Mercury in Scorpio

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Mercury in Scorpio After barely more than two weeks of Libra’s lighthearted relationships and superficial discussions, Mercury craved something more substantial. Eager to indulge his curiosity and exercise his mental muscles, Mercury bid farewell to the sign of hospitality and flew straight towards the sign that holds all the answers to the mysteries of […]


Mercury in Libra

Libra Scales

After spending just short of ten full weeks in Virgo’s boot camp (three of which were spent backpedaling in retrograde motion), Mercury was more than ready to abandon his Virgo duty roster in favor of Libra social gatherings.  Although he certainly appreciates his earthy home, Mercury’s airy side prefers […]


Venus in Leo


Transiting Venus in Leo After weeks of sharing hearty meals with her family and staying close to home, Venus simply grew tired of the Crab’s domestic routine. Longing for excitement, she kicked off her comfy slippers and, dressed to the nines, headed straight into the flamboyant, strong-willed […]


Uranus Square Pluto: Clash of the Titans

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  CLASH OF THE TITANS: URANUS SQUARE PLUTO   At 4:14 AM EDT today, Uranus and Pluto formed an exact square, an aspect they will engage in six more times between now and March 2015. Known as the Great Awakener, Uranus enlightens and liberates whatever it touches, but […]


Mercury in Pisces


Transiting Mercury in Pisces   After attending one too many Mensa meetings while in the brilliant sign of Aquarius, Mercury began to experience intellectual overload. Knowing that his attention span could not possibly last another moment longer, and fearing that his brain would explode if it did, Mercury […]


Saturn Transiting Retrograde, Saturn Transiting Direct


Saturn stationed direct on July 20, 2014. While Saturn is retrograde, the Celestial Taskmaster directs us to look deeply into our lives and identify our weak spots so we can redefine them. If we resist Saturn’s directive, then we will experience delays and obstacles that will force us […]


Neptune in Pisces


As I consider the public enthusiasm about Neptune’s transit through Pisces, I find myself wondering whether we’re truly riding a wave or just drowning in optimism. As I write this, I can hear my Pisces friend Steve saying, “There she goes bashing Neptune again.” He’s right. I […]


Mars in Sagittarius: The Archer Aims High

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MARS IN SAGITTARIUS         As the planetary ruler of pioneers and trailblazers, Mars is very much at home in Sagittarius because it is the natural ruler of explorers, distant journeys and long voyages. In fact, whenever the planet of action visits the sign of […]


Mars in Scorpio


Mars in Scorpio After spending more than 7 months in Libra, Mars had his fill of cooperation, consideration and – ugh – compromise. Ready to declare Fie on Goodness, he swaggered into Scorpio feeling much like a king returning to his castle, which is only fitting since […]

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