The Sun Always Shines, Even in the Twelfth House

The Sun Always Shines, Even in the Twelfth House

Whenever I see a chart with the Sun in the twelfth house, I immediately know that this person has a gift to share with the world.

It may be in the fine arts (e.g., painting, sculpting), the dramatic arts (e.g., acting, dancing, directing), the creative arts (e.g. writing, music), the intuitive arts (e.g., empaths, mediums) or the healing arts (e.g., medical personnel, counselors, shamans) but it’s there.

The nature of the individual’s particular gift will vary depending upon the Sun’s sign, the house and life areas it rules, and the aspects (connections) it makes to the rest of the chart.

The nature of the individual, however, will be the same to the extent that the gift will be questioned, doubted, and in some cases, even denied because the person’s character – as represented by the Sun – has been raised in Neptune’s ego-denying house of sacrifice, service and seclusion.

Individuals with the Sun in the twelfth house know on both a subconscious and an intuitive level that a treasure dwells within them, and they are completely at ease with it as long as it remains hidden in their psyche. However, once this knowledge seeps into their consciousness, their ego awakens and soon begins to crave the light of day.

And that’s when the trouble begins.

Until that point, the Sun has lived a rather sheltered life in Neptune’s house of secrets and shadows. Now it must venture out alone into the external and unfamiliar world, but before it can do that, it must first burn through the Neptunian haze that has kept it under wraps for so long.

And it will, because just as nature compels the salmon to swim upstream in order to spawn, the Sun’s inherent nature drives it to shine.

Still, after spending so many years hiding behind the curtain, the transition is not an easy one. Although the Sun may have new goals and a growing sense of self-worth, old habits are hard to break; and staying under the radar is one of them.

That’s why with few exceptions, individuals with a twelfth house Sun tend to hide their light under a barrel. Another reason is their innate discomfort with taking direction from the ego.

The Sun in the twelfth house doesn’t experience satisfaction through the ego; it experiences it through the soul.

It’s not that it disdains worldly success, mind you, because it doesn’t. It’s just that it doesn’t fulfill it. The Sun in the twelfth house needs to make others feel better on an emotional, psychic or physical level. The rest are fringe benefits.

If you have your Sun in your twelfth house, it is important to recognize that it is not just the addicted, the afflicted and the restricted that reside there.

The artists, the healers and the visionaries also call it home.

The question is: Which one are you?

The choice is yours to make.

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  1. Thank you, Debra. I must say that your comments feel just right to me. And it clears up something. My sun is wanting out, I think…
    Best rgds, Karen
    (Sun in Cap in 12th, conj Sat (Sat rules!!))

  2. Saturn can make the Sun a little more hesitant, so it might tiptoe rather than storm out. Success comes easiest to the 12th house Sun when it's aligned with Neptune in some way.

  3. Best description of twelfth house ever!

  4. Yes, wonderful description of 12th house Sun. I have struggled with those exact issues for many, many years.

    Libra Sun conjunct Scorp Jupiter in 12th along with Juno, Mercury and Mars (though Mars & Mercury are within 6 degrees of my Scorp ASC).

  5. Well, Neith, you certainly have a lot of karma going on in there! Those Mars & Mercury are applying to your Asc, they're distant enough to be considered 12th house planets. Your Sun-Jupiter conjunction speaks strongly to talent in counseling. Do you agree with that?

  6. So True to what I am feeling. Sun in 12th house in Virgo squaring Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd house. I have this feeling of wanting/having so much to give to the world and not knowing how to. Very insightful. Thanks.

  7. Great read. I am researching 12th house sun fiercely and this is by far one of the best articles that I've read. My 12th house sun in Virgo Squares Mars in the 3rd house in Sag (Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter (In Capricorn) is in there too) I'd choose HEALER/VISIONARY, My artist side comes out in everything I do, even the way I breathe lol.

    I am definitely seeking to shine in an area where I am fufilled on a soul level as an adult. Anywhere I am I tend to shine rather, more so because of my Venus in Libra in the 1st house, not really based on my talent as an indivual. I have this urge to tell a story everyday.

    Thanks again.

  8. Thank you, Moon. The 12th house has much to offer and needs to shine on a soul level. It sounds to me like you are well on your way.

  9. I am adopted. Apparently my father was what we call "a one night stand." My mother decided she couldn't cope with me, for whatever reason, when I was four and I was placed up for adoption. I was adopted by basically vegetable farmers in Maryland. My father worked in the fields in the am when I was in school and when I came home from school he has already gone to his 4-12 night shift job as a machine operator. I rarely saw him on weekends as he always had odd jobs. When I did see him he was cold to me. No hugging or kissing. Only work in the fields. My mother was cold and unfeeling and basically never touched me. She wanted a girl but my father wanted a boy to help him in the fields. I was a lonely and depressed child. I acted out in school (I'm a Leo with Leo rising) which I could not demonstrate at home. I basically hated my adoptive parents. I immediately changed my name back to my birth name when my adopted father died at 62. I almost celebrated when my adopted mother died at 82. I left their home when I was 17 and basically never looked back. I am uncomfortable in the company of men. Most of my working career was in the school system as I am a Leo with sun in the 12th. I did clerical work. My moon is in Virgo. My Mercury is also in Leo in the 12th. My pluto is in Leo in the 12th. I am Leo rising. I now work part time for a funeral home. I am gay.

  10. David, my belief (which you might not share) is that having the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in your 12th house indicates a lot of "karmic" issues being played out in this lifetime. The 12th house is our "karmic closet" and it is also where we experience sorrow. Having done many "ever present past" joint client sessions with Marguerite Manning, I've learned from listening to the client feedback that traumas experienced in our last life reappear in this one in a similar pattern. It might help you to read her book, Cosmic Karma, or some of the articles she has posted on her website at

  11. Great article, Debra, and very affirming! Thank you. The theme of feeling invisible resonates. This has shifted quite a bit since my decision to consciously take charge of my life not recede into the background. I have my sun, venus, and mercury all in the 12th in Gemini. Would love your take on this.

    With appreciation for your soothing, insightful article,

  12. You're welcome, Betsy. You were born with powerful creative gifts that would serve you well in writing as well as acting, directing and photography. Talent in art and music is also likely, and you are more psychic/intuitive than you give yourself credit for (or at least admit). I would be curious to know whether Taurus or Gemini is on your 12th house cusp.

  13. Wow, I have stepped into the light!!! Every-word rings true! Counseling, creating, intuition…

    I have always subconsciously felt knew I could help most anyone, and this article helped me 'read my feelings'. I am a Aquarius sun with a Pieces rising, and leo moon. In 3ed grade I volunteered in therapeutic recreation at nursing home, loving helping the wise residents, through high school worked at a outdoor camp running activities/games, went to school to work as physician assistant but ended up graduating in mental health counselor working in in-patient therapy, then transitioned into a funeral directing at 24. I feel best when I am 'helping' people especially entire families! This article makes me realize I am much needed doing exactly what I am doing!! Always give your best self, and the rest falls into place…. Sometimes I do feel I need to 'hide from the sun' to detach from all that comes with this formula, it is big shoes to fill.

    THANK YOU Debra!! Your pod casts are amazing and I truly learn something new everyday! Thank you for your all your fun insight, and motivation!

  14. You're very welcome, Cheryl. I love my work and feel blessed in many ways, one of which is being able to meet so many wonderful souls (like yours).

  15. It was a pleasure to read. In my opinion, a very insightful and accurate description. Also well-written and a bit inspirational at the end. Prior to reading your article I've looked at the 12th house Sun placement in a very negative light. Thank you.

    For me, I have a 12th house Sun in Aries.

    I also have a 12th house Mercury in Aries.

    I've always felt having my Sun in Aries is especially hard and challenging in the 12th since the Aries ego is so strong. My conscious and subconcious state fits your description, I've had it all my life.

    By the way, My rising sign is in Taurus and I also have my Venus in Taurus as well. One Sun aspect I have is Sun trine Moon. So I guess this serves to balance out less favorable areas of my chart.

    It would be an honor and I would highly appreciate it if you gave me some feedback. I'm in my 20's btw. Above all though, thanks for writing this. Enjoyed it.

  16. Treygl, thank you for your comment. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the article.

    My belief is that the 12th house is very misunderstood in astrology. Like its often ambiguous ruling planet Neptune, it can be difficult to understand but only because you need to think on a higher level.

    I consider the natal Sun in the 12th and 6th houses (the axis of service) to be a difficult placement because the Sun represents our self-expression. In the 12th, it's hidden beneath the radar and in the 6th, it's in the cosmic slave shop.

    When the Sun is in Aries, it's even tougher because it is such a strong sign. Aries is very much the warrior, and warriors want to go into battle not remain behind the lines. one that desires to

    Without knowing any other details about your chart, I will venture to say that although you second-guess and doubt yourself, you have strong intuitive and creative abilities, especially writing.

    With Jupiter heading into Taurus on June 4, it will be a matter of time before it crosses into your first house (it depends on the degree of your ascendant). Jupiter expands what it touches, and while it is in your first house, you can expect opportunities to present themselves in connection with relationships, education, work and travel. If you are involved in a career that involves marketing, law, publishing or the media (any form), this will be a very positive time for work as well.

    To learn more about the positive side of the 12th house, I recommend you check out the "Therapy with the Soul" podcast on itunes with karmic astrologer Marguerite Manning. Episodes 18 and 19 focused on the 12th house sign and its ruler. I think you'll enjoy them.

  17. So much rings true for me in this post. Thank you! I was searching for information about my 12th house Virgo sun and am very happy to have found your blog.

  18. thank you i havea 12th house sun venus and mercury i am a nurse and i doeiki and am a medical intuitive I appreciate the fact you bring out the positive i am so tired of the negative~ it seems so many astrologist seem to write about

  19. Wow, thanks for the article.. i have sun, mercury and venus all in 12 house of Libra… I love telling stories, can draw very well and i struggle a lot as to what I should pursue in my life as I have so much I want to give out to the world but don’t know how to do it right… i can do math very well too… so currently i’m going into architecture…

  20. I am a Libra with my Sun in the 12th house, Moon in the 9th house and Mercury in the 11th house…..struggling to understand what it all means…LOL

  21. My Sun is unaspected in the twelfth house in Virgo. It’s always been an enigma. Like vapors, I can not readily grasp its essence except on occasion. And I can relate to the sense of having a special gift to share. If only i could put it in form.
    Thank you for such an inspiring article pertaining to a frequently misunderstood placement.

    • I’m happy to hear you found it insightful. An unaspected Sun is a pure Sun in that it’s not influenced by the energy of other planets by virtue of aspects. As the ruler of the natural sixth house, Virgo presides over craftsmanship and physical health, and in the 12th house suggests that your gift may be connected to the creative arts, healing (physical, emotional or spiritual) or writing. The Sun in Virgo, and especially in the 12th house, needs to be of service to others in some way. The starting point is to ask what activities give you the most satisfaction on a soul-level. The 12th house Sun is generally a late bloomer, but when the gif blossoms, t it is well worth the wait.

      • Thank you for such kind words. I am currently experiencing a Pluto trine to my Sun while Chiron opposes, and I must say, at 30, I feel that I am finally blooming. The timing of transits with significant inner changes is awe inspiring, and grants much faith in the natural order and beauty of the universe. I have done so much work in solitude. Thank you again for the kind words and response.

        • My pleasure, and as you continue to blossom, may Jupiter’s blessings be your constant companion.

      • Hi, I have an Unaspected sun in the 12th house too! in Leo. And I can also relate to the feeling of not being able to integrate/express myself into the world, and just feel very different from most people. It’s like I have no sense of self at all. Only with certain friends can i feel comfortable with and sort of find myself with, for awhile. I think it causes anxiety often because i cant understand myself nor relate my sun to the environment the way most people can. Especially during adolescent years, when people start to know themselves better and grow identities and make their mark in the world (on a smaller scale), i used to feel like some uncivilized wild child. just a little exaggeration here. 😛

        But i guess it’s something we can outgrow right? With a lot of CONSCIOUS effort and courage and some astrological knowledge and… a little faith?

        And yeah, thank you so much for writing about the 12th house in such a positive, encouraging light. It also rings true to me. :)

  22. sidereal libra sun conjunct saturn in 12th house. i think the knowledge has seeped into the conscious. Getting difficult to subdue…makes me less tolerant to people I could otherwise cope with. Am becoming curt and frank and practical to a point of being rude. Am 3 years into saturns major period, with a saturn return on my ascendent is not making matters easier. Its often pain in slow motion – but this does explain what is happening – which eases things in it’s own way…Thank You

  23. Hi, Debra –

    I very much enjoy your choice of guests and topics on Anchored in Astrology. Please keep up the great shows! It’s nice to have a discerning interviewer!

    This was a very concise description of my life . . . except throw in a huge mystical life, gifted chid, MA sociologist, empath (ouch!) and tremendous confusion and inability to ground for most of my 55 years! I know I’m supposed to be a late bloomer but this is ridiculous!
    Visionary, writer, courageous healer of self — these are my gifts.

    Why such a torture getting it OUT to share in a viable format for a living? I really appreciate your phrasing it that I MUST do what fulfills the soul. I am passionately motivated by soul growth/courage and not by other worldly yardsticks but I STILL have to live in the world and have a fulfilling career! I note ironically Meryl Streep has a 12th house sun and has no prob with visibility!

    Isolation/invisibility has been a theme. I am thrilled with who I am and how i operate and the richness of my being, but it is perpetually insane that there is STILL no connection with the larger world. Any insights?

    I know this talent will make me visible BUT my life purpose (beyond evolving the soul) STILL refuses to manifest despite arduous exploring, trying, etc. CAN IT BE MY LIFE PURPOSE IS MERELY TO EVOLVE THE SOUL (no small feat, I know) AND HAVE NO EXTERNAL ACTIVITY, VIZ, SHARING OF THAT ACCOMPLISHMENT/WISDOM? MARGAREUTE IS KEEN TO STRESS THAT EVERYONE’S LIFE PURPOSE MEANS THEY MUST SHARE THEIR GIFTS WITH THE WORLD!) But I’m 55 and I’ve danced with it a zillion ways it has STILL not manifested. (whether it’s writing or something else)

    Despite refined talent, great ideas and the WILL to complete manuscripts, I cant seem to finish a manuscript to put my writing out in the world because of usu being stuck financially in survival mode. An esp primitive and brutal mode for someone who is not motivated to survive but knows she must thrive.

    12th house sun in Cancer, Cancer rising, Scorpio moon (so SCORP is my chart ruler — intensity ) , stellium in Leo in first house(mars, venus, uranus) and merc in Cancer conjunct the sun too. Very underground planet distribution with only sun and chiron being above the horizon. I’m also very iconoclastic not in a “rebel without a clue” vein but in the true sense of original thinking, visionary insights and compassionate creativity. 6 planets in fire, 5 in water, 1 in earth (Jupiter in Virgo.)
    I’ve always wanted to write and do write but far too much healing required “first” to get to manuscripts.
    As usual however for single writers, one must first have a sustaining base/job income source creating a workable life from which to write. THAT is the problem. I’ve managed to live/work in 6 countries however but each time i return to the US it’s like being shoved off a cliff and into survival mode . . . again despite many talents/skills/education, continuity of income/career has evaded me.

    To make matters worse, people seem to sense that I am remarkable and don’t hire me for the sustaining type jobs I need (I am not a snob about work/education) making survival even more stressful. I have not been hired for the professional jobs I seek, tho been close a couple of times. My twin too is incredibly bright and hardworking but cannot succeed at his chosen career either. Lucky us!

    Forgive my longer narrative but perhaps having more details will instruct your feedback. Thank you so much for your generous insight. I’d love to get a reading but have been unemployed for a year :)


    • Hi Robyn! I’m happy to hear that you enjoy “Anchored in Astrology.” I recorded my last show this past January but between iTunes and this site, you can hear them all.

      What helps Meryl Streep is that her Cancer Sun is conjunct her natal Uranus within 1 minute. Sun-Uranus conjunctions are extremely powerful and hard to ignore – Donald Trump and Saddam Hussein are two that immediately come to mind – even in the 12th house. In terms of sharing our gifts with the world, I think it depends on the definition of one’s world. For some, it’s literally the globe; for others, the “world” is their community.

      In terms of your chart, I invite you to call in when I’m on the air for a free mini-reading. You can find me on Turning of the Wheel with Chris Flisher on the last Saturday of each month at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on CTR. The call in number is 877-230-3062. I look forward to hearing from you.

  24. The Sun always shines, even in the 12th house – what a true and uplifting title…was not much in astrology but some month ago, an acquaintance offered to read my natal chart, and the first thing he said/almost shouted/ was: “oh, no, you are imprisoned! what a horrible planet aspects…you are whole in the twelfth house – I’d kill myself having such a chart!” “How promising!”, I replied,”but everything depends on the point of a view, all is so relative – and we all are prisoners in a certain way, of our own desires, at least.”
    Having Sun, retrograde Mercury (19°30), Mars (19°4) and Pluto (0°37) in Virgo in 12th house, Uranus in Leo, Jupiter (6°4)in Libra in the first house, Venus in Libra in second house, Neptune (0°40) and the true node in Scorpio in the second house, with Saturn (8°14)in Sagitarius in the third house, Moon in Aquarius in the 5th house (22°32), Chiron (13°17)Aquarius in the fifth house…I choose art/painting, writing and continuing to be this strange fragile Empath plant with the tentacles feeling, touching the very depths of Life (mine and of the others)…sometimes, I could tell I can hear the grass grows >smile< with love to you, too, dear Lady.
    P.s. re-sending the mail because of some slight mistakes I made…thank you for your time and for your reply

    • While the 12th house Sun may take a little longer to get there, when it blossoms it is often magnificent. It sounds to me as though you’re in the process of blooming.

  25. Dear Debra,

    thank you very much for your reply.

    A process of blooming – it sounds so nice….it might be, it might be…feeling a bit better in my own skin last few years…making communication/peace with myself and the world much easier than I used to.


    Branka, from across the seas.

  26. Thank you for your compassionate article Debra. Your perspective filled in an essential piece of the bigger picture for me. I especially resonate with the statement, “The Sun in the twelfth house does not experience satisfaction through the ego; rather, it experiences it through the soul.”

    The cracks in my shell have appeared, and this new moon today marks the commencement of my active participation in breaking it open and setting free that which lives inside. This seed will grow and flower. Fruit? We’ll see.

    • Sean,

      I have counseled many, many 12th house Suns and each one possessed a humble brilliance.

      Fruit? Absolutely.

      Twelfth house suns may be late bloomers, but once they blossom they keep on going…and giving.

      Wishing you all the blessings of the Virgo New Moon,


  27. I have a Sun and Virgo in my Twelfth house. However, I feel like I have no direction in life. I feel like I have absolutely no special talent to give to anyone. I was an average student and can barely find a job. I was born on March 21, 1989 and I feel like I should be more accomplished than I am now.

    • Truth be told, only a handful of people know their life’s path or are aware of their gifts at 23 because they haven’t yet been exposed to what stirs their passion. Whenever I read young clients I warn them that while they will resonate with much of what I tell them, there will be elements connected to their work/calling that they won’t relate to at all now but to think of me in their late 30’s or so when it comes to pass. I know, I was one of them. Unfortunately, members of your generation are being hit hard by widespread unemployment – that’s the economy, not you. The key to discovering your gift lies in discovering your passions as our gift is always something we enjoy doing and feel drawn to do. Eventually it finds us but only when we’re ready to embrace it. Right now your circumstances are likely limited, but consider what you enjoy doing and research jobs that incorporate those elements. If it’s possible to volunteer somewhere that will expose you to it in a bigger way, go for it. You’ll either discover a passion or realize it’s not “all that” but while you’re learning, you’ll be gaining experience to add to your resume as you make more connections, and in this economy, that’s the best way to get the good jobs. Good luck to you.

  28. Thanks for this! Really great article. I have my sun, north node and mercury in gemini and venus in cancer in my 12th house also born during a v/c moon june 14, 65. Lately, I’ve been drawn to healing or shaman or something similar but wasn’t so sure why, Now I do. Figuring out a way to “bring it out” right now.

    • Twelfth house Suns may be late bloomers but when they blossom, they take our breath away. It may be one petal at a time, but you’ll get there and sooner than you expect.

  29. I thought I had Asc in Pisces until my father died in 2009 and I got a more accurate birth time from reading his diary. Suddenly I had Aries Sun and Mercury in 12th as well as Venus, Chiron and Jupiter. I have Moon in Aries conjunct Asc as well but have never been able to identify with Aries traits.
    I love your article – it made me cry! I was quite gifted in art, writing and music and people had high expectations of me. As I got older I just couldn’t get anything out, feeling raw and exposed. I just wish I could have had Astrology counselling at 18 because I have been beating myself up for years for being ‘useless’
    Most of my other planets, apart from Leo Mars in 5th trine sun,are in the 6th, virgo, so the 12/6th axis is well and truly accented. When I’ve had jobs, they’ve been in kitchens or food shops.
    I am just learning what all this means and trying to forgive myself for not living up to my gifts. Sometimes the sun does shine through and I get slapped down because nobody likes the brash, gobby Aries that I really am under this sensitive exterior! With the Pluto square and Uranus conjunct sun transit going on I’m being forced to deal with all this.
    Thanks again

    • With so many planets in the 12th, you wouldn’t identify as strongly with Aries traits because they’re hidden and below the radar, so to speak. The Aries moon conjunct the Ascendant can add a drive to nurture (people, pets or things). Both guilt and forgiveness fall under the 12th house’s domain, and now it’s time to forgive and let go. You did the best that you could with the knowledge and options available to you at the time, and that’s all that any of us can do. With your sun the target of the transiting uranus-pluto square, you are being given an opportunity for liberation (uranus) and transformation (pluto). If you embrace the change and willingly surrender whatever you’re asked to release, the energy will shift from stressful to thrilling as you begin to see where you’re headed.

  30. Dear Debra, This is a beautiful article. I am so grateful I found it. I’ve studied astrology only one year, but intently. I have sun in Gemini in 12thH, trine Neptune in 4thH, Libra cusp. Venus in Cancer, 12thH, conjunct the Sun. Cancer rising. Moon in Scorpio, in 5thH, along with Saturn. Uranus in Leo in 1stH. I have struggled to express myself in writing for many years. It’s been very difficult. Meanwhile, I’ve always served others, and I love it. But I want to be more independent now. I adopted the motto “make haste slowly,” because as much as I enjoy writing, I can’t seem to rush it or speed through it, like other projects. I need to be alone, and it’s a very intense process. Your article inspired me to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    • Your ability for astrology is indicated by (among other things) your first house Uranus, which is the energy you want to tap into as it will help you achieve independence. As for writing, when one examines the charts of writers, including the “greats” one finds an active 12th house. Keep putting one foot in front of another and one day you’re going to realize that you’re running…and then you’re going to fly.

      • I love this article. I here a lot of negative stuff on the twelfth and since I have an interesting little puzzle of how many of my planets connect I was wondering if you could shed a little (positive) light on this mystery. If it’s not too complicated.
        Okay here it goes, I have mercury in the twelfth house, cancer. My 12th house cusp, is also Cancer. The ruler of my 12th house (the moon) is in the 5th and my Sun is also just in Cancer but in the eleventh; with Venus retrograde which is in Gemini. And the ruler of my eleventh Gemini (Mercury) like I mentioned is in the twelfth. As for the 5th, my moon is conjunct Neptune retrograde.
        I don’t want to persuade your thoughts so I won’t ask any direct question. I guess what I would ask would be what’s your first or second thing that comes to mind with these connections between the 5th, 11th, and 12th?

        • In all honesty, it is a bit difficult without looking at the whole chart. So with that disclaimer out of the way, my first impression is that one of the things your soul came here to learn about is relationships and perhaps money as well and the connection to the lessons are your values; specifically your self-esteem. I believe you have creative talent in more than one area, as well as intuitive ability, that should be developed but self-doubt (which may manifest as procrastination) gets in the way. I am also curious to know if you have children or if you nurture other people’s children in some way.

  31. You are very kind and supportive! I have a meditation CD on Uranus that helps. I’ve started meditating every evening, to a Saturn CD, and chakra and visualization techniques, also. Any other advice to tap into Uranus?

  32. Debra!! You are SO insightful on the 12th house…makes me wonder if you’re living here with us (: . I SUPER appreciate that you’re still replying to this thread even 2 years later. When I started studying astrology, upon learning about my 12th house planets something just…..CLICKED! Even though I read some rather daunting things about the 12th house, instinctively I feel that it is a very magical/special place to be. I’ve had some really mystical things happen to me and my experiences have endowed me with a complex yet……dreamy perspective on life. I have a 12th House Virgo Sun and Mercury so I can relate 100% to the trails of self-doubt hesitation and shyness, mentally feeling like an outcast among my peers and the need to withdraw back into that “awesome” inner world. But I AM healing myself and working on it!! The most recent theme running through my head is being bold and not being afraid to reach out and connect with people. There’s no reason to feel so threatened when you want to get to know someone and vice versa!! Luckily My 12th House Sun and Merc are asepected nicely, trine with Saturn and Neptune and sextile with pluto. In my mind I am quietly a extremely creative person, and even though I use music as my primary outlet, I feel my creativity is meant for something much larger…. more beneficial. I can easily see myself being successful in music (Libra Asc. & Jupiter in 10th house Cancer) but I can’t quite put my finger on what my purpose is. Whatever it is, I sense it will take me to a place past the “material world”.

    Every so often I do research on 12th house Sun & Merc and I’m so happy to have come across this article tonight. If I could ask one question on the 12th house…..what are some ways my Sun & Merc might show up in together in my life? I’m still kind of fuzzed on how to understand how they work if they represent everything incomprehensible!! What could this placement in virgo mean for me? I hear alot of buzz words like “past-life karma” “blind-spots” “illusions” & “subconscious” when I read about the 12th house. I just want to be more aware of these forces in my life so I can get things right this time around.

    P.S. Us 12th Housers Love You!


    • By The Way here’s a quick glance at my chart…. just so you get the gist of it.

      Thanks !

    • Your particular Sun-MercuryRx conjunction and the aspects to it suggest strong intuitive ability that can be developed once you overcome self-doubt. Besides a strong talent for music, your chart also indicates a strong ability for teaching/training, psychology, medicine and writing (fiction and non-fiction, poetry, music), and you will likely have more than one career in your life and possibly at the same time. With Uranus in your 3rd conjunct the IC and opposing the MC, you have a definite talent for astrology and a unique way of writing/speaking. Your Aries moon drives you to achieve and will ultimately bring you out of the 12th house shadows. With Uranus where it is, you need to embrace your “inner outcast” and make it work for you. In roughly 4 years from now Pluto will trine your Sun/Mercury conjunction and when it does, you and your 12th house are going to blossom.

  33. Wow. I read your post like 100 times. This is the first chart reading I’ve ever received & everything you extrapolated is so relevant for me. Thank You! Its funny that you mention the talent for astrology as it is a completely RANDOM interest of mine. I’ve been on another learning binge for the past couple days and I’m learning even more how powerfully relevant and revealing the science is! As I type this, I’ve been reading The Steve Jobs book and it is A M A Z I N G how parallel his character depiction and life story are with his reported chart. Even an amateur could see it. It makes me seriously wonder why the craft isn’t taught in major schools.

  34. Wow, this was really illuminating! As the others have said, so much more hopeful than other 12th house sun assessments. I have a strong relationship with the 12th house, as I am Pisces rising with my Sun & Mercury in the 12th (Aquarius). I have always felt from another world, and since there is next to no Earth in my chart, I have very ungrounded energy.

    A lot of aspects in my charts seem to make me incredibly shy and secretive, and a lot of my Aries energy goes unexpressed (or takes form of anger & resentment that I try to contain). I am curious as to why my chart is SO fraught with problems. Why would a soul embark on such a turbulent journey? Before I became familiar with astrology, I had blamed my faulty psychological patterns on my painful childhood, but it seems like I was destined to be depressed, self-doubting, critical, hypersensitive, and volatile regardless (12th house relations; sun sq. pluto; moon quincunx pluto; the Aries/Pisces mix; a lot of energies squaring off; crowding in the first house).

    To make matters ever harder, I was diagnosed with bone cancer 7 months ago, and have been suffering serious mobility issues ever since surgery in the spring. I am 25 and in a wheelchair, after a history of no physical health problems. I am just go perplexed by these seemingly insurmountable odds, and uncertain about my purpose and will to live out this life. I know the 12th house has been associated with hospitals, and I can now make the claim that I have lived in the hospital longer than some apartments.

    I am deeply interested in alternative healing/counselling work, but I also have the Piscean tendency to absorb other people’s emotions (especially sadness and fear), and so I am hesitant about entering that field. I have yet to learn to protect myself in that way (the moon is also in my first house). I feel creative on a spiritual/intellectual level, but it’s incredibly hard to externalize — to actually produce anything. I seem to have all of emotion and mystical leanings and vision that facilitate art, but no inclination toward DOING anything about it. (I am also too shy to take an art class). My process is a total mystery to me, other than that I require to be alone for long periods, and tend to benefit from mild drug use, romance, and books.

    Here is my chart:

    • Amber,

      Yours is indeed a complex chart, so I am going to try to give you as much direction as I can in this small forum. Your soul came here to accomplish much, so much that it’s almost as if it signed up for an accelerated course or “extra credit.” You seem to have a good understanding of astrology – Uranus/Venus conjunction conjuncting the MC demonstrates talent – so the first thing I want to say is that you were born with intercepted planets in your first house and duplicated signs in the chart. This is an area you should research / learn about. Your Moon is the focus of hard aspects and it’s intercepted. This is a key to your journey. There are many resources online, but astrologer Joanne Wickenburg has written extensively about it. You are gifted in the metaphysical and counseling professions, and yes, absorbing other people’s energy is and will be an issue, but it goes with the territory. Again, start learning about protective practices – there are many forms, meditation, visualization, smudging etc. – and then start practicing them. Commit to doing it on a daily basis and anytime you are feeling lower and you will see a difference. What strikes me from the chart is that you have a deep-seated need to be a healer, to be of service, to make a difference and to do it on your terms. Until you find a way to fulfill this need on an external basis, you will attract/create situations in your personal life and through relationships where you need to perform healing because your soul is that of a healer. You have just finished a lengthy and rather difficult Pluto transit to your natal Neptune (chart ruler) which has transformed your life physically as well as psychologically as well as to your natal Moon which coincided with a physical and emotional crisis. That energy is behind you. In the coming year, Pluto will trine your natal Pluto, ruler of your 8th house of rebirth and regeneration and it will assist your efforts to rebuild your life. Uranus will activate your Moon again next year – ruler of your 5th house of romance, fun, passions and creative self-expression. Your passion is healing; embrace it. As you move towards healing others, you will heal yourself. I hope this is helpful to you.

  35. I have 5 planets in the 12th house – the sun, moon, uranus, pluto and jupiter. All five are in virgo and the first three are in the 29th degree of virgo. My sun sign is also virgo – actually everything in my chart is in virgo or libra with the exception of four elements. At any rate, there are many areas of my life where I am feeling stuck and frustrated with my inability to achieve to the highest level. Reading your article about the sun in the 12th house was helpful but I find myself wondering what advice you would give to someone with many plants in the 12th house – how does one understand the layering of 12th house issues? Thanks for any thoughts you might share.

    • Chris, With 5 planets in the 12th – and in Virgo – and with 3 at 29 degrees, it doesn’t surprise me that you feel stuck. However, the Sun/Moon at 29 Virgo means you’re a new moon baby who came here to complete important lessons as well as begin a new path in some area. The weight of your 12th house speaks to a powerful karmic path, but while Pisces gets the recognition for being a karmic sign, my experience has shown me that Virgo is every bit as much so. Given the complexity of your chart, I would recommend (finances permitting) a private consultation with a karmic astrologer who specializes in the 12th house. My recommendation is Marguerite Manning, a karmic astrologer I work with on a regular basis. If that’s not possible at this time, my next suggestion to help you understand your “contract with the universe” is to check out her books on the subject and her

  36. Dear Debra – Thank you so much for your reply. I will look into Marguerite’s work and in the meantime, I am glad to know there is a way to see all this 12th house intensity in a positive light!

  37. Wow, yes, I agree with everything everyone has said about this article so far. It definitely hits the nail right on the head in more ways than one. My sun, moon, mercury, and chiron are in my 12th house (all in Gemini). My 12th house is also intercepted – Taurus on the cusp and I am 2 degrees Cancer Rising. I definitely have struggled with self-esteem problems my entire life, but ever since I started therapy a few years ago, I really feel like my sense of self-worth and appreciation has improved substantially. It’s amazing how as a 12th house sun, you really do spend the first part of your life feeling small, powerless, and invisible. However, now at 25, I feel as if I’m finally starting to discover my own ego and sense of self and it is the most incredible feeling in the world. I guess now I’m finally learning to understand what it means to “listen to my heart” and “take care of myself.” I never understood what those phrases truly meant before…we 12th house suns really have to work hard to find ourselves, I’ve realized.

    I will say that the nice thing is that for the first time in my life, I am starting to feel more confident in my abilities. I recently launched my own music blog, started writing my own original screenplays, began teaching people about astrology, and began producing my own films. I never felt like I was good enough before, and still doubt my abilities, but I feel happy in the fact that I have a lot more confidence in myself now.

    My question is: Is the life-long goal of 12th house suns to learn how to trust our instincts and be compassionate to ourselves and learn to acknowledge our own ego in a healthy way? As cheesy as it sounds, I really do think all of us feel as if we have something big to contribute to the world – we just need to have confidence in our abilities. Is that true?

    Here is my chart for reference:

    Thank you for writing this wonderful article! :)

    • I believe that’s certainly a large part of it. For some, it’s also learning how to set boundaries and not be a victim. If you’ll scroll to the comment just before yours, you’ll see that I recommend karmic counselor and 12th house expert Marguerite Manning and included links to her website, books and (free) podcast/on air page. With so much going on in your 12th house, I believe you would gain significant insights that will help you better understand your earthly journey easier. For one so young, you already have a very good handle on it. Jupiter transiting your 12th house is a wonderfully supportive energy for introspection and therapy. Jupiter is also a planet of healing and release, so while it’s in the house of the subconscious and karma, it is easier to heal on a psychological level. It’s also excellent for writing, journaling, and anything connected to spirituality, the fine arts and the healing arts. With Jupiter poised to conjunct your Sun, Moon and Mercury next year before it crosses into your first house, the first 6 months of next year are a time of preparation. When Jupiter crosses your Ascendant, it’s time for you to come out from behind the curtain in some way. Growth and expansion will be the theme and expect opportunities to come in several life areas. Don’t be shy; you’ll have Jupiter’s blessings, and in a couple of years when Pluto comes to trine your natal Venus, it can do much for you artistically, financially and personally, especially where love and self-esteem are concerned. You’re on the right path, enjoy every moment.

  38. Hello Debra,

    Thank-you so much for this wonderful “illuminating” article!! Having a 12th house sun has always scared me a bit to be honest. Leo w/Leo rising. At times I loose my fire and retreat. I do need a lot of alone time. I paint and can be most painters. What about this late blooming? How late (-;

    You make the 12th house sound like a good thing. Must learn how to make it work.

    Thanks again
    Peace & Love

    • A 12th house Sun in Leo is in my opinion a tougher placement because a Leo Sun is driven to be center stage and not at all satisfied behind the curtain. With Leo rising, the Sun is also your chart ruler so it’s a double-whammy. To help hasten your blossoming, you must tap into Leo energy to help you overcome the inclination to hide your light under a bushel, and if applicable, a tendency to procrastinate which is in effect a form of 12th house self-sabotage because it puts off your success. Focus on what fulfills you on a soul level and keep going forward. The keyword for Leo is “I Will.” Consider that your new mantra.

  39. I’ve loved these posts & your article. There seems so much commonality to the twelth house field of experience. I have sun, mercury & jupiter in Pisces intercepted in the 12th (sun closely conjunct jupiter) & neptune in scorpio intercepted in the 7th, obviously co ruler jupiter intercepted in 12th; Aquarius on the 12th house cusp (saturn in aquarius in the 11th, uranus in virgo intercepted in the 6th). Joanne Wickenburg advises looking to rulership and cusps for keys to unlock planetary potential; mine seem to be part of a circular dance of 12th house interceptions. I would very much value any insights you might have on my 12th house placements. Thank you so much for providing this forum.

    • It’s a gifted 12th house but unfortunately the interception makes it a little harder to burn through the fog. A 6th/12th house interception with planets in Pisces and Virgo intercepted as well, tells me that your soul has a need to be of service in this lifetime, but it must be something that feeds you on a soul level. Career and calling are not always the same, so it does not necessarily have to employment. A hobby, a passion, mentoring, volunteering, etc. Once you are doing something that gives you satisfaction on a soul level, it will be much easier to unlock the energy. This is not meant as shameless self-promotion (smile), but in early 2013 I will be offering a lecture/lesson on interceptions (different than Joanne Wickenburg’s insights and based on what I’ve learned from experience) as well as leading an interactive one on 12th house planets. If you’d like to be notified, you can sign up for my free monthly newsletter at and/or join me at

  40. Wow!! Yes! But first of all, Happy Thanks Giving, and I am glad you made it through Sandy all right. This is the best, most positive article I have read about the 12th house. My sun is in the 12th in Gemini forming a kite/grand trine in water houses. Just yesterday I was praying that the “genius” in me would come out into the world and make itself known. And yes, I have always felt I had a gift in me that one day would be expressed. At 41, I hope it’s soon as I am not getting any younger. LOL. You are the 2nd astrologer to ask me if I sing. I don’t think I am gifted in this area, but I always wished I could.

    • My advice is to start singing even if you do it when no one is around. There’s something there – I know it – and it may not be a “great” singing voice as much as singing will activate the throat chakra and perhaps trigger something that will help you express your gift. Give it a try ; )

  41. Debra as I’ve been searching through websites about Virgo in the 12th your interpretation has rung most rue to me. I appreciate that you don’t just focus on the depths of this aspect which can others describe as a little dark.
    I have Mercury , Mars, Pluto and my sun in Virgo in the 12th–with virgo rising. Thank god for a libra moom. This life been a deep ride. I guess I must have dished out some tragedy in some past lives or something. I do love my empathic abilities –I am a high school teacher–but this never being seen thing and ongoing growth fueled by tragedy is getting old.

    • I’ve always felt that while Pisces gets the recognition – and quite a bit of sympathy – for being the most karmic sign, what I’ve learned from my clients for almost 25 years now is that Virgo shoulders a heavy karmic burden and is the unsung hero of the zodiac. Karmically speaking, Mars and Pluto in the 12th are tough placements. In addition to discussing these planets/placements in her books, Marguerite Manning aired a podcast that focused specifically on Mars as well as one on Pluto. She also covered a lot of other 12th house topics as well. If you haven’t heard them, give the link a click. I think you’ll find them helpful.

  42. A palm reader read my hand it she said, “Fire!” I thought it was intriguing. I decided to explore just how much fire I have by learning about my natal chart. I have several things going on in the 12th house which both amaze me and concern me at the same time because I’m seeing that my fire won’t die until I die. I believe this, because my ascendant is Aries. What do you think? Am I on target with my assumption? Please add anything else you’d like, because I’d like to learn more. 😀

  43. And yes, my Sun is in the 12th house.

    • Fire represents life, including our passion and enthusiasm. Your Aries ascendant yearns to express itself by taking charge or leading in some capacity, but your 12th house Sun, which needs to shine, is reluctant to blaze that trail. It will happen though. Either willingly with the help of a powerful transit that will create a wonderful flow that your Sun will ride, or if you resist, eventually with the help (though it won’t seem helpful at the time) of a challenging or crisis transit that will force your Sun to take its rightful place.

  44. Oh, wow, thank you so much for your article, Debra! I have three natal planets in the 12th house (Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, and Venus in Pisces) and your article explained a lot of the angst I’m struggling with. I’ve always known that I could express myself well in writing and had attempted to make a career of it as a journalist when young, but I struggled with expressing myself succinctly and clearly about topics I didn’t care for. As a result, I made one grievous error back in 2003 where I plagiarised someone else’s work for the first and last time. I was found out and was, rightly, fired. I have been so scared of writing ever since and, although I know that my strength lies in creative fiction, I still can’t get over the intense shame and have stopped every single writing project from developing further than a simple idea or concept. It’s like a block I can’t release for fear of being found out, but the compulsion to write and share is so strong I can’t ignore it! Argh, it’s like a twelfth house purgatory full of secrets, insecurities, obsession and self-flagellation! I feel like my fate is to forever hide my creativity or stunting its expression to make up for my past mistake and that I must learn to deal with these feelings. Perhaps, a little dramatic, but your article certainly explains why I feel so conflicted! Thanks again.

    • My initial thought was that the 12th house rules self-sabotage. Is it possible the plagiarism was a form of that? My second thought was that the 12th house rules guilt, which is where you’re presently stuck. In reality, you’re the one who holds the key to this 12th house prison, and you’re the only one who can set yourself free. Yes, you made a mistake. So do lots of people and many make big, messy public ones. Seriously, take a look at some of the biggest scandals of their time and where they are now. Vanessa Williams and Bill Clinton are just two that come to mind and there are plenty of recent ones. If your fear is being found out, then don’t give anyone that power. Work to accept the fact that you had a bad lapse of judgment and you’ve learned from it. It will be 10 years in 2013, and you’re not the person you were back then, so get writing and when the day comes that a publisher is interested in your work, you can disclose your youthful indiscretion. And if people around you remind you and insist on keeping it in the present, then it’s time to distance yourself from them. The 12th house has many rooms; pick a new one.

      • Thank you again, Debra, for your intuitive insight and taking the time to answer. I’ve learned so much from your generosity and the sharing of your wisdom. The self-sabotage is spot-on and it’s definitely time to pick a new room :)

  45. This is a great article. I’ve already read that having this placement means you don’t get along with your father or have a problem with him. Something along those lines. How true is this?.

    I’ve got my Sun, Mercury (in Aries) and Jupiter (in Taurus) in the 12th. Still don’t really understand what they mean. My sun and mercury square my Moon and Neptune in Capricorn. Is this a bad thing?. If you could share an insight, that would be great Deb if its not too much trouble.

    Here’s my chart if it helps.

    • I don’t find that the Sun in the 12th in and of itself indicates father issues though I find that to be true of a 12th house Saturn. There are several other indicators involving Saturn as well. I can share a few quick things with you. Your 12th house is very sensitive and suggests genuine intuitive ability though I believe you doubt/second guess yourself. Learn to trust. Also, don’t hold anger in – find a way to express/release it because it will affect you physically. There’s a strong sense of wanderlust and the eternal student in your chart. The Moon-Neptune can be very psychic, creative, empathetic. However, the danger is that you don’t see things clearly. Why? Because Neptune clouds the emotions and you lose objectivity and can see what you want to see/believe. Especially in terms of relationships, you need to maintain objective analysis. Keep a diary of sorts – note what people promise you or promise to do for you – and put it in a drawer. A few weeks or a month later look at it and see if the actions match the words. By putting some distance and then looking at things in writing you’ll see it (sort of like reading an advice column…we always see the issue/answers clearly there, don’t we).

  46. Hi Debra,

    Here comes another relieved person with sun and mercury in the twelfth in Virgo. Thank you very much!…. So glad I found your page tonight :)) From quite early age I am interested in spirituality and have a feeling that there is something strong inside waiting for the time to let go, but still struggling… I used to write also but one astrologer strongly recommended me not to become a writer even if I have a wish… If you could look sometime at my birth chart and tell me what is it so negative about me writing :) would really appreciate. Wish you peaceful Christmas and New Year :)

    here is my birth chart

    • The only negative thing in connection with writing in your chart is the astrologer who interpreted it for you. My guess is that he/she saw Saturn in your third house of communications and interpreted it as doom and gloom or perhaps was thrown by the Retrograde Jupiter in the 6th. In any event, your chart represents a soul who was born to express herself through writing in some way. However, Jupiter (ruler of your third) retrograde in the 6th house, can indicate talent that blooms slowly but blossoms greatly over time. Trust your inner voice; it’s wiser than your former astrologer. Wishing you peace and joy.

  47. Hi Debra,

    Is that what Saturn in the 3rd always represents? a soul who was born to express through writing in some way?

    • My comments on the previous chart were based on the entire chart. According to karmic astrologer Marguerite Manning in her book, Cosmic Karma, success for someone with Saturn in the third house is delayed until they “earn the intellectual authority” they never had.

  48. Dear Debra… can you tell me about my chart since I have transiting Pluto going through my 9th house and pretty soon?? conjuncting my moon (13′) in Capricorn and then my Saturn (23′ in 10th house) conjunct my midheaven along with my Jupiter (27’in 10th house of Capricorn as well)… all in Cap! I know there is a transiting Pluto squaring Uranus in Aries right now… and am wondering about that too. I was born in Willingboro NJ on 9/18/61 at 8:21pm. Thank-you.

    • While I’m happy to comment on 12th house issues when time permits, to address the questions you’re posing would require a forecast reading. If you would like to schedule a consultation, you can do so via my website. For free insights into one aspect (e.g., Pluto to the Moon OR Saturn to the Midheaven, you are welcome to call in when I am a guest on He Says/She Says Astrology. While I cannot promise that you will get through, if you do Chris Flisher and I will both be happy to offer our insights.

  49. Dear Debra,
    Thank you for your insight on the 12th house! It made me think..I have virgo sun in the 12th house, sun trine saturn 2degrees16 and sun conjunct mercury 10degrees11. Also Mars in 12th house. I feel like I should be a writer, researcher, painter.. but I hold it so close that it’s so hard to express! I am curious to know what my lesson is in regards to the 12th house and what my talents are. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • You’re very welcome. If you’re interested in learning more about your 12th house karmic lessons, get your hands on a copy of Cosmic Karma by Marguerite Manning. If it’s within your budget, a session with her will reveal your soul’s entire karmic contract. That said, follow your intuition and pursue what makes you feel satisfied on a soul level. There’s no reason why you can’t do more than one thing; the thing to remember is that you may not necessarily be doing them all at the same time. Choose what you love most, get started and 2013 will be a happy year indeed.

  50. Hi Debra
    I’m so happy when I found this article, it makes me feel much better since I’ve known about my natal chart. I’m Vietnamese, so my English is not good, hope you don’t mind If I say something wrong.
    I’ve known about my natal chart recently, and after reading the whole thing they wrote about myself, I was really depressed, here is my natal chart :;rs=3&nhor=1

    They said something like : “The Sun was in your twelfth house at the time of birth. This may indicate a life full of limitations, obstacles, and human opposition” “Your mind is over-enthusiastic in regard to philosophic or religious subjects, with a strong tendency for emotion to over-shadow reason – to allow impulse and emotional desire to overrule your rational principles.
    Unless you are able to exercise a great deal of self control, this position may incline you to break away from all the religious and philosophical teachings you received in childhood and to adopt, in the extreme, a libertine manner of expression which will be far removed from any accepted ideology.”( My Ascendant is in Scorpio, Mars in the Ninth House)
    I think I’ll have a miserable life, and somehow I can become a dangerous person with the “…a libertine manner of expression which will be far removed from any accepted ideology.”
    I keep telling myself that “Someone is lucky, someone is not, so there’s nothing to worry about, it’s normal”, but I can’t pretend that I’m happy with my destiny, after reading this, I began to feel more confident, thank you so much Debra! I will continue to hope and love myself everyday, and live a meaningful life!

    • For some reason I can’t see your chart but even so do not take to heart what you’ve been told. Mars in the 9th can have strong political or religious opinions but it also bestows a thirst for knowledge that includes expanding horizons through travel. It can also be an excellent advocate / attorney. Depending on the rest of the chart, there might be a need to curb your enthusiasm – think things out before acting – but Mars in the 9th can be a very good placement.

      • Wow! Thank you so much for your comment, you’re really sweet Debra!

  51. Dear Debra,

    Your writing definitely gives hope to all of us with sun in the 12th. Thank you for sharing your insight through this article. Does having Sun, Venus and Mars all in Pisces in the 12th the reason of feeling doomed in love? Or does having strong planets such as pluto and saturn in opposition to the moon what indicates all these restrictions? My moon and rising both in warrior Aries, i feel want me to find that fire i so desire in my life. I just dont know how, at 31 you would think i’d be placed in the right path with a sense of what i want in life but i don’t. I don’t know what my gift is, i dont know what my passions are and i find very difficult to express myself. Just a bit of light of guidence will mean the world to me. Will definitely look for the book you recommend. :)

    • Venus in the 12th indicates that yes, you came here to learn about relationships and yes,forging healthy intimacy relationships can be problematic because your soul isn’t experienced in that area. However, Venus is exalted in Pisces – in other words this placement brings out the best of both the planet and the sign. Look to the aspects to your Venus to learn more about your approach to romance as well as money. Also, Venus rules values and self-esteem, so in the 12th one usually needs to work to develop it. Pluto and Saturn opposing the Moon can be challenging in personal relationships, oftentimes manifesting as a fear or distrust of others or a tendency towards depression, but can be very good for professional success. In terms of what your gift is, what are the things that make you happy when you’re engaging in them? If it’s something that would be impractical as a career, then look to the elements or skills involved that you enjoy and consider other things that utilize. So often we don’t know where our gift lies because we haven’t been exposed to those fields, jobs, etc. Finally, look at the signs and house placement of the nodes. Your south node is the familiar, the comfortable, where we tend to start out. The north node is where our soul (eventually) intends to go. Then look at the rulers of the nodes (e.g., if the north node is in Gemini, the ruler is Mercury, and Jupiter would be the ruler of the south node in Sagittarius), and their placements – that will fill in the rest.

  52. Debra,
    Thank you so much for such a great post! I have Sun (Aries), Moon (Pisces) and Planet of Fortune (Aries) in 12th house. My AC is in Taurus. My sun is opposite Pluto (Libra, 6th house) and square MC (Capricorn). Moon is sextile Venus (Taurus 1st house), sextile Chiron (Taurus, 1st house), sextile MC (Capricorn), square Neptune (Sagittarius, 9th house), square True node (Gemini, 3rd house), quincunx Pluto (Libra, 6th house) and quincunx Saturn (Scorpio, 7th house). I have been unhappy in the past, I have been unemployed for a long time, and although I feel I have so much creativity in me, I can’t seem to find a way to express it. I think I have a gift for writing but I wonder if I have any other talents,too. I often start a writing or other creative project but can’t get to the end. I wonder when it will be time for me to bloom. I wish you a good day.

    • Look at your chart, and if you have an preponderance of planets in mutable or cardinal signs, you’ll get your ideas into action but will need to work at “staying the course.” That aside, your Moon squaring Neptune is very creative (mutable signs) but may be easily discouraged / distracted. Whenever Neptune is a player, one must consider whether there’s a subconscious issue at work; specifically, self-sabotage. Whenever we fail to do something that by all accounts would be beneficial for us, it is a self-defeating action. The most common cause I’ve come across is a fear of success that’s rooted in a fear that one really isn’t good enough. Saturn in the 7th – which I share with you – is a tough taskmaster because the 7th is not only our mates and best friends, but our competitors and dealings with the public in general. Wherever Saturn is, we feel “less than” and need to work harder;but Saturn does reward and if we do the work and stay the course, we can eventually become experts in that area with the ability to teach/help others.

  53. Debra, you must be an especially kind and generous soul to have written this beautiful and constructive post and to have followed up with answers to so many commenters. I just want to thank you. I am struggling so much right now and this has given me some much needed hope. Bless you.

    • Lisa, thank you for your kind words.

      The inspiration for this post came from years of counseling 12th house Suns who were beating themselves up. On February 15th, I am launching The Astrology Salon with a free event, and as a result of the ongoing response to this article, I am including a “12th house” discussion room.

  54. Debra, i appreciate greatly you took time to answer to my comment. Astrology fascinates me, it’s my comfort zone, i lean on it to learn about myself and for guidance because for the most part i feel lost in my life. My venus in 12th is unaspected, my north node in Leo ’10 in the 5th, ruler of my 5th again in the 12th. Is it correct to say this position suggests the need to express love and creativity to find myself?

    • Yes. However, keep in mind that an unaspected Venus is not influenced by any other planet and is not integrated with any other planet. Integration is key here. When Venus is unaspected, it often goes one of two ways (and can alternate). On the one hand, the person can be self-sufficient to the point of being a loner, and on the other hand, the individual can be hooked on giving/receiving affection but no matter how much is given, one still feels empty. So, balance is a key to integration. Look to the sign Venus is in for ways to help you express yourself creatively as well as to your Sun, which rules the North Node.

  55. I feel like I’ve always known this to be true, that we 12th house suns are all about hidden gifts, and it was really great to get an affirmation on that. How to actualize them is a challenge I haven’t surmounted yet because I don’t really understand my many karmic blocks. I am artistically versatile and hard-working but success is fleeting, and very rare.

    My sun is in Cap in the 12th, right on my south node and conjunct Neptune in Sagitarius. But Neptune is square moon/Pisces/3rd (same signs as Rita above). Also I have Saturn/Scorp/10th square Mars/Aquarius/2nd. My Saturn is also conjunct Pluto in Libra on the MC but I haven’t experienced any breakthroughs from Pluto, at least not that I’m aware of.

    It drives me nuts that the people I am closest to are always telling me I’m going to do amazing things some day, but in reality I never can seem to get a foothold outside my circle, and can barely keep myself afloat financially. I struggle with depression more and more as I age, but the cause is disappointment, not chemical imbalance. What really amazes me is that every time I search for answers or a healthy way to use my abilities to benefit others/myself, a resounding silence follows, no matter where I look, or who I ask for help, or what approach I take. To my surprise, I’ve become an unofficial outcast, not in the social world, but in the professional world. Funny thing is, I did very well in school and I have a bachelors degree. I have loads of Cap in my chart… but I feel like a goatfish out of water with its front legs tied!

  56. Hi Debra. Your article was amazing and serendipitous for me to find. Today I thought that hiding behind the veil was the best solution to my haunting, ongoing urge to “find” or “realize” in a very Gemini, intellectual way, what to “do” to make money as a self employed entrepeneur. I have a Pisces midheaven, a strong rebellious streak and a dutiful resignation to working in an under the radar way, although I just want to go out on my own and make money off some creative aspect of myself (fiction writing? teaching workshops?) ideas are a dime a dozen and I cant seem to bring them to life. Saturn just completed its 1st return through my chart, I am 29 years old, and feel ridiculously too old to still be having this kind of conundrum. Do you have any advice on a 12th house Sun/Mars in Gemini, with a Moon in Capricon and a Rising/Venus in Cancer? Not to mention a Pluto/Saturn conjunct in the 5th house of creative projects (which forms a square with Venus, which opposes Moon) I feel totally hopeless, aging, stuck, and this beautiful article just blew up my best “idea” in months (which was to engage in a creative or business practice NOT related to myself/ego) in a way… are you saying we 12th housers need to move into the ego realm and “get over” ourselves in a sense? Any help you can give would be amazing, thank you.

    • Your Saturn return is at the root of what you’re going through because in essence it’s saying: Hey, it’s time to become a responsible adult. Problem is though that Saturn can be rather rigid in it’s views and (at least initially) has difficulty grasping Neptunian/12th house visions and little patience for the “Gemini syndrome” of being curious (and usually talented) in many areas. (Yes, that’s my Capricorn Sun and Gemini rising talking.)

      First of all, your Capricorn Moon will never allow you to be content with mediocrity. You’ll get there quickly or slow, and your Gemini planets will either go along enthusiastically or be dragged kicking and screaming but that Moon will ultimately help you focus and achieve something substantial in this life. Your Sun/Mars conjunction yearns to compete and run with the “big boys” and at times nags you about getting out there because just as the Sun is meant to shine, Mars is meant to blaze a new trail.

      Besides the Gemini planets, your Pisces midheaven – the fishes going in opposite directions – indicates more than one career/calling in the lifetime, so for now you just have to settle on one and rest assured that you’ll get your chance to do the rest, and perhaps even some at the same time. Start with what you love the most. Your Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 5th tells me that there’s powerful and abundant creativity within you that you were probably unable to express when younger because you had to grow up fast and/or just didn’t have family support.

      To answer your question, it’s not about getting into the ego realm as much as it’s about not running away from it and/or denying it. In other words, it’s okay to bring these beautiful gifts out behind the curtain AND accept appreciation (and money) for them. From what you’ve told me about your chart, my feeling is your block is connected to a lack of support in life. My advice would be to give thought to how you feel about receiving things, including compliments and help from others. Can you do it, or is it uncomfortable? If the latter, the issue is a lack of self-esteem, which is probably the most common condition/emotional affliction but also one that can be conquered. I hope this is helpful to you.

  57. Hi Debra, great article! I am curious to understand the 12th house further. Pisces rising with Aquarius on the 12th house cusp and empty; however, Saturn in looking across the chart from the 6th house in Leo (an uncomfortable placement). Venus is also in Leo. Libra is my sun sign in the 7th house. Scorpio on the 9th house cusp with the planet Uranus residing. Would the 12th house be affected by the Saturn and Uranus placement? What would that mean as far as a type of service to others? Thank you!

    • I don’t believe the 12th house is affected by your 6th house Saturn. In my experience, I find that an absence of planets in a house doesn’t affect it negatively in any way but the presence of a planet (or planets) in a house raise that house’s importance/influence in the individual’s life. With Uranus ruling your 12th and dwelling in your 9th, your beliefs and convictions are your own and there could be talent for writing, teaching, spiritual or social work type occupations. With Saturn in the 6th, you need to guard against letting your sense of duty and obligation turn you into a workaholic.

  58. I have sun mercury in Taurus conjunct in the 12th house.. I really liked your insight … My Neptune is opposite almost exact my natal sun in Scorpio, 6th?? I am def a home body and stay under the radar by nature…how do I work thru with Neptune opposition? Any insight would be awesome

    • Sun/Neptune oppositions usually indicates some form of creative talent such as dancing, art, music, photography, writing and/or talent for fields connected to counseling. Generally speaking, this position is good for someone who works in solitude or in private meetings, one to one consultations. At the same time, the person can suffer from the “rose colored glasses” effect when it comes to dealing with others. It’s important that you pay attention to what others promise (e.g., supporting your endeavors, offering to do you a favor) and be aware as to whether their actions match their words.

      • Thank you for the insight. 12 th house issues have played out in my life strongly.. I married a man with a heart condition who passed in 2007.. My 12th house sun opp Neptune . He lived on meds.. My asc is Gemini 22, Gemini moon 25 and Venus 2 cancer, 1st house.. Leo ruler of 3 and 4. My mid heaven is intercepted Pisces with Virgo in 4th. My children coincidently are Pisces Son, and my 2 daughters Virgo. The girls were born on the same day a year apart.. Lots of karma.. .? I was wondering about my 10th house interception meaning 2 careers? I have always been supported and work for family bus.. Leo 29 on 4th cusp:) Regulus!! .and my passion is health, fit ess, lifestyle..?? 6th house Virgo stuff… Last year I competed in several fitness model comps.. The stage is not my fav but I love and live for training..
        Saturn is in my 11th, Aries … Any insight? I do love cooking and would love the write a lifestyle cook book

  59. Hi,there. I’ve been immensely compelled about the stellium in my 12th house which I’ve observed from my birth chart and I’m pretty sure it is playing a major role in my life,especially since I’m 20 nowand nearing adulthood. But still,I’m really scared about this – what if this will collectively lead to my downfall in life?

    During the time of my birth, the Sun,Moon and Venus coincidentally aligned in the sign of Cancer – all in the 12th house as well! Which kind of shocks me in a way. Is there any major significance of this overall planetary alignment?

    My Date of Birth : 1st July 1992
    Time of Birth : 8.47 a.m
    Place of Birth: Petaling Jaya,Malaysia

    • I have two friends with similar 12th house stelliums – one is in Taurus and the other is in Cancer. Both of them are accomplished healers (the Taurean practices acupuncture and expert in chinese medicine; the Cancer is a hypnotherapist and expert in herbs, vitamins and the like). When there’s such a large concentration of planets in any house, it means that everything ruled by that house (life areas, vocations, talents interests, etc.) play a significant role in your life, and over the course of your life. The “heads up” for you is to keep in mind that while Cancer is a cardinal (leadership) sign, it can often be reluctant leader. Placed in the 12th house, which is a creative, adaptable and retiring house, you may be hesitant at times to step into the spotlight or a leadership position. You’re also apt to change your mind or second guess yourself. As you get older, this will become less noticeable. With all that water, you probably make decisions based upon how you feel which may in your case be quite reliable. If not, or if at times you’re unsure, then write out the issue on paper, put it aside and look at it several days or even a week later and you will have the same objectivity that you’d have if you were listening to a friend who was seeking your advice. Like my friends, it may take you a little longer to discover your calling and in fact, you probably will be drawn to more than one and engage in more than one career or calling in your lifetime.

  60. Hi Debra,it is so nice to see a more positive spin on the 12th house.My life has been filled with the negative 12th house issues. I have my sun mercury and saturn all scorpio in the 12th.{I havent seen any other 12th house scorps on this post to compare} 1st house venus and moon in sag.Lately I feel like I am walking in a fog..cant see where I am going.Or more like a cocoon and I need to break free.When I was young I could write ,dance sing and act,but never had the confidence to become a professional. I am an much so as “If you are cut I bleed” I love studying psychology .Now I am older coming up on my second saturn I am stuck, I cant find employment in my previous career. I need direction. Thank you for any coments you might have.

    • You’re really feeling the pressure because Saturn is on its way to your second return, and your 12th house Saturn holds the key to your prison – which you’ve experienced as lack of confidence, fear, etc. – and to your freedom. Our natal Saturn asks that we become an expert in some area that the house it occupies rules, and until we do, we feel “less than” because as long as we’re trying, we’re not there yet. Psychology, or some other 12th house form of counseling, may be where you should be heading. Look to the house that Saturn rules in your natal chart as well as the aspects it makes in it for more information, as well as the house and sign of your north node. If returning to college or grad school is not an option, you may wish to consider other forms of counseling/coaching/mentoring.

  61. Hi Debra, it indeed gave a great insight into the topic. Thanks for writing it so beautifully, crisp and clearly. I had a wonderful childhood except for suffering humiliation for being a low caste. I lost my father at 18. Left studies mid way to join police. quit, did MBA and now on to my 9th job in 20 years that includes 2 years without job. had a house, a kid, sold the house, living together despite divorce. Never had any accomplishing or euphoric moment in life. mostly got what i wished for but only in hindsight and in a manner so as to not feel great about it. I got it only when others had got it already (something to do with ego bit). I cant be called a loser but was never the winner either. Into my forties but always find myself at the starting point.
    I have sun and mercury in libra in 12th house, venus and neptune in Ascendant, retro saturn in pisces in fifth house, moon in taurus in seventh and jupiter & mars in virgo in 11th house. I am perhaps on a wrong career path but it never occurred to me. Wish i had read this article 25 years ago.

    • Your Saturn in the 5th tells me that you have significant creative talent/abilities that were not allowed to blossom in youth due to outside restrictions (family, not enough money, etc.) With Neptune on the Ascendant, one can experience a lack of clarity in life that results in many changes or the feeling of drifting because what is achieved doesn’t really satisfy. Like the 12th house it naturally rules, Neptune is ego denying so the pursuit of goals for financial sake are usually unsatisfying or disappointing. I would be curious to know where Pluto is in your chart because your pattern of repeatedly finding yourself at the starting point – having to reinvent yourself – is a Plutonian one. Unconvincing as this may sound, if you’re at the starting point again, it means there’s an opportunity to start on the right path. Securing an income to meet basic needs come first, of course, but until you do use this time to consider what you would do if there was nothing to hold you back. The next step is to analyze why- e.g., is there a particular skill you enjoy using? what about it gives you satisfaction? Again, with Neptune on your Ascendant, the key is not to focus on what satisfies the ego but what gratifies your soul. No easy task but well worth the effort.

  62. Very nice article, I found myself a lot in it.

    What to make out of this?
    Sun(aries) and Moon(taurus) in 12th
    Mercury, mars and venus all in pisces and all in the 11th house
    Ascendant taurus

    3/30/79 7:15am vukovar, croatia

    I keep reading that counseling people in education is for me?
    Im chemist and chemical engineer by training but feel like it is not my calling. Many many obstacles in life so far…

    • Your sixth house – the job versus career/calling – supports a job in engineering and/or the sciences but your 10th house (career/calling which are not always the same thing) tells a different story. You are by nature an achiever, but like the person before you, you have a 5th house Saturn which tells me some creative talent was not allowed to develop in youth and remains unused. I agree that you would do well in education (teaching, training, guidance counselor, school psychologist) as well as any type of counseling field. Gemini on your second house supports earning income from a field that requires attention to detail (engineering) but its duality allows for more than one income from different sources. Mercury rules your second and sixth houses as well as your north node in the fifth, and that is the direction your soul wants to go. In other words, earning money through teaching, writing, speaking, counseling or some other type of creative self-expression that benefits people on a group basis. Mercury is in your packed 11th house, which speaks to a need to make a difference in the lives of others, and the fact that all the planets there are in Pisces reinforces that. Although Saturn quincunxes your Sun which indicates insecurity about the talents you believe you have (but probably don’t speak of), it makes a beautiful trine to your natal Moon which tells me you can do it. In a world where we need to earn an income to meet our basic needs, it’s typically not easy to go back to school or just start out on a new path. With such a strong 11th house, you may wish to consider volunteering in some capacity to get a taste of what teaching or counseling would be like, and if you do, I think you will feel like you’re in your element.

  63. Hi Debra,
    It´s very interesting to read your answer on the comments. You are so knowledgeable.
    I have a question regarding 12th house..With 4 planets in 12 house – 3 in Leo (Sun, Venus, Pluto) and 1 in Virgo (mercury) – is there really a chance to overcome the limitations and getting your talents known and out in the world?

    • Hello Ritah!

      I was so happy to see that you joined The Astrology Salon. I created a forum there called The Twelfth House and hope to see a lively – and helpful – discussion develop there in connection with bringing out the best of 12th house planets.

      To answer your question, yes, though I will say it’s certainly not the easiest path and for that reason it tends to be later in life. In your case, Jupiter (ruler of publishing among other things) is sitting at the very top of your chart as it’s getting ready to move through your 10th house – the house of career, calling and public status. From March through May, your natal Sun and 12th house ruler will be enjoying a flow of expansive and liberating energy courtesy of Jupiter and Uranus. Within that window – specifically 3/19 – 4/20 – you can expect some challenging energy from Saturn to your Sun, the purpose of which is to help you decide just how committed you are to goal. With Uranus and Pluto focused on your 2nd house Saturn (and fifth house ruler of creative self expression) at varying times from April through August, there can certainly be moments of serious self-doubt/fear but also great potential to liberate (Uranus) yourself from it for good (Pluto = irrevocable change). It can also bring amazing ideas but the key is that it may require you to radically change, or even forgo, something you’ve been attached to for a long time. Whatever this energy asks you to release is because it’s stale in some way and needs to be changed in order to be aligned with your soul’s purpose. Don’t resist and the energy coming up this Fall will help you make up for any lost time.

      As always, I strongly recommend visiting karmic astrologer website for information about her podcasts and books for insights into the 12th house.

  64. Wow, you’re absolutely correct about the 12th house Sun.(I’m an Aquarius sun with an Aquarius Mercury in retrograde in the 12th, with a 29 degree Aquarius rising.) I just turned 25 this year, and lately, all I’ve wanted to do is write and share my writing with anyone who is willing to give it a go. I’ve been writing since I was 10 (inspired by a dream—literally). It’s been difficult. Not only am I at odds with what is more important to me, sharing my stories and creativity, or going up the career ladder in my current job (I work as a CNA in a nursing home and been contemplating nursing school). Both of these things I really love, and if only there was a way to combine these two together! Not only that, but with my Mars conjunct my MC in Sagittarius, and with Uranus and Saturn in at 29 degrees Sagittarius in my 10th, I’m at a loss. Evidently, I am stuck thinking if I should go with my passion and dream (writing) or go with what I am great at (taking care of others). My sixth house is ruled by Cancer, the Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house.

    • With Aquarius rising, Uranus rules your chart and is in the 10th house and is conjunct Saturn which I am assuming rules your 12th house. Excellent placement for a writer or a nurse. Your 6th house ruler in the 8th is also excellent for a medical field or writing (the 8th house rules royalties, licenses, etc.). With Mars conjunct your MC, you are driven to achieve and it will never let you settle for mediocrity. Sooner or later, you will achieve a higher education degree which will not only satisfy Mars but will make your 10th house Saturn happy as well. But you’re also going to write. Right now you’re feeling that you have to choose – that’s Saturn telling Uranus to conform – but that’s not the case. From where I sit, it seems very clear. You continue your medical work (for now) because with cancer ruling the sixth house and your scorpio moon in the eighth, you get genuine satisfaction from helping others. Plus, it pays the bills and will eventually buy some wonderful independence for your Aquarius Sun. But, also continue writing because your passion (mars) is not just writing for writing’s sake, but your passion is to write to get published (Sagittarius) and get your words/message out there (Uranus in the 10th). It’s not an either/or situation. Yes, writing takes time, but no matter how busy we are, we all manage to make time for whatever or whoever we really love. My feeling based on the information you provided is that your chart lacks cardinal energy, so you have wonderful ideas and can see them through but may need help getting started or perhaps need some encouragement to also pursue a creative path. If that’s the case, let me encourage you and say that your chart holds substantial talent and promise for writing, publishing and to be honest, perhaps even pontificating ; ). With Saturn in Scorpio, it either has already, or will, be squaring your Sun and will in the future square your Ascendant. Those times are about testing your commitment, and when that time comes, you’ll show Saturn exactly what you’re made of.

  65. Thank you very much for analysis Debra!!!

  66. Hello! I have almost exact same astrological placements as Treygl: 12th-house Sun and Mercury in Aries and Taurus rising! But I have Venus in Gemini (1st house) and Sun conjunct Mercury.

    I was taken aback reading your article because I was never aware of such information. A lot of the information rings true to me! So thank you for this great read!

    It is true that I self-doubt a lot, and I often have the feeling of being overlooked and invisible. I secretly wish to be acknowledged and yet would feel uncomfortable and clumsy if made the center of attention. I feel the happiest and most life-loving when doing community service and social work, they’re a huge passion of mine. Not until 4 years ago did I discover my passion for music and anything creative and art-related. But then it may just be because I have too many interests in many different fields (I think I’m starting to see a pattern: interests in things that are unknown, unseen, mystic).

    I think too much (often philosophically) and have a very diverse range of expressions and emotions, which makes me sometimes wonder if a Pisces would fit me more. Yet no matter how bad some situations I’ve gone through, somehow I’ve always managed to adjust my thoughts and maintain my belief in the world’s goodness. I’m an idealist who thinks that she can help others see goodness in this world, too (and I sometimes doubt if I’m being too impractical, particularly when my parents are very displeased with me being so willing to help others).

    I recently develop an interest in Zen, Buddhist countries, and spirituality. And what I find the strangest is the fact that I think and reflect a lot about my childhood. I so often look back at it with affection, finding that so many things I do today have connections with it. By looking back at the innocent, curious-to-explore-the-world, and imaginative childhood, it’s also a powerful way for me to regenerate my energy and regain my belief in goodness in people and events. Oh, and I always feel enlightened and excited every time I learn something about myself.

    Do you think that a career in advertising (production) and media production (specifically entertainment industry) would be suitable for me? I feel like it has something to do with the characteristic I described above about feeling uncomfortable being in the limelight but still secretly wish to be acknowledged.

    I wonder if you would be so kind to help me interpret my chart here I’m new to astrology, but I’m learning and curious to learn more about it. There are still matters in my chart that I don’t know how they play out in my personality. So I would really, really appreciate it if you could help me! And thank you so much again for this great article!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. Since opening I’ve had much less time. Unfortunately the link to your horoscope has expired so I’m unable to comment on your chart and due to scheduling I can’t guarantee that I will get to review it should you post it again though I will be happy to do so, time permitting. For an in-depth understanding of your chart, I do recommend a consultation. If your interest is mainly your 12th house and/or vocation in-depth, you may want to consider a . That said, you sound like you are very attuned to your energies. Having the Sun in the 12th house does add a “Pisces influence” to your personality.

  67. Hi Debra, thanks for sharing your insights about 12th house suns. Like many of the commenters, I have been searching for insights about this placement for years, and am always grateful to learn a new perspective.

    Everything you wrote was very relatable! I feel like I’ve been burning through the Neptunian haze like a full-time job since my Saturn return 4 years ago. To some extent, I feel like I’ve been unwrapping my gifts for a lifetime. I’m getting there, though! At present, my business card reads “Visionary Artist & Interpreter of Signs”. If I were being real ballsy, “Metaphysical Detective” would be in there somewhere.

    I wonder… since we’re all here on Earth “to teach what we’re here to learn”, will all 12th house suns have the same underlying message in their healing gift to “shine your light”? That’s true for me, anyway. I’ve experimented with a wide variety of creative endeavors + healing arts, and I notice that’s always my main message to the world: remember who you are and shine your light!

    Now if I can just figure out how to bottle that revelatory process… 😉

    Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn in the 12th

    • Dear Lauren,

      Yes, because no matter where it is in the chart, the Sun is meant to shine. Sounds to me like your Sun is becoming comfortable in the spotlight. Keep going!

    • With a Geminin Sun and moon/mercury/South Node in Taurus opposed Neptune, all in the 12H, the ruler of my chart in the 12H and a balsamic sun moon, I can definitively relate to all this as well. All my life I have searched for who I am…All my life I have been interested in the soul and consciousness. My artistic talent like sculpting came to naturally, it was innate, although if I would try to control the creative process, it wouldn’t work. I had to let it come through my hands and heart, and only then did it come as a beautiful expression of something. As of today I do past-life regression therapy and soul journey to help people bridge the physical and material worlds and also help them find their light and shine it through! How precious to hear all your feedback. It’s very reaffirming and sweet. Thanks.

  68. My Cancer sun makes a trine to Saturn (8th house) and Pluto, but it’s the opposition to Neptune and Uranus in the 6th house that confuses me.

    Most people only know me by my Leo ascendant, but I’ve been swimming in a world of emotions my whole life.

    I might fit in the fields of healing, however I’m still so confounded on where I should go in my life – where I should go, what my goals are. Decisions are easy to make when it comes to other people, but when it comes to my own I do not know what to do.

    • Your difficulty with decisions for your own life purpose (Sun) is directly tied to your Sun-Neptune opposition. When Neptune opposes, squares or co conjuncts the Sun, there is a lack of clarity regarding oneself. The key to gaining this clarity is to artificially create the same objectivity you have when analyzing other people’s issues/situations. The advice I repeatedly give to my clients for this and other “Neptune afflictions” (e.g., Neptune in hard aspect to Venus creates this issue in connection to love and money) is to write out the issue (do not type it into a computer – write it out on a piece of paper). Write it all out – the options, the pros, the cons, the confusion. Then put it away somewhere and put the issue on the back burner for a week or two. At that time, take it out and read it. As you do, in many ways it will be as though you’re reading a letter in a “Dear Abby” type of column. That will help give you a clearer perspective.

  69. I really enjoy reading your blog. Very interesting topic the twelfth house. You have good insight on it’s truer meanings. ( I have the Sun in the twelfth house °0 Gemini trine Saturn °29 Capricorn ) I am very creative and talented in the arts. Mary Ann Currier told me I had natural ability when I studied life drawing at The Louisville School f Art. I also sing well. There’s a lot of psychic energy connected with the twelfth house that is never tapped. I’ve had revealing dreams and visions that have materialized for most of my life. It’s not unusual for someone to say to me “How did you know that”? and me to reply “I dreamt it last night”. Unfortunately I’ve found myself overwhelmed with anxiety and despair only to discover the next day that someone of consequence to me has died. Forgiveness and acceptance are important to me these days. ~ Lessons well learned ~May 21, 1961~

  70. Hi Debra! I’ve enjoyed reading your article and the descriptions have been resonating with me strongly. Having been born in the period of what they call the “Mega capricorn” I have my stellium in the 12th House with Sun, Uranus (Sun, Uranus, and Neptune are conjunct), Neptune, Saturn and Venus in Capricorn (Saturn and Venus conjunct my ascendant which is also in Capricorn with Aquarius intercepted in my first house), Moon in Gemini, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Leo, and Pluto in Scorpio with Scorpio as my midheaven sign. A lot of things went in my life relating to the 12th house, such as tragedy to my mother, distant relationship with my father, a sort of reversal of fortune but at the same time it was mixed with blessings accompanied by the house, and indeed using those gifts by the 12th House I’ve learned to change my perspective by seeing the blessing in every tragedy and that started to change my life. I’m in the process of blooming or transforming and the actions of the 12th house native should resonate more with his soul than the ego is one of the main themes of my life. I know the process maybe long but if the effect of this transformation and polishing will be for the long-term then let it be. With this bloom and future success, I hope I can shine light to others as well and I guess that is what the real purpose of the 12th House sun really is to serve and heal. I want to thank you for this article for deepening my perspective and understanding about the 12th House. :)

    • I’m happy to hear that you found it helpful. Look to your Lunar nodes and the placement and aspects of the planets that rule them (e.g., if the node is in Aries, then Mars is the ruler) for specific guidance into your soul’s gifts/expertise as well as your soul lessons/path. The insights from the nodes will help you better develop / express your mega Capricorn planets!

  71. It is also in Capricorn Debra and it conjunct my ascendant and conjunct Saturn. Thanks for this wonderful article again my view about the 12th house was brought in a different light. :)

  72. Hello Debra!
    I have a gemini sun conjuct chiron in 12th house. Sun opposite uranus and neptune in 6th house sigattarius.

    But i have mean node in a aries moon. I read that you writed something about that and mars then was the ruler?
    I have mars and marcury in 1th house in cancer by the AC axis.

    Please help me.. its very confusing

    • If your north node is in Aries, then your Mars is the ruler of the north node because Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries. Likewise, then your Venus would be the ruler of your south node because it is in Taurus and Venus rules Taurus.

  73. Hi Debra, thank you for your article. It is also nice to read all the comment. I feel a little less alone!
    My Leo Sun and Cancer Mars sit in the 12th house. Sun square Moon which exactly conjunct MC in Taurus. I think I’m feeling a lot this lunar eclipse happening in my 4th house, in Scorpio where Saturn retro + the Moon opposite my moon and square the sun.
    I’ve been struggling with the past 5 years to complete a doctorate (first saturn return i think), and now is the time to decide wether I’m going to complete it or not. So much emotions, feeling of not deserving it… Fear and anxiety rise as soon as I’m getting to work. It’s like my intellectual factulties are clouded by some underlying rage or anger, a feeling of being repressed and locked up in my own life. Is it possible that it’s related to that Sun and Mars in 12th house ? Maybe it’s also the saturn return. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 3rd house square my Mars, and maybe that’s why it feels so hard to move forward, to even start any action, and even more difficult to talk and express myself regarding it. My life seems like a souflé that falling back down, like any success so far turns out being just air. I feel like i’m falling and that the ground is hard.
    I link that emotional battle in my experience at university to the past, unresolved childhood issues, burden mother, probably past life karma. I feel like I’m an open wound, completely open so that I could look into it, hopefully heal it.
    I try to stay open to myself and hear what is happening inside of me, as I try to decide which course I should follow. I have to decide wether I am going to complete this phd. I used to see an academic tuition as a useful tool to bring positive change in the world. But I don’t know anymore. People say I should enjoy my life. Which is probably true to. People also say I should finish that project, which I’m to frightened to let go of (i think it represents security and social recognition more than anything).
    Dancing and playing music are what my soul crave. But… what if i also don’t shine nor feel fulfilled there.
    Thank you for your insight, and sorry for the lengthy, emotional babbling:-p

  74. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 3rd house square square Mars in the 12th suggests a pattern of frustration in your life. Wherever Saturn falls in our chart is where we feel a need to prove ourselves because we don’t naturally feel confident. While the 9th house may represent college and higher learning, the third house is the house of the intellect (besides education grades K-12). Add a square to Mars and you’re motivated but you feel as though you’re pushing the rock uphill. Still, with Mars in your 12th house along with your Sun, on a deep level you know you’re meant to play in the big league.

    Pluto squaring Mars demands a physical release – dance, run, kickbox, whatever – the more energy you release the easier it will be. This combination demands that you exert yourself and if you’re not blowing off the steam physically, then you have to do it mentally and the way that happens is through struggle connected to learning. Instead of allowing this conflicting energy in your chart to dictate to you (and this is a very dictatorial combo), turn the tables and choose how you will express it. As you express it through a different channel (physical activities or powerful writing), you will notice there is less of it connect to school. Good luck!

  75. Beautifully written article. Words ring true and very timely for me to take in right now. I have been deeply pondering my un-aspected 12th house Sun in Cancer for some time. Not only is it un-aspected but it is also intercepted in the 12th house. I have Mercury in Cancer 12th also intercepted. Leo Rising means that this un-aspected/intercepted Sun is the chart ruler!! I would say that Leo energy functions best in my chart through the Jupiter in Leo rising in the first and through my 5th house Neptune/Vertex conjunction. My karma in this life has been about ego dissolution and identity crisis…unbecoming vs self-actualizing, desire to merge vs desire to stand out, sacrifice vs self-absorbed tendencies, mystical experiences vs feelings of separation/depression.

  76. I too, have a sun n 12 th house . June 11, 1970. 6:15am Columbus , ohio.
    i wouldn’t even know where to look for talents because as a gemini I feel there is much that I CAN do.
    But sometimes to scared to act on it!!! i am feeling rutted . So, I have begun looking at my horoscope
    To try to answer questions aout what next???!!

  77. Hi Debra,

    This really opened up my eyes to things I have been avoiding and helps me deal with some issues in my life going on right now (take a risk on my passion or stay in a stable job and continue life behind the scenes.) I’d already made up my mind, but this helps me understand myself better.

    I can’t find much information about people with the sun in Pisces in the 12th house: what does that combination do… people say 12th house is very much like Pisces, so is that effect doubled? (my Mercury is also in Pisces, and my ascendant is Aries, moon Leo. My sun is also in opposition to Mars & Jupiter.) I do feel pushed and pulled, but when I feel something needs to be done: I can charge and do it!

    • The Pisces influence is stronger with a Pisces Sun in the 12th house but that’s not necessarily a negative because a Pisces Sun feels more comfortable in the 12th house than the rest of the zodiac. On the plus side, it may be more intuitive, creative, etc. but the down side is that it may be less driven to break out and shine. However, I don’t feel that’s the case with you because your Leo Moon simply won’t tolerate it and your Aries rising gets you going. Sun opposing Mars & Jupiter tells me you can get things done and rise to the competition when need be. If Mars/Jupiter are conjunct, it may come as a big burst of action. The key for you is to make the decision. After that, you can go like a house on fire.

      • Thank you so much, Debra! I appreciate your time in responding to the comments on this post, even so long after you wrote it!

        I have had a lot of thoughts and have made up my mind: so I think you are right. I am ready to go and rather impatient now that ive decided. Thanks for the insight!

  78. Debra, you are doing a great job and the aforementioned comments clearly validate this. I am not a 12th house sun, although my son is. He has his 12th sun in aries with taurus rising. He is very funny, restless, excited. But he is only 5 so I cant describe a lot, in regards to 12th house qualities. The ‘issues with the father’ association does concern me though.

    My virgo sun is in 4th house. I have chiron, venus and north node in 12th house, which is well validated although im not the fastest of movers. I only took an interest in astrology, natal charts in particular since december 2012 but have had a compelling interest since. The 12th house though isnt the most comfortable as sun in 5th from my understanding and I have yet to meet or read about a 12th house sun who has maintained contact with their biological dad. The dad usually walked out of their lives in the early years.

    A part of his chart also says ‘his parents did all they could to maintain him’. I dont live with him or his mother but I still see them. Im sure this isnt a psychic hotline but is there any good news in time to come, for the father-son bond? I have been more cautious crossing the road since reading 12th house – issues with the father. However, I hope he succeeds as a beacon of light for others. Its a wonderful thing to do.

    • From birth to 12, we’re basically expressing our moon. As we enter the teen-age years, we begin to “grow into” our Sun. Hence the rebellion because whereas the moon is emotional and security-driven, the Sun is ego-driven and seeks to express itself in its own way. That said, pay attention to your son’s moon.

      While many 12th house suns do have “father issues”, many do not. Much depends on the aspects to the Sun as well as the rest of the chart. If Leo rules his 4th house, then the Sun in the 12th connects to his early home life and may simply signify the fact that you don’t live with him, and in that sense are in the background (12th house). The condition and aspects to Saturn (which also represents the father) as well as to the 10th house ruler (Uranus if Aquarius is rising) also influence.

      My experience has convinced me that child-parent relationships are a soul contract that was agreed upon prior to our incarnation. Still, free will plays a role so even with some harsh contacts, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a strong bond or that the parent won’t play a significant role in his life. With astrology, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. When it comes to our own charts and those of our family, we tend to have blind spots and often see the negative. Although Pisces gets the “karmic sympathy cards”, its opposite sign, Virgo deserves them as well. And, truth be told, Virgo is a worrier. Your Virgo sun falls in either his 4th or 5th house and both are good.

      When you say that “a part of his chart also says ‘his parents did all they could to maintain him'”, I am assuming you’re quoting from a computer generated report. While I feel some of these reports can be very good, there’s so much that’s not considered/interpreted.

      The Sun in Aries does not enjoy being in the shadows. Rest assured, it’ll burn through the haze and blaze a new path. Expect to be there saying “That’s my boy!”

  79. Hi Debra,

    I absolutely loved this article as this has been the most accurate article I’ve come across about the 12th house. I’ve got Sun and Jupiter in Gemini in 12th house, what are the manifestations of these 2 in the 12th house?


  80. Hello Debra, Thank you for an uplifting article, I came across it when I googled in despair: How to make my 12th house sun shine, and yours was the first that came up.

    Astro first: I have Sun and Neptune in Scorpio 12H, cusp in Libra. Sun and Neptune is tightly conjunct, both also conjunct my scorpio Ascendant by less than 1 minute. The ruler in Venus in my 11H, closely conjunct Mercury, both squaring Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, 2H in Capricorn and Aquarius. Moon Libra 10H. Saturn is transiting my sun/neptune/asc this year and early next year.

    How I see myself is an artistic, intuitive, imaginative, non-judging and empathic person and very kind to others. Too kind sometimes, people take advantage of me, specially in my younger years. Now I have grown more and more introverted and I feel very lonely, isolated, and somewhat invisible. No relationship in over a decade, few friends, and all my family is far away with little contact. I have worked in graphic design before, but now as a nurse, also studying nursing. I think it’s the only place where I feel noticed and appreciated, and I enjoy the work. The graphic business was too competitive for me, but I enjoy making jewelry, painting and photography on my free time. Wish I could do it all the time, but I can’t live off it.

    What I want most for the rest of this lifetime, is a loving relationship. I’m still pretty, and some men want me and approach me sometimes, but they’re either too young or other inappropriate things. How do I get that neptunian fog to lift, it’s like it’s twice the usual amount? I really need my sun to shine, I feel like I have lived a life in shadows, with no chance to blossom in any direction, -artistically, vocationally, materially or in love. Oh and I have no fire. Except NN in Leo 9H, I have Mars in scorpio 1H, maybe that makes up for some of that lack?

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Irene,

      ou have a need to be of service which you’re fulfilling through nursing but you also have a need to be creative which you do in your free time. So far, so good.

      Your Venus-Saturn/Jupiter square suggests you came into this life to learn about relationships. You have a generous spirit and loving heart (square from Jupiter) but there may be a fear of being hurt or duped. The Sun/Neptune conjunction also contributes to this where you may attract more platonic relations with men than romantic. This may account for the introversion, especially with Saturn transiting the 12th. Similarly, you know you have creative talent and intellectually know that you deserve to earn a good living, but Saturn puts a damper on it. Your 12th house ruler is Venus, which squares Saturn. These are karmic lessons. (I know, what were we thinking on the other side!?_

      With Scorpio rising, Taurus is on your 7th and Venus – its ruler – is conjunct Mercury (younger men). Granted, you don’t want to be a cradle robber but since it’s in your chart, you may want to keep an open mind if you meet someone younger AND you really like them. I have a friend with a placement indicating the same and her hubby is 9 years younger and they’re married close to 15 years. I’m not suggesting it should, will or needs to be that extreme; rather don’t let a few years limit (Saturn) you. Venus rules the 7th and the 12th and also squares Saturn. Again, these are karmic lessons. Saturn delays but it also rewards. Venus is about self-esteem and again, there’s a part of you that’s confident (Jupiter squaring Venus) and a part that’s not (Saturn). In terms of influence, Saturn trumps Jupiter which is why you experience this side of it so strongly.

      I am curious as to how soon Saturn will get to your Ascendant, which marks a new chapter in your life and a time when people commonly get married, have children, buy a home, etc.

      As I’ve recommended to others when there’s so much karma, I feel you would do well to check out Marguerite Manning‘s work. Besides her books and her free podcasts, she’s actually offering a live skypecast in August where you can get a mini-read at a very reasonable cost. You can get the details by scrolling down a little on her Cosmic Karma Facebook page.

  81. Dear Debra,

    Dear Debra,,,, I want to thank for your willing to share all this wonderful information. It is so useful. I can feel more relaxed after reading all this comments here…. I will be so greatful if you can comment my 12th house too. Sun, Pluto, North Node in 12h house in Libra… Ruler of the 12th is venus and mercury in 11house. Born on the full moon

    27.9.1977 7:20 AM Banja Luka , Bosnia and Hercegovina

    i feal so exhausted to deal on and on with some kind of “underneath victim”
    of own matrix which is struggling with survival on the basic level. I’m learning every day to develop creativity that I can survive in general….. Is it ever ends this process, some kind of maturation on skyline :-)? I am particular interested in North Node in my case…. Is it support the Sun in my case or what is the purpose of this constalation Sun N. Node Pluto…..

    In advance thank you very much
    P.S. English is not my native language but I can understand very well even if my grammar is not so good

    Best regards from Czech Republic

    • Dear Dubravka,

      Pluto in the 12th house is not a comfortable placement because we feel as though we lack power or can’t get ahead. That’s because this placement suggests you weren’t allowed to in your past life. However, your north node conjunction to it tells me that you came back in this lifetime to set the record straight. At times it feels like a victim, always getting beaten down and it’s exhausting. Yet at the same time, you’re not ready to wave a white flag of surrender. Oh no, if you go down, you go down fighting! Does your north node support your Sun. Yes, it does because it indicates you are here to be a leader and shine. But how? With Sun/Pluto/NN all in Libra, you need to examine Venus (It is in the 11th house, which is a creative, intuitive, progressive house that is also connected to humanitarian causes and social reform. Whether it’s a career or a calling (they’re not always the same), working to help those who are victimized in some way will help you to release your feeling of being an “underneath victim.” It doesn’t have to be big, and it can be occasional and it can help people or animals or the environment. With Uranus in your first house, you’re a strong personality and Mars and Jupiter in your 9th indicate you’re an eternal student who has much to share with others.

  82. Hi Debra,

    Your post is amazing and gives lot of insight to the readers. Right now, am completely overwhelmed by continuous weird life events and looking for an answer in astrology. I never felt home anywhere, with anyone in life so far in my 36 years. Always felt distant with people and a very transient feeling. I have Sun and Venus in 12th house. Never really experienced true unconditional love in life. No parental love, no relationships, absolutely nil friends despite my friendly nature, had one divorce 10 yrs back and now in a shocking selfish second marriage. My major problem is I do not even know what to do next because I have no one to talk to, to lean on. I have a good job but I am suffocating in that job. My life lesson is not to have desires, not to expect anything, even speaking my mind is very wrong and I am continuously being humiliated by all the characters in my life. I am childless and am not worried about it. It is dead silence around me. Just silence., but its better; Sharing of thoughts end in pain.
    My date of birth April 6 1977; time of birth 07:15am; Place of birth Chennai (India).
    Sorry for the long post but only thing that makes me smile is yes to make others smile. I feel that compulsive need to help others but do not know how to express myself in that terms. Also I am deeply praying for one just one meaningful relationship. Do I ever have such a thing in my life or is it only loneliness I have to deal with throughout my life?
    It is really wonderful that you are replying even after years here.


  83. D.O.B : 1.7.1992
    Place of Birth: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
    Time : 8.47 a.m

    Hey Debra, recently went to someone who is sorta like an amateur palm reader recently just for the fun of it. Surprisingly though, whatever she said is highly indicative of my personality traits and potentials. And basically what I COULD be (does not necessarily mean I may turn out the way she said it, right?). This “fortune teller” told me that compared to most people I have a very strong and long life line – meaning I could live up to maybe 80,90 or perhaps even 100 (well, seemed to apply to my grandparents on both sides though this may not mean anything in my case). She also mentioned something about how I will not face any problems in my career but it is kinda weird that this line is so faint. Apparently it’s cos that even though I would be damn good at what I do and I am capable of being very powerful (or something along those lines), people won’t seem to notice how excellent I really am because somehow, I would be the type of person who fades behind the spotlight, working behind the scenes instead. Well, I am rather a private person. Plus, I have my Sun in the 12th house and the keywords describing this placement seem to match.
    I am a medical student btw.

    I would be traveling A LOT,according to her and the way I handle my finances is verrrryyyy weird. Like sometimes I would save wayyyy too much then later on I may be overspending like crazy but at the end the cash would balance out cos I alternate between these. Which is freakishly true about me as of recent years! I would starve for days on end to save money for college tuition but I have an eye for pretty clothes. Poof! There goes my debit card. She also did mention that I will face obstacles throughout my life but once I’d be done with each block,I will never undergo the same trouble again. Finally everything would stop and I will be in peace in life.

    To believe or not to believe? Cos I find palmistry a tad dubious but wanted to test it out just in case. But what this girl said eerily rings true. Dunno if she is a skilled aura sensor / psychic and tells me stuff based on what she perceives about me via instinct or whether this palm reading thing is reliable. At least astrology is more exact. Oh Debra, could you please tell me your thoughts on this? And could you please do a natal chart for me and tell me my characteristics and how I should approach things in my life based on my inner attributes? Thank you so much 😀

  84. Hi Debra, this is hands down the best 12th house article I’ve read. I have moon and Venus in Gemini in my 12th house but recently learned my Singleton Taurus sun is 4 degrees from my 12th house, square my mars and Saturn, opposite my Uranus and quincux my Neptune exact. Therefore I identify more with it as a 12th house sun, than an 11th house sun. Taurus is on my 12th house cusp. My MC is in Pisces so I’ve always struggled to determine what my gifts are and what my true calling is. What I do know is that people have told me I have a talent for music, dancing, decorating. I have started studying astrology heavily over the last year and have realized I do have some psychic tendencies and show empathic tendencies, being very sensitive to the people around me. Could you give me a little more insight off the bat where some of my talents may be or where my calling might be? I definitely have struggled with the self esteem/self worth issues. Thank you so much!

  85. thank you debra,this is very accurate and i’m grateful that someone finally reveals the truth!Before i was 13 years old,life was easier,more comfortable,however,as i approached the 13th year of my life,many things have happened,moreover,i had sun in capricorn in 12th house,i started criticizing myself severely,hence,i was so stressed and overwhelmed about everything in my life from self image to study stuff. Everything continued like that until i studied at high school and met many new friends,who are very supportive and great. Yeah,with all the mess around,i reached the peak of depression and gained weights. However,thanks to it,i’ve realized that i need to be happy,make more friends and be positive as i was long ago. Therefore,now i am a girl who smiles all day,positive and ready to face any challenge in my life with bravery.

  86. Dear Debra,

    Thank you for how you serve in the world.

    My Pluto is in Virgo in the 12th house. At 55 it seems like i have found my niche as Founder/Director of Creativity for Health- a compassionate sacred arts program for cancer patients; however, the monetary remuneration has yet to become balanced for the energy output.
    I’m using my investigative (Scorpio sun), social, pioneering new programs (Aries moon), artistic, detail/service orientation (Virgo rising) to hold safe space for others to become inspired, awakened, and transformed towards rebirth, wholeness, and healing. I am also an artist, as you can see by my website; however, my soul purpose (Libra, north node, 2nd house) is to assist other’s transformation, create beauty through my paintings to heal, and bring together disparate cultures through art/peace community social justice art collaborations. My birthdate is November 21, 1958, 11:45pm. Is the Pluto in 12th in Virgo a tough position for money?


    Bonnie Chapman

  87. Dear Debra, such a nicely elaborated and interpreted article. I kind of hats off to you for responding to everyone’s questions with such a simplicity and clarity. Great!

    I have Sun, Mercury, Venus in Gemini in 12 th, Oppossite to Jupitor and Neptune in Sagittarius in 6th and Saturn and Mars in Libra in 4th.

    Would really love to have your take on my planetary positions.

    Love and regards, Meghnand

  88. Hi, thanks for this wonderful article, Debra. I haven’t gone through all the comments, so sorry if this question is repeated. I don’t have any planets in 12th house, only have North Node (12th house in Cancer and South Node in 6th in Capricorn), which btw creates water grand trine with saturn in scorpio (5th house) and mrs in pisces (9th house). What would be your take on that? I’m also a 7 in numerology. I’m a very sociable person, but there are times I need space and detach myself only to be carried away with thoughts and daydreaming. I’m a scientist (Sun in Aqua), but also feel artistic, mainly musical inclinations, although I mostly keep it to myslef. I would also like to know if NN in 12th house and 7 in numerology mean I’m destined to be a lone wolf or I have a chance for love and family, which I really want. Thanks for your insight.

  89. Interesting article! I have studied astrology for many years, but, like others who have commented here, this is probably one of the most eloquent pieces I’ve ever read regarding the 12th House Sun.

    The thing is, for me, I’ve always had a strange battle going on: me vs. other people; what other people want from me vs. what I want from me. Of course, with so much subconscious ‘stuff’ going on for me, it’s hard to discern what I actually want anyway. My whole life I’ve asked, “am I doing the ‘right’ thing?” Essentially, am I doing the ‘right’ thing in God’s eyes? But that question has never really gotten me anywhere.

    I am a triple conjunct Virgo (Sun-Mercury-Jupiter) in the 12th House; all 3 of these planets also conjunct my Ascendant. It’s quite hard to find interpretations of Jupiter conjunct the AC in the 12th House. I have found two good interpretations of Mercury and Sun conjunct the AC in the 12th House, however.

    I am wondering what your thoughts are, Debra, on Jupiter conjunct the AC in the 12th House.

    • Forgot to add my birth info – 9/16/1992, 7:14 AM, Chester PA USA

  90. Hi, Debra

    I found your article really interesting!

    Could you help me find the Love of my Life, in other words my Half?

    I have Sun and Mercury in 12th in Aquarius, Venus in Pisces (Pisces as rising sign), Moon conjunct North Node in 6th, Jupiter and Mars also in 6th, Lilith, Saturn and Pluto in 7th, Uranus in 8th, Neptune in 9th (bd 02.02.1980/Bucharest/Romania; 09:01am).

    Thank you,

  91. Interesting that this article is from 2009 and yet, just at my solar return I happen upon it. What a great birthday gift. And a day early at that. The more I learn about astrology the more I want to learn about astrology. This was truly revelatory Debra. Thank you so much. Tomorrow, January 29, I will be 44 years old and feel exactly what you are writing about here. My light has been hidden for far too long. I am reminded of Christs’ words on the subject. It isn’t meant to be so. Light us meant to shine and to dispel the darkness. For me, I want to amalgamate all the gifts I’ve been given. Using my creativity with art and music to heal the wounded. I intuit that Chiron plays a huge role in this as well. Now in Pisces in my first house. Maybe I’m incorrect. Still learning. At any rate, it absolutely isn’t about ego. It’s about fulfilling the needs of the soul. Peace. And thanks again.

  92. Dear Debra, I just found your article about the sun in the twelfth house, and I almost cried. I have always had a hard life, and still has. I have sun and mercury in gemini in the twelfth house. Mercury has a negative aspect to Jupiter (10 house), positive aspect to Saturn (9 house), negative to Pluto (4 house) and positive to the north node (3 house). And the sun has a positive aspect to the moon (5 house). My north node is in Leo.
    I’ve always had a hard time finding direction in life, and have several skills such as writing, clairvoyance and singing, but not enough confidence or strength to carry it out into in life.
    I`m from Denmark, so please excuse my english writing.

  93. Hie there
    my sun is in the 12th house along with mercury and Venus..
    your article made me feel like it was soo about me…

  94. Hi Debra,
    I love reading your description of the sun in the 12 house, I have it. For the most part since I was a kid, my life can best be described as unusual. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I have faith something positive will happen. All my life i have worked hard both on a personal level and at explaining myself to people in hopes of having a better connection. Sometimes my insights seem to come from out of the blue, more or less i feel like i have done this all before…This is my first post like this, I take it that something you said made sense to me and made me decided to write to you. I am an artist struggling which way to go with things. Growing up I always felt like I just don’t belong here lol.

    (Sun conjunct Jup 12 house cancer, Mercury 12 house in leo, leo rising, Saturn conjunct venus 1st, moon conjunct mars in virgo in the 2nd house)

  95. Debra,

    this article resonates deeply and on so many levels. I have a 12th house sun in Gemini and as I get older (47) I find myself slowly coming out into the world to try to fulfill my destiny and share my creative gift (writing). I also have a progressed retrograde Mercury for another 5 years. It is so true that it takes so much energy to burn off the fog of Neptune. I have been writing a novel now for four years and every time I reveal a piece of it to a group or workshop I get incredible feedback but it takes every ounce of energy to keep moving forward. And as another NYC astrologer (Mike Lutin)said about those of us with a 12th house sun:
    In the end, however,
    nothing offered to you by life
    on this planet means as much to you
    as the intimate connection
    between you and an infinite Universe
    that produces the miracle of love.

    We are blessed with this immense gift and yet in this material and mundane world we find it so hard to motivate our own selves with the ego. It is a blessing and a curse but remembering the words above helps and finding this article gives me more reason to push forward. Honestly I can’t wait to see what it is like with the fog burned off into the ether and I can radiate. At the same time there is a terrible fear. But the days are coming. The cardinal cross has set so much in motion. There is no turning back.

    Thank you for this