Mercury in Virgo

Transiting Mercury in Virgo

After just three weeks in the Lion’s den, Mercury was feeling burned out from the intensity of Leo’s spotlight. Though it was fun while it lasted, it was time to check out of the sign of passionate pursuits and into the sign of health and wellness, otherwise known as Virgo.

As the planetary ruler of Virgo, Mercury feels at home in the Maiden’s immaculate 6th house of self-improvement, which is fortunate because except for a brief 10-day visit back into Leo from Aug. 31 to Sept. 9,  he’ll be spending the next nine weeks here. During this time, Mercury will express his earthy, practical side which means that his intellectual curiosity will be more focused and his nature will be more reliable.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 4.25.29 PMIn addition to health and wellness, the sixth house also presides over work, service and daily routine. While under it’s roof, Mercury will examine each area and make any necessary improvements. Likewise, this period is an excellent time for you to do the same. For example, are you overdue for any routine wellness exams or need to change your diet? Is your daily routine overwhelming? Does your work satisfy you, or is it time to consider a change? If so, this energy supports change that improves the quality of your life.

That said, the fleet-footed messenger’s progress (and yours) may slow down and perhaps even come come to a sudden halt when he pauses to station retrograde on August 12. As he retraces his steps, he may encounter a setback or delay, but if he remains focused inward, he’ll recognize the changes he needs to make on a mental level that will help him effect lasting change. Similarly, you may also experience a stumbling block; and if so, you need to follow his lead and consider the matter introspectively.

On September 5, Mercury will again pause to station direct. Although he won’t feel quite like himself, in the days ahead his head will clear and he’ll implement new practices to improve his life. With his strength regained, Mercury will leave Virgo far better than he arrived and with the wind beneath his wings; and if you’ve followed his leads, with or without wings you’ll still be able to soar.

Mercury is direct in Virgo from July 25  until 9:01 PM ET on August 12, 2017,
at which time it will station retrograde.
On Sept. 5, Mercury will station direct at 28° Leo.
On Sept. 9, Mercury will enter Virgo and will remain there until Sept. 29.

  1. Debra,I welcome the grounding of Virgo,,,My Mercury is in Pisces 5th house and with no Earth hardly at all in my chart, I always welcome Virgo in any form. It makes me bound with the earth,,which is my church,,my gardening, my animals,I always feel strong around Virgo’s,,,they have a wonderful grounded practicality that soothes me. Thank you for being you. Great article. I have subscribed to this blog and look forward to more wonderful articles from one of my favorite Virgos,,you are one,,I think??. When I first saw you were a lawyer ,,I studied law for along time. I thought, you might not be my cup of tea , but to my delight you shined with a quite strength that I soon came to respect. Your Astro work impeccable. Glad I read and listened for over 2 years now..What a blessing you are.~ Sea

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sue. I’m actually a Capricorn but I was born during the Virgo decan, and Mercury is quite active in my chart. You definitely picked up on that energy!