Mercury In Gemini


Mercury in Gemini


After spending several weeks in the cautious, pragmatic and contemplative sign of Taurus, Mercury returned to Gemini and the comfort of his own home.

While his wings weren’t exactly clipped during his passage in Taurus, he was certainly forced to slow down as his restless spirit was restrained by the slow and steady nature of the bull.

By nature, Mercury is a restless planet and when it’s in Gemini, it isn’t wired to sit still on any level.  In astrology, Mercury and Gemini rule the third house of communications, as well as the physical brain, so you can bet that while the fleet-footed one is here, he’s engaged in conversation, even if it’s in his own mind. What’s more, since this zodiac duo also presides over the hands, Mercury in Gemini is known for talking with them, as well as fidgeting by tapping fingers, doodling or playing with hair.

In Gemini, Mercury reminds us that it’s time to clean out the intellectual cobwebs and grow on an intellectual level. Whereas the second house focuses on physical assets, the third house focuses on our cerebral ones. Here, we expand our mind through reading, education, research and communications with other people. Since this house also presides over transportation and local travel, Mercury in Gemini encourages us to get off the couch and make connections with the outside world. Finally, Mercury represents youth, and while in Gemini it reminds us of the many benefits of a youthful mindset.

That’s why the pace quickens whenever Mercury is in the sign of the Twins.  No longer are we content to pursue our interests a la carte. Instead, we want to partake in an intellectual banquet where we can engage both sides of the brain and know we can keep going back for seconds.

Best of all, we can gorge ourselves without ever putting on a single pound.

Mercury is in Gemini from June4 – 21, 2017