The Autumn Equinox: A Bridge Between Birth and Death

Fall Girl

The Autumn Equinox: The Bridge Between Birth and Death By the time the Sun moves into Libra in the northern hemisphere, the days are visibly shorter, the weather is noticeably cooler and the pace of life moves faster. The 0° point of Libra proclaims the Autumn Equinox, but the […]


Jupiter in Libra


Jupiter in Libra   Jupiter is greeted with open arms by every sign in the zodiac, and it’s Libra’s turn to roll out the welcome mat! Since it didn’t earn its title as the Greater Benefic by showing up empty handed, it’s a safe bet that Jupiter will bestow a gift […]


Venus in Libra

bilancia, segno zodiacale composto da colori

Venus in Libra After spending the past few weeks in Virgo, Venus felt completely rejuvenated as she emerged from the Maiden’s house of health and self-improvement. Eager to resume her role as the most beautiful, balanced and popular goddess, she smiled brightly as she gracefully made her way into the most sociable sign of the […]


Mercury in Libra

Libra Scales

After spending just short of ten full weeks in Virgo’s boot camp (three of which were spent backpedaling in retrograde motion), Mercury was more than ready to abandon his Virgo duty roster in favor of Libra social gatherings.  Although he certainly appreciates his earthy home, Mercury’s airy side prefers […]