The Autumn Equinox: A Bridge Between Birth and Death

Fall Girl

The Autumn Equinox: The Bridge Between Birth and Death By the time the Sun moves into Libra in the northern hemisphere, the days are visibly shorter, the weather is noticeably cooler and the pace of life moves faster. The 0° point of Libra proclaims the Autumn Equinox, but the […]


Happy Birthday, Leo!

Leo girl

Happy Birthday, Leo! Although the rest of the signs may not  care to admit it, Leo is the star of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, which represents the life force, those born under the sign of the Lion are meant to be in the spotlight. Hard as […]


The Sun Always Shines, Even in the Twelfth House


The Sun Always Shines, Even in the Twelfth House Whenever I see a chart with the Sun in the twelfth house, I immediately know that this person has a creative gift to share with the world. It could be in the fine arts (e.g., painting, sculpting), the dramatic […]