Specialty Readings

Your Ever Present Past – Joint Consultation with Marguerite Manning


A 60-minute session that includes Marguerite’s in-depth karmic analysis of your soul’s past and Debra’s detailed transit forecast for overcoming it. Schedule your karmic astrology reading today to learn how to keep the past from interfering with your future.


Joint Consultations with Rhonda Sweeney Hohmann

Life Guidance for the Soul

Your astrology and soul speak volumes about your true self, potential and life purpose. However, at times our path seems unclear and we fail to recognize opportunities and the steps we need to take to fulfill our heart’s desires and goals. During this 60-minute joint session, your current questions and concerns about your life path will be addressed. In addition to specific advice and time frames for making the most of your natal blueprint, there will be the delivery of practical insight, clarity and tools to help you live your best life.


Awakening Your Intuitive Gifts

Every individual is born with intuitive gifts but too often they lie dormant or fail to reach their full potential. During this 60-minute joint session, your unique intuitive and spiritual gifts will be identified and revealed from the perspectives of your Astrology Chart and Soul Essence, and you will receive practical techniques for developing them. You will also gain insight into how you can use them for their highest purpose, including whether you are meant to share them with others in a professional capacity.


He Says/She Says – Joint Reading with Chris Flisher


Imagine having the undivided attention of two of the most experienced, insightful and accurate professional astrologers focused on helping you to create, cultivate or heal a loving relationship. In this reading, relationship astrology experts Chris Flisher and Debra Anne Clement offer a unique male/female perspective that provides a balanced approach to helping you find or expand love in your life. This dynamic and original offering brings you the best of relationship astrology and offers practical advice and solutions to your specific relationship concerns based upon the birth charts of you and your significant other. Whether you’re in search of a healthy, loving relationship or are in need of guidance about an existing union, this Mars/Venus conversation will provide you with clear, rich, meaningful astrological insights that promote awareness and understanding. This 60-minute telephone or Skype consultation includes an mp3 recording for your future reference. Listen to their monthly radio show on Awakening Zone Radio.