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In-Depth Natal Chart Interpretation & 12-Month Forecast (90 Minutes) – New Clients

Do you know why you’re here and what you’re meant to accomplish? The fact that you’re reading this now tells me that your soul is been nudging you to seek answers, because you’re ready take a giant leap forward in your spiritual development. Committing to your personal growth with an in-depth astrology reading is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself, because you’ll understand your life purpose and learn to quickly identify spiritual lessons (HINT: They often appear as recurring themes and difficult relationships). You’ll also gain insights into your negative patterns (we all have at least one) and how to eliminate them, as well as how to develop and fine-tune your gifts (yes, we ALL have at least one of those, too!). Last, but not least, you’ll learn what you need to achieve fulfilling relationships and what you can do to attract them into your life.

To help make your upcoming year a rewarding one, you’ll receive a list of precise time periods to alert you to personal power times that are ripe for opportunities and favorable for initiating actions; trying times that may require patience or coincide with a challenge; and changing times that may usher in a major event or shift in your life. You’ll also benefit from practical chart-based guidance to help maximize the positive energies and diminish the influence of stressful ones. By the time this session is over, you’ll feel enlightened, uplifted and ready to fulfill your earthly purpose.

It’s your horoscope. Isn’t it time you knew what was written in it?

Returning Clients

The following services are only available to clients who have previously purchased an In-Depth Natal Interpretation with me. Just as a physician needs to understand a patient’s medical history in order to provide effective treatment, so must I have a thorough understanding of your natal chart’s promise, pitfalls and spiritual lessons in order to provide you with the most insightful and appropriate guidance for your soul.


Detailed Annual Forecast

During our 60 minutes together, you’ll learn how the upcoming transits, eclipses and progressions, as well as any significant planetary returns to your chart,  are likely to influence your life during the next 12 months. All major life areas – finances, romance, career, health, home and family – will be discussed, but the emphasis will be on the ones that are highly activated and/or targeted for change. As always, I’ll address any specific questions you have about any life area, and I’ll give you personalized, practical chart-based guidance to help you make the most of the upcoming energies. By the time this session is over, you’ll be armed with a detailed roadmap with for the coming year, including precise time frames you can use to make this year your best one yet!


Targeted Guidance

Choose the focus of your reading, as well as how much time and money you’re ready to invest in it.

A 30-minute session goes quickly and is best used as a follow-up to a prior reading, a mid-year planetary update or for analyzing one specific life area.

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