Mercury in Capricorn

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Transiting Mercury
in Capricorn




While visiting the restless and freedom-living sign of Sagittarius, Mercury took advantage of every opportunity to expand his knowledge, broaden his horizons and push some boundaries. Although he enjoyed every minute in this friendly and sociable sign, after just two weeks the the fleet-footed messenger realized he was spending too much time with head in the Archer’s visionary clouds. Feeling a need for his fee to temporarily touch the ground, Mercury bid farewell to the Archer and crossed into Capricorn.

Although his airy side is uncomfortable in this grounded sign, Mercury’s earthy side feels at home. While in Capricorn, his thoughts are organized, and he thinks in practical terms as he outlines ideas, sets goals and makes concrete plans.

Although he entered the sign of ambition, definition and practicality with high hopes, within days he began experiencing something akin to jet lag. By the time two weeks had passed, he felt fatigued, sluggish and unable to concentrate. Feeling as though he was about to hit a wall, Mercury suddenly realized the source of his problem: He was about to station retrograde, which meant he had been operating under the influence of the shadow period.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

As he stationed retrograde on December 19, Mercury understood that he needed to reconsider his perception of success. Likewise, during this time we’re being asked to review, and if necessary reconsider, our ambitions or redefine the path we’re taking to achieve them.

On January 4, 2017,  Mercury will briefly return to Sagittarius, where he’ll have a few days to reminisce with the Archer before stationing direct on January 8. As he moves forward through the last few degrees of Sagittarius, he will infuse himself with its optimism.

Mercury Direct in Capricorn

Consequently, when Mercury re-enters Capricorn on January 12, he’ll do so with enthusiasm. He’ll also regain his focus, follow the rules, uphold tradition and err on the side of caution.

Most of all, he’ll choose his words carefully, speak with authority and, most of all, plan for the future.


Mercury is in Capricorn from December 2 – January 4, 2017
It will be in Sagittarius (retrograde) from January 4 – January 12, 2017
It is in Capricorn from January 12 – February  7, 2017