Using Astrology to Enhance the Law of Attraction


Astrology and the Law of Attraction


queen of the planetsAlthough both natal and predictive astrology can be used to enhance one’s success with the Law of Attraction, its relevance tends to be completely overlooked by most people, and that includes professional astrologers.

To begin with, if you could know that you would be more likely to achieve success during a certain week or month, wouldn’t you want to be aware of it? Likewise, if you could know that you were more likely to experience delays, misunderstandings or tension, wouldn’t you want to be forewarned?

Of course you would, because such knowledge would give you a tremendous advantage. You would be sure to apply your greatest efforts during the “success” period, and you would prepare yourself for potential difficulties during “challenging” times. Well, the good news is that such guidance exists in the form of an astrologer who is talented in predictive astrology.

Similarly, if you were able to know that you were programmed to emit negative or fearful vibrations, wouldn’t you also want to know that so you could correct it?

Of course you would, and an astrologer who is gifted in natal astrology has the ability to provide you with such insights. So how does the Law of Attraction fit in?

The Law of Attraction is a universal law of vibrational energy that responds to the energies we are sending out.

The Astrological Birth Chart offers information based upon planetary energies that reveal how we are programmed to think and feel about money, relationships, family, etc. and can therefore reveal what an individual may be unconsciously attracting. In other words, it is a shortcut to discovering what unconscious emotional vibrations you are sending to the universe. Although an accurate time of birth makes it a far more effective tool, a birth chart just based upon the date and location can provide a tremendous amount of information.

The Law of Attraction can be consciously used to manifest abundance in our lives through positive thoughts.

If the Astrological Birth Chart indicates a fear of lack regarding finances and the individual has not addressed this issue, the person will have less success working with the Law of Attraction when it comes to manifesting money. By becoming aware of this issue, the person can transcend it by consciously working at it to change their pattern of thinking, which will enable them to create different outcomes.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law of vibrational energy that is always at work.

Astrological cycles are personalized timetables that indicate cycles of development that are in effect for defined periods of time in a person’s life, and they forecast themes that will likely become important during that time. Since astrological cycles represent planetary energies that are active in your life at certain periods of time, they can be used as a “vibrational forecast” to identify the best possible times for enhancing your use of the Law of Attraction.

In other words, whereas the Law of Attraction responds to your vibrational energies, astrological cycles reveal when those energies are the strongest, and they can also pinpoint life areas where you will experience the most success at a given time. In addition to personalized timetables, there are certain planetary cycles that affect everyone at the same time, and they do not require knowing your birth chart.

For example, New Moons signal a time of beginnings, and their energy is ideal for setting goals and intentions. During the two weeks following the New Moon, it is said to be “waxing,” which means it is growing fuller. As the Moon waxes, its energy continues to increase until it reaches its climax; namely, the Full Moon, which represents fruition. While the Moon is waxing, it is producing positive vibrational energies that can aid us in manifesting our desires.

So for those who wish to maximize their success using the law of attraction, my advice is to add astrology to your metaphysical toolbox, and if you happen to need an astrologer who’s talented in both natal and predictive astrology, I just happen to know one who is also very knowledgeable about the law of attraction.

Which reminds me – it’s time to update my vision board.


  1. love this article i use the law of abundance check thingy on the new moon… thanks for postin this article really enjoyed.

  2. You're very welcome. And I also do the "check thingy" on the new moon as well!