The British are Leaving! The British are Leaving!

The British are Leaving! The British are Leaving!

In a move that shocked the globe, as well as the stock markets, Great Britain voted 52-48 to leave the European Union (EU). From an astrological point of view, it’s not that shocking when you consider the series of Uranus and Pluto squares that occurred between June 2012 and March 2015.

palace-guards-535567_1280As the Great Awakener, Uranus enlightens and liberates whatever it touches. However, it’s also the planet of defiance and anarchy, which means the road to illumination is often paved with chaos and littered with casualties.

In contrast, Pluto transforms whatever it touches, and if the original form must be destroyed in the process, so be it.  The Lord of the Underworld isn’t known for mercy. While both planets are extreme in their approach, their style is decidedly different. Whereas Uranus typically strikes and shatters its target without warning, Pluto is insidious and prefers to infiltrate, dominate and annihilate through the abuse of power.

In reality, it doesn’t matter which one comes out on top because either way the end of something is at hand; it’s just a question of how it will ultimately happen. In the case of Great Britain, it was a national referendum held on June 23, 2016 that pitted those who wished to remain in the 28-nation economic union (Pluto) against those who wished to leave (Uranus) it.

When all was said and done, Pluto raged while Uranus celebrated.

The Moon and the Masses

While the referendum is clearly part of the aftermath of the cosmic conflict between Uranus-Pluto, its outcome was impacted by the planetary influences of the day. Specifically, the transiting Moon shines a spotlight on the affairs ruled by whatever sign it happens to be in at the moment; and on on June 23, it was moving through Aquarius.

Ruled by Uranus, the freedom-loving planet of sudden and shocking events, Aquarius is the sign of independence, brilliance, humanitarian ideals and rebellion. It also happens to be the ruler of legislative bodies, unions and parliaments. The Moon represents the masses, and when it’s in the sign of the Water Bearer, there’s often a greater public interest in government matters, especially those connected to social welfare and reform. That certainly seems the case as a near record-breaking 72.2 percent of eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots to remain or leave.


Immediately after the results were announced, the British pound hit an all time low, and shortly thereafter Prime Minister David Cameron tendered his resignation. US stocks plunged, and in less than 24 hours later, global markets saw a worldwide loss of approximately 2 trillion dollars. As economists predict the UK is headed into a recession, many are wondering if Brexit is the beginning of the end for the EU.

Déjà vu?

As Uranus and Pluto clashed, so did public opinion in the USA, and today one only needs to look at the positions of presumptive nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to see just how polarized the nation has become in its beliefs.

With Brexit, it’s clear that the USA isn’t the only world power facing an identity crisis. Like its mother country,  this nation can no longer stand at the crossroad. It needs to decide which path it will follow into the future, because the day of reckoning – November 8 – is fast approaching.