How to Book

How to Book a Session

Step 1.  On the Astrology Readings page, click the button to select your consultation and go to the Client Intake Form.

Step 2.  Fill in all of the fields in the Client Intake Form.

Step 3.  In the Comments section, please include:

a.  Any specific questions you’d like her to address or  areas that you’d like her to give special attention.

b.  Your appointment availability (e.g., day/evening/weekend)

c.  Your phone number or Skype name.

d.  Any other information you feel is relevant or important for Debra to know before your appointment.

Step 5.  Click the Buy it Now! button

Step 6.  Purchase your consultation using your major credit card or PayPal account.

Step 7.  Debra’s booking assistant, Kate Barrow, will email you within 24 hours of payment to schedule your session.

Step 8.  Add to your contact list to ensure it doesn’t go into your SPAM box.

Step 9.  Open your email, and book your consultation!

In the unlikely event that you don’t receive an email from Kate within 24 hours, please email her (especially if Mercury is retrograde!) and let her know that you haven’t heard from her. If ever you don’t hear back from her within a few hours, then click here to contact me.

Purchase a Gift Certificate

If you want to purchase a gift certificate or pay for someone else’s reading, just send an email to, and she’ll be happy to take care of it for you.

About Your Consultation

Confidentiality. As an attorney, I’m  bound by the rules of attorney-client confidentiality, and I adhere to the same high standards as your astrologer.

Appointments.  I conduct my sessions via phone or Skype and offer day, evening and weekend appointments. If you want to find out my availability before you invest in a consultation, please send an email to If you opt to reserve a date, payment is due within 24 hours or the appointment will be released to the next paid client.

Payment. Fees include the time I spend working with your chart before we meet, as well as the time we spend together during the session. I understand that a few of you are uncomfortable with PayPal, but I’m just as uncomfortable handling your credit card information. Please send an email if you prefer to pay by check, money/postal order or MoneyGram.

Recordings. Unless you direct otherwise, a courtesy MP3 recording of your consultation will be delivered to you via email within 15 minutes after your session ends. As a backup, I encourage you to record it on your end as well, because while every effort is made to provide you with one, recordings are not guaranteed.  When you book a session with me, you’re paying for a consultation, not a recording. Although recording mishaps are rare, in the event it fails for any reason, the session will not be repeated. If you’re unable to record it, then I encourage you to jot down anything you feel is important.

It is YOUR Responsibility to Download the MP3 in a timely manner.  Recordings of client sessions are only available for download for 7 days (including the date of your session). After that time, it is automatically deleted from the server, and once it’s gone, it’s GONE.

Refund Policy.  If you wish to cancel the consultation, a full refund will be given provided you let us know at least (5) five days before the scheduled appointment. If cancellation occurs within (5) days, 50% (fifty-percent) of the fee will be promptly refunded. If notice is not received and you fail to show up for an appointment, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement and your entire payment will be forfeited.