Predicting with Progressed House Cusps

When looking at secondary progressions, it is common practice to look at the progressed Ascendant and Midheaven. However, I find it very helpful in predictive work to examine all of the progressed house cusps.

In a natal chart, each cusp serves as the gateway into a house that rules certain life areas and activities. Houses operate in pairs, and the degrees on a house cusp will always mirror the degree on its opposite cusp.

Therefore, if the second house is 18 degrees of Taurus, the eighth house will be 18 degrees of Scorpio. The sign on each cusp describes the individual’s attitude and approach towards the areas ruled by that particular house.

Since house cusps are connected to the life areas and activities ruled by the house, it is important to note when they change signs by progression, because it heralds the beginning of a major cycle in a person’s life and describes the type of events that are going to unfold.

Whenever I see that a house cusp has reached 29 degrees by progression, a “red alert” sounds in my head because I know the client is on the verge of a new cycle. Oftentimes, the person is starting to feel that “something’s coming, something big” but they lack any sense of definition or clarity.

When the house cusps move from 29 degrees of one sign to 0 degrees of the new sign, the transition connected to the affairs of the affected houses actually begins.

For example, if the tenth (career) house changes signs, there is likely to be a career change, and since the houses operate in pairs, the fourth house (home) has also changed signs, so one’s home may be affected as well. For example, the person may be relocating for a new job or perhaps their commute from home is affected. Depending upon the person’s circumstances, it could signal they are going to retire.

Similarly, when the first (self) and seventh (marriage) houses change signs, the person may begin or end a significant relationship. It is very common for these house cusps to be active when people get married or divorced.

In terms of timing, my experience is that by the time a house cusp reaches two degrees, significant changes have occurred in the person’s life, and by the time it reaches three degrees, the changes are well established.

I have also found that progressed house cusps frequently indicate major events when they aspect natal planets by conjunction.

Finally, although progressions are an important part of predictive work, one must always consider the transits, as well as the natal promise contained within the chart, in order to render an accurate forecast.

  1. Wow, this is why you are "The Best" at what you do and the Princess of Predictive Work. LOL
    Love, Maria

  2. Why thank you Marina! I love my new title – now I need to make sure my head doesn't get too big for my new crown!

  3. I'm trying to learn Astrology, thank you for providing a simplistic explanation which helps bridge the pieces of my knowledge together. Glad to see you’re posting again!
    Seriita Montiel

  4. You're very welcome, Serlita. Astrology can get complicated (as you well know), but it doesn't always have to be that way. My goal is to make astrology more accessible to everyone, and while progressions are an advanced technique, anyone can get a "heads up" by noticing the house cusps.

  5. So what happens when the progressed 10th house conjuncts natal Saturn? Big career event I'm guessing?

  6. That's definitely a possibility. Another one is a big change that's connected to a parent. For example, your parent changes career or retires.

  7. Deborah, since you are the "Princess of Predictive Work", I would like your objective opinion. Last week I was fooling around with my progressed chart, looking to see when my Sun sign changed and my ascendent progressed to the next sign. I was struck by my progressed chart six years from now. My progressed ASC is at 0 degrees Aquarius and my progressed MC is exactly conjunct my natal Scorpio Sun and Part of Fortune at 24 degrees. New beginnings? Success? Status?

    What makes the plot juicer is that my progressed chart ruler, Uranus, is almost exactly conjunct my progressed Venus. Hmm.

  8. Progressed MC to natal Sun conjunctions frequently indicate success, and they can also denote a change of personal status – such as getting married or becoming a parent. The changing ASC/DSC in combination with an approaching progressed Uranus-Venus conjunction speaks strongly to a new relationship. If you're happily involved, then the most likely outcome would be professional success and recognition. What you need to do is look at the transits to your chart that year from Jupiter – Pluto and see if they show a similar theme.

  9. Thanks, Deborah. For the record I'm married now (that happened when progressed Moon conjuncted progressed Jupiter in the 7th). But I should point out that this chart 6 years form now has transiting Pluto square my natal Pluto/MC conjunction. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct my North Node in the 9th sextile progress MC.

    Time will tell!

  10. Having the MC involved in a significant transit is the type of confirmation one needs to validate the progressions (and vice versa). Squares are the energy that propel events, and without seeing the rest of the chart or transits, I would say you're going to either have substantial success in your career or you're going to switch fields and begin a new career, and you'll hit the ground running.

  11. I have been using to learn more about astrology. A while ago, while playing with the progressed chart. I found something super cool. On July 15, 2015. All my angles will progress to 0:00 degrees. All in Cardinal signs. I will have a libra ascendant! I will have both my progressed Venus and mercury conjunct my natal moon and natal vertex. My progressed vertex will be conjunct the progressed DC too.


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