My Philosophy


If the horoscope is the
blueprint for the soul’s
journey, are we the
master of our fate or 
just a casualty of it?
Debra Anne Clement 

As an experienced translator of celestial roadmaps, I believe the answer is neither… and both.

Although I questioned astrology’s ability to predict external events, over the years experience showed me that a definite connection exists between the cycles of the planets and the cycles of our lives. More than that, it proved to me that certain life events are indeed fated.

Time and time again, with only a natal chart for reference, I knew that the stranger before me grew up without the physical and/or emotional support of one or both parents. While I will admit to being intuitive, such conclusions were based solely on my assessment of the chart in hand. And therein lies the problem, because while I know the depth of information that chart analysis can yield, I also know its limitations.

Each time it happened, I questioned how it was possible for me to decipher from a horoscope that a client had suffered the loss of a parental relationship due to death, divorce, addiction, abandonment or abuse during their childhood.

To this practical and legally trained mind, the only logical explanation is a purely spiritual one:  Our earthly purpose and life path are determined by our soul.

More precisely, the natal horoscope is in fact our soul’s earthly roadmap, and it describes the lessons it came to learn, the traits it chose to assume, the connections it planned to make and the circumstances it intended to experience.

As the eclipses and transiting planets , especially Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, activate the horoscope, they help nudge us along our spiritual path by triggering circumstances that were planned by our soul, but it’s our free will that determines how the journey ends.

This philosophy represents my personal belief, and it is the lens through which I view and interpret an individual’s horoscope.

Being of service is my life path and as long as I continue to honor it, I remain the master of my fate rather than a casualty of it.

The same holds true for you.

May Jupiter’s blessings be your constant companion,

Debra Anne Clement