How to Avoid a Jupiter Letdown

How to Avoid a Jupiter Letdown

Since Jupiter rules optimism and exaggeration, it’s no surprise that it inspires great expectations, especially when it comes to the Jupiter return. Approximately every 12 years, transiting Jupiter returns to the exact same place it occupies in your natal horoscope. Of all the Jupiter transits, this one gets the most hype with promises of lucky breaks, windfalls and even jackpots.

As a predictive astrologer, I’ve also seen it create the most disappointment, because there are times it may come along and leave you with nothing except the feeling that you’ve just been the victim of a giant cosmic rip-off. There are a number of good reasons why Jupiter transits can disappoint, and understanding them will help you manage your expectations and avoid a Jupiter letdown.

Planetary spoilers. A planetary spoiler is a competing transit that diminishes Jupiter’s influence. In other words, there’s another transit going on at the same time from a planet that’s stronger (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) that speaks to the same matter (for example, money), but the influence of the stronger planet’s aspect (connection) diminishes or negates Jupiter’s promise. This one is beyond your control, but one of the benefits of astrology is that you (or your astrologer) can see it coming. Once aware, you can manage your expectations accordingly.

Free will (or what have you been doing up until now?) Every action that you’ve taken (or not taken) in the past has led you to this very moment in time. Jupiter may be jupiter-dacpoised to help expand your career or increase your income, but how much of a leap you make depends on what you’ve done until this point. For example, Jupiter may bring an opening for the job you want, but if you never finished those last three credits for the required degree, it’s just not going to happen.

Unrealistic expectations. The extent of any bonus triggered by a Jupiter transit depends upon the condition of the planet receiving it. Jupiter’s role is to expand whatever promise the planet holds, and some of your planets hold more promise than others. Whether or not your Jupiter return brings you a bonus depends on the condition of your natal Jupiter. If it has the potential for a huge financial windfall, there may be some bucks on the way. If not, don’t count on your Jupiter return to bring you bundles of cash.

You thought it would look like something else. It would be nice if all of Jupiter’s gifts appeared in an easily recognizable form such as a check or a winning lottery ticket, but the truth is Jupiter’s good luck frequently comes in the form of an opportunity that requires some action on your part to make it blossom. It could be an invitation to a social event where you’ll meet the love of your life or connect with a hiring manager who happens to be recruiting for your dream job.

Bottom line: Hope for the best, but be realistic. Jupiter is a planet; it’s not a miracle worker. Even when it makes good on its promise, Jupiter doesn’t always deliver the treasure right to your door; sometimes it just leaves the map to it in your mailbox.