, whether they’re challenging or flowing; and (c) competing energies to your chart (simultaneous transits from other planets, especially Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Depending on your chart, you may experience this retrograde strongly or hardly at all.

Below are several Mars retrograde principles that influence everyone across the board. If you keep them in mind, they’ll help you avoid a Mars retrograde meltdown!

Mars Rx Advisory

Initiation, delay announcing, promoting or launching new endeavors because results are likely to disappoint. It’s fine to work behind the scenes but keep it under wraps until Mars goes direct. If you’re involved in a negotiation, you want the other party to make the first offer; if a legal action is imminent, you want your adversary to file against you. When Mars is retrograde, the fastest trigger finger loses.

Physical energy, your stamina and perhaps libido may feel diminished. Mars rules adrenalin; keep yourself hydrated and avoid overexerting yourself, because you’re more likely to experience exhaustion. This also isn’t the best time to join a gym or begin a new exercise plan, because the odds are high that you’ll lose interest and abandon it before Mars goes direct.

Inflammation, health issues such as fevers, rashes and anything ending it “itis” is more likely now. Mars also rules heat, so be careful when handling anything hot, including water and steam, because burn-related accidents are more common now, especially if you’re in a rush.

Anger, this is an excellent time to evaluate how you process and express it. For example, are you explosive? Passive aggressive? Do you hide it? Do you hang onto it?

Sharp objects, be careful when handling knives, scissors, razors or anything sharp because accidents involving such articles are more likely to occur now, especially if you’re in a rush. It’s also not a good time to buy such things; likewise, a new barber or hairstylist is likely to disappoint.

Sports (co-rules with the Sun), it’s best to avoid bungee jumping, skydiving or any extreme sport where an accident is likely to end in death.

Ambition (co-rules with the Sun), progress is apt to be slow. This isn’t a favorable time for moving forward, but it can be a good time to review your goals, and if need be, revise your game plan. If you accept a job during this time, it may fail to live up to your expectations in some way. However, there’s no reason to stress out about it, because it could disappoint in a small way (e.g., you’d prefer to take lunch at 1:00 pm but will have to take it at 12:30 pm).

Surgery and surgical tools, it’s not an ideal time for elective surgery, and it’s recommended that such procedures be postponed until after Mars goes direct, because there’s a greater likelihood of infection and scarring. Needless to say, if there’s any sense of urgency, you need to get it done.

Mechanics, appliances, cars and any device that involves motion and/or motors are more likely to fail now, and it’s not the best time to purchase such items. Construction that involves mechanics may hit more than a few bumps along the way, and batteries in cars, phones, smoke detectors and other devices may die or drain more quickly.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

1444629On June 29, Mars will station direct at 23° Scorpio. Although the fiery red planet will be officially out of the gate, it will be in the post-shadow of the retrograde.

This shadow represents a period of time where Mars is not yet functioning at full throttle. Much like a student returning to school after being out for months with mono, Mars is still feeling some of the fatiguing effects of the retrograde.

By August 10, it will have regained its momentum and this fiery planet will be back to doing what it does best: fanning the flames of desire, flexing its muscle and leading the charge!

Mars is retrograde from April 17 – June 29, 2016.