Pisces Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

partiallunareclipseI’m not going to mince words. The energy of the upcoming lunar eclipse at 24°20′ Pisces on September 16th suggests that something is going to end with a bang.

The question is will it sound like a champagne cork or an explosion?

At the heart of this eclipse is an inflammatory mutable T-square that has Mars at 23°17′ in a tight square with the Sun and the Moon. A T-square is a tense aspect pattern that occurs when two planets oppose each other (in this case the Sun and Moon) and both square a third planet (in this case Mars). What makes it a mutable T-Square is that the planets involved are in the mutable signs of Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius. (Gemini is also a mutable sign.)

Calculated for Washington, DC in the USA, the Sun and Moon oppose each other from the 9th and 3rd houses, which is the axis of knowledge, communications, the press/broadcast media, transportation, travel and education, and both square Mars in the 12th house of secrets, past activities and things that are hidden.

A lunar eclipse often brings things to a boiling point, and Mars in the 12th house is known for seething anger that can explode in a fit of fury. It’s common for eclipse-related events to occur up to a month before the lunation occurs, and a glance at recent headlines is all it takes to see one of the ways this inflammatory energy is playing out as both Trump and Hillary rage against the media and the Samsung recalled the Galaxy 7 smartphone after several reports that the phone caught fire while charging.

Fortunately, there’s a hopeful trine (flowing energy) between Mars in the 12th house of secrets and Uranus in the third house of communications that suggests the truth will emerge after the dust settles. However, with Mercury still retrograde, it may take time to sort through it.

So how will this eclipse impact you on a personal level?

Naturally, it depends on your personal horoscope, but generally speaking since this a lunar eclipse, it’s possible that a woman may leave your life in some way at this time. This does not mean a woman you know is going to die! Is it possible? Anything is possible, but it’s not a common outcome. It’s far more likely that a female co-worker or boss leaves the workplace; a neighbor moves; a friend gets married or there’s some other change that makes a woman in your life less available to you. This is more likely to occur if the eclipse aspects (contacts) your natal Moon.

The good news is not everyone will experience this eclipse as inflammatory, and some of you will actually benefit from its energy. In fact, if you have a planet, house cusp or sensitive point at or near 24° of Cancer or Scorpio, this eclipse may be a cause for celebration as it brings something in your life to a successful conclusion.

mutable-signsOn the other hand, if you have a planet, house cusp or sensitive point at or near 24° Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini, you may be in for a bumpy ride. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but as I’ve said for years, as an Astrologer my purpose is to help you make the most of upcoming planetary cycles, especially the ones that test and challenge you.

For some of you, this will be one of those times.

If you have a planet, house cusp or sensitive point at or near 24° Pisces, Virgo or Sagittarius, you’re likely to experience the intense energy of this eclipse in a challenging way because at least one of the planets in the T-Square will connect directly with your chart. This isn’t necessarily bad, because a T-square can be a productive energy that helps you overcome obstacles or pushes you forward. When it occurs in mutable signs, it’s more likely to involve ideas, principles and communications. For example, you may be that you encounter resistance to a proposal or feel a need to defend your position in some way. Since Mars is the focal point of this T-Square, it’s easy to lose your cool, so make a conscious effort to guard against kneejerk reactions.

If you have a planet, house cusp or sensitive point at or near 24° Gemini, this eclipse will create a mutable grand cross in your chart. A mutable grand cross involves all four mutable signs in an aspect pattern that consists of four squares and two oppositions. The influence of this powerful energy is likely to make you feel a need to take some kind of immediate action. If so, don’t give in to the pressure because any action you take will be of an impulsive nature and unlikely to work out for the best. Instead, take a deep breath (or 50) and let the feeling pass. Once the dust settles, your head will be clearer and you’ll able to make a well-informed decision.


Since eclipse-related events often occur up to a month before the eclipse, it’s possible you already know what this eclipse had in store for you. However, it’s not unusual for the effects of an eclipse to be delayed if it occurs while Mercury is retrograde (as is the case here).

Even when Mercury is direct, it’s still not uncommon for an eclipse to remain dormant until it’s triggered by a hard aspect from a transiting planet. On that note, transiting Saturn will trigger this eclipse point from January 26 – February 1, 2017. At that time, you may experience events that are connected to this month’s lunar eclipse.

Closing Thoughts

If I’ve alarmed any of you, that’s not my intention. As a predictive astrologer, my purpose is to help you make the most of the upcoming planetary cycles, and the truth is that while eclipses can coincide with wonderful events, they have a well-deserved reputation for being harbingers of crisis.

Fortunately, one of the gifts of astrology is that it allows you to see the upcoming planetary activity. Instead of being blindsided, there’s ample time to consider how to maximize the positive energies and diminish the influence of stressful ones.  As the eclipses and transiting planets activate your horoscope, they help nudge you along your spiritual path, but it’s your free will that determines how your journey ends.