New Moon in Cancer

July 4th: New Moon in Cancer


New moons are exciting, because they represent a new beginning. Each month, there’s an opportunity to plant intentions or initiate activities under an energy that promotes growth. What makes this new moon special is that it’s the first once since April 7th without Mercury and/or Mars in retrograde. Why is this important? Because when Mercury or Mars are backpedaling during a new moon, intentions and activities initiated at that time tend to be delayed or fall short of one’s expectations.

1618160While you can set any intention or initiate any type of activity under any new moon, a Cancer new moon is especially beneficial for new starts connected to real estate, such as buying, selling, renting, redecorating or renovating. In Cancer, the theme of the new moon is cultivation, so creating a garden, a family or anything else that requires nurturing is strongly supported. Last but not least, the moon rules the intuitive realm, so working with your intuition, higher consciousness or any kind of soul work also gets a thumbs up from this energy.

USA Solar Return Chart

The USA celebrates its birthday with a new moon in its solar return chart. Solar return charts reveal themes during the coming year, and a new moon is considered fortuitous because it suggests a new beginning during the coming year. While there’s promise in this chart, I feel the most significant aspect is a T-Square (tense) configuration that pits the Moon against Pluto (confrontation, standoff) in the financial sectors while both simultaneously provoke Uranus. This suggests the nation will continue to struggle economically on both the individual and national levels. There may be unforeseen or sudden events connected to layoffs, debt and the stock market, and I feel entitlements (social security, medicare, etc.) will continue to be at risk.

Of note is the placement of Uranus. In mundane astrology, Uranus is associated with upheaval and political revolutions, and it’s in the 4th house, which represents the living conditions of the public, as well their interests versus the interests of their government.

With the Moon in Cancer representing the needs (Cancer) of the public (Moon) and Pluto in Capricorn representing government (Capricorn) control (Pluto), the opposition that pits them against each other in this solar return reflects the polarized state of the nation. Whether it’s immigration, guns or social issues, the public is divided over the issue of control. Some want more, some want less; and with Uranus in the 4th, both are willing to fight the government for it as reflected by the extreme positions of their presumptive presidential nominees.