Venus in Aries

Transiting Venus in Aries


After basking in the sign of her exaltation for the past few weeks, it was time for Venus to stop resting on her laurels and start blazing a new trail. In other words, it was time to enter Aries.

As the planetary ruler of the seventh house of marriage and committed relationships, Venus presides over romance. The Aries nature is a bold, passionate and forthright one, so while the goddess of love is immersed in its energy she expresses an assertive approach to romance.

However, absent a deep and abiding connection, her interest will start to wane and her eye will start to wander. One of the lessons she’s here to learn is that if she chooses partners impulsively, she’ll leave a trail of broken hearts behind her.

Consequently, during this time it’s easier for us to become swept up by the idea of romance rather than its substance. If we allow our enthusiasm to rule our emotions, we’re likely to become involved in short-lived unions that may be fun for a while but will ultimately disappoint.

In Aries, Venus is challenged to play a romantic role that is in conflict with her gentle, sensual and receptive nature.  Although the path is unfamiliar and the lesson uncomfortable, it is only by exploring her opposite sign that Venus learns what she needs – as opposed to what she just wants – in a partner.

If we follow her lead and pay close attention to the relationships we attract in our life, we can gain valuable insight into our romantic patterns, especially where we may demand too much and surrender too easily.

Although Venus is known for her sensual nature, she’s no slouch. Venus pulls double duty in the zodiac. In addition to ruling Libra and relationships, she presides over Taurus and is the planetary ruler of money and personal values.

This earthy side of Venus is well respected for its financial acumen and practical values, but while in Aries her judgment can be compromised.  Whether it’s the latest technology or the newest object of her affection, when Venus in Aries sees something she wants, she goes after it. However, because Aries demands instant gratification, her bank account and her integrity are at risk of being casualties of impulsive decisions.

While Venus is in Aries, some of us may find that we swipe our credit card more easily or that we’re less willing to allow a relationship to take its natural course. While it’s true that fortune often favors the bold, during this time we would do well to tap into the practical side of Venus before rushing into long term commitments.

Venus is direct in Aries:
Feb. 3 – Mar. 4, 2017 (until 4:07 AM EST)
Venus is retrograde in Aries:
Mar. 4th  – April 2, 2017
Venus is direct in Aries:
April 28 – June 6, 2017