Happy Birthday, Aries!



Zodiac sign AriesYou begin your solar year bolstered by Saturn in Sagittarius, and while you can expect its loyal support for months to come, once it moves into Capricorn on December 19, its relationship with you will change from encouraging friend to demanding taskmaster.

From December 19, 2017 through December 16, 2020, Saturn will eventually hold each one of you accountable for your past actions; and when it does, some will rise, some will soar and some will fall. If you’ve been slacking off, you still have roughly nine months left to get it together; and if you get started now, the powerful energy of the upcoming Leo solar eclipse on August 21 may help you slide safely into home base.

Meanwhile, those of you born with the Sun at 16°- 21° Aries will become personally acquainted with Pluto as it targets your Sun. For some, this will be a continuation of the transformative journey you began last year; for others it will mark will the end of it and for some of you, it will be just the beginning. Although the specific circumstances surrounding your transformation will depend on your personal horoscope, this cycle will ultimately bring an irrevocable ending in some area of your life.

As Uranus continues its transit through the sign of the Ram, those of you born with the Sun at 22°- 29° degrees of Aries will experience a Uranus conjunction to your Sun. If you were born during the last 3 days of Aries, this will be your first taste of this powerfully liberating energy that can inspire you to make immediate perhaps even shocking changes in your life. While such changes could be just what the doctor ordered, it’s just as possible that they might be too extreme. You’ll do well to think long and hard before you burn bridges or take any other drastic action at this time. It’s important to note that this influence can also be a very narcissistic energy, so if your friends or loved ones accuse you of being selfish during this time, they may be on to something.

Everyone born under Aries will  do well to take advantage of Jupiter in Libra’s blessings while it’s in your solar seventh house of relationships. From now until October 10, use Jupiter’s influence to attract partners, clients and overall helpful people into your life.

Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio on October 10 a bit of a mixed blessing for your sign. Although the aspect (a quincunx) it forms with your Sun creates an awkward relationship, the fact that your ruler Mars kept Pluto’s throne warm for him goes a long way to smooth things over during Jupiter’s year-long transit through the underworld.

While in Scorpio, Jupiter will travel through your solar 8th house of other people’s resources.  On the upside, this transit can be helpful if you’re applying for a loan or mortgage, as well as for financial aid, scholarships or grants. While it’s true that Jupiter transiting the 8th could help bring a large financial windfall through a lottery or an inheritance, there would need to be other simultaneous energies supporting such an outcome. On the downside, the 8th house is the house of debt, and by the time Jupiter leaves some of you may have considerably more debt than when you started. Whether it’s good debt or bad debt will depend upon you and your free will. Now, it’s also possible that some of you may release a debt during this time, but again, whether you do so by paying it off with cash or discharging it in a bankruptcy will depend upon your personal situation.

Finally, the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses that will take place in Aquarius (lunar eclipse) and Leo (total solar eclipse) in August 2017, as well as in January 2018 (lunar eclipse in Leo) and February 2018 (solar eclipse in Aquarius) will activate your solar 5th and 11th houses. As a result, some of you will experience exciting new beginnings and/or endings (which can be a happy one by the way!) connected to romance, children, creativity, social activities, casual friends and group relationships, as well as a dream or two!

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