Michael Jackson: Pluto’s Child

So…I guess losing Farrah wasn’t enough for one day? One would think the Universe would have shown her the same courtesy as it did for Princess Diana.  After all, if memory serves me correctly, Mother Theresa didn’t pass away until five days later.

Although I questioned many (okay, a lot) of Michael Jackson’s obvious and alleged behaviors, I always thought he was brilliant.  I also thought he was at times deeply disturbed, and I understand why many people wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving their children with him. Yet I also felt that in many ways he was a victim, starting with his early family life, and then as an adult when he seemed to become his own worst enemy.

Perhaps part of my sympathy is astrological:  Although Pisces are well recognized for having karmic issues (his Moon was in Pisces by the way), my experience has shown me that Virgos come into this life with the most karmic burdens to bear.  Michael Jackson was born with the Sun conjunct Pluto in his chart, and the theme of birth, death and transformation was evident in both his personal life and his career.  “Thriller” was the perfect expression of his Plutonian nature, and throughout his 50 years, Michael repeatedly reinvented himself professionally and personally, much to the detriment of his health.

The darker side of Pluto was also a constant companion in Michael’s life, taking the form of phobias, obsessions, and allegations of child sex abuse. Indeed, this is what most people associate with him.

Michael died just as he was getting ready to attempt a comeback, and it is my belief that in true Plutonian fashion, his death is going to resurrect his career.  The King of Pop will have his comeback, and it will be delivered by the Lord of the Underworld himself.

It is important to understand that whenever Pluto takes somethingfrom us, he always gives us a gift in return. For Michael, that gift is going to be a new legacy. As the years pass, the Pluto-inspired headlines are going to be erased; and in their place will be newly-created accounts based partly on fact and partly on myth.  In short, the stuff that legends are made of.

And in death, Michael Jackson will have reinvented himself yet again.

  1. That was excellent and so right on Debra! The line about the Lord of the Underworld gave me a chill up my spine. I wish more people could see the validity of astrology.

  2. So very well said Debra. Your comment about the Lord of the Underworld gave me a chill up the spine. Reading what you have written and looking at his chart, the accuracy of astrology is so obvious. If you haven't written a book yet…why not?


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