The Attractor Factors

Group Of Five Teenage Friends Hanging Out In BedroomDo you tend to attract friends born under a particular sign?

Most people do, and there’s a very good astrological reason for it.

Throughout my life, I’ve attracted friends born under the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as many who have their ascendant (rising sign) or moon in there.

Why are these two signs so prominent in my life? The answer is found in my horoscope.

In the horoscope, the 3rd, 7th and 11th houses describe our relationships.  The 3rd house describes our side-by-side relationships, such as neighbors, siblings and cousins; the 7th house describes our committed one-on-one relationships, including marriage and business partners; and the 11th house describes our group relationships, which includes casual friends and acquaintances.

All three houses speak to relationships, but the 7th and 11th describe the people we call friends. Now it’s true you can be friends with your neighbors, but as you’ll see, depending on their role they’ll either be connected to your 7th or 11th house.

Since the seventh house describes all committed, one-on-one relationships, this house includes our best friends. These are the ones we confide in and share a deep connection. In my horoscope, Sagittarius is the sign that’s in charge of my seventh house; that’s why I have an abundance of Archers in my life.  Taking it a step further, Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius, and for me it falls in the sixth house of work and service. Where have I met my BFFs? I’ve met them all through work. Are they all Centaurs? Nope. Some of them are Fish.

In my chart, Pisces is in charge of the eleventh house. Now, this house describes casual friends, but in my chart it works a little differently.  Here’s why:  The planetary ruler of Pisces is Neptune, and in my chart, it also falls in the sixth house of work and service. While it’s true that I’ve met many casual friends through my work, in my chart Neptune is tightly connected to Jupiter in a conjunction. A conjunction is a powerful aspect that combines the energies of the planets involved, and since Jupiter is in charge of my BFFs, it opens the door for Pisces to be one.

Are all my close friends born under Sagittarius or Pisces? Nope, but many have the Moon or Ascendant there.

An interesting point to note is that besides the level of intimacy, there’s another major difference between 7th and 11th house friendships. The 7th house also includes our opponents, so some people born under the sign that rules this house may compete with you on some level.  Now, remember what I said earlier about being friends with your neighbors? If you’re close with them, they’re 7th house friends; if they’re acquaintances, they’re 11th house friends; and if they’re neighbors from hell, they’re 7th house adversaries.

When considering the signs that are prominent in your life, it’s important to remember that they may show up as an Ascendant or moon sign. Also, as you’ve seen by my 11th house, other factors in the birth chart can describe your friendships. For example, if Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) is in your 7th or 11th house, you may find that Capricorns play a significant role in your life; or if your Venus (which rules relationships) makes a strong aspect (connection) with Pluto, you may count Scorpios among your nearest and dearest.

Whether they’re personal or professional, platonic or romantic, casual or committed, every relationship in your life can be found in your horoscope. The key is knowing where to look for it, and the 7th and 11th houses are a great place to start!

  1. My eleventh house is ruled by Pluto and all my closest relationships have been with Scorpios and those with strong Scorpio placements. Funny, I'd never noticed that before, although I wondered why a Gemini would be so drawn to Scorpios.
    My seventh has the later degrees of Gemini on the cusp. I don't have any Gemini friends but I did get into a scrape with a Gemini a couple years ago at work and I continue to have a strong dislike of her. She's a double Gemini and I can see all those negative traits in her (so I've done some self examination as a result)
    I also have a very long time Aries friend with a Gemini Asc. and Venus whom I was once very very close with but her drug and alcohol abuse has caused a serious rift in our relationship.
    I was wondering. My closest friends all have or have had drug and alcohol abuse issues. Is that in my chart or just a result of growing up where and when I did?

  2. Although Pluto can bring in friends connected to the seamier side of life, check your aspects to Neptune and your 12th house to see if any connect to your 7th or 11th houses.

  3. My Neptune is in Scorpio (no major aspects to the seventh or eleventh)It is about five or six degrees away from the cusp of the eleventh, if that matters.

  4. Does Neptune aspect the ruler of the of either house?

  5. I got here via the Dispatch and just had to come comment. Very interesting article!

    My dearest and longest friendships have always been Geminis (and, in fact, I have a Gemini BFF I've known since we were 5), though Taurus is on my 11th cusp. I also have Chiron in the 11th, which I mention because…
    I'm inordinately attracted to Scorp risings who invaribly have my best friends' suns in their 7th houses, and it's definitely an unhealable wound scenario.

    Astrology is so interesting, and sometimes convoluted, but so scarily accurate at times. *laughs*


  6. Thank you for stopping by Genevieve (and thanks to Elsa for her wonderful Dispatch). You say Taurus is on your 11th – I'm curious as to whether it's in the early degrees (and Gemini makes up much of the 11th) or if those Gemini Suns fall in your karmic 12th house. T

  7. according to Astrodienst, in one section it says I have Jupiter (my 12th house ruler) conjunct Neptune. But the orb is so wide, like 10 degrees…both in the late 10th house. It seems too wide to be considered a conjunct to me. I also have Mercury (sign on my 7th house cusp, opposite Neptune. I think I read somewhere once to beware of treacherous friendships. I certainly have been disappointed by friends due to substance abuse and the self-centered behaviour that results from it. I love these people still and try to help but I don't confide in them as much as they do me. I guess I don't trust their judgment.

  8. I agree that the orb is way too wide for a conjunction. However, with your 7th house ruler – Mercury – being opposed by Neptune, there's the influence. Whenever we attract addictive personalities or "broken wings" into our lives, Neptune is usually involved.

  9. Wow, I've always wondered and have look at my chart but never saw that. Astrology keeps getting more and more interesting as the years roll on! Thanks again Debra

  10. We tend to not see things in our own charts. I'll never forget an astrologer friend of mine talking about my Pluto squaring the Ascendant. Maybe I saw it and was in denial, but it came as a surprise to me. Now if it was someone else's chart….

  11. Hello Debra! I stumbled across your blog while doing my own research in Astrology and I found it extremely infotmative! 😀

    I have Aries in the 11th but there are no planets in there. My 7th falls under Sagittarius with Uranus and Neptune conjuncting in it. My sun is in Scorpio which conjuncts Pluto and Mars in the 5th.

    My closest friend is a Scorpio sun and I feel like we are twin souls or something. There’s a cinnection there that neither of us could not understand. We were HS batchmates but we never talked to each other not until we were classmates in college. We instantly clicked!

    My other close friends are Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn and Gemini suns. (I don’t see the connection between Aqua suns to me though)

    Romantically, I attract Scorpio and Sagittarius suns but for some reason, I don’t seem to be attracted to those specific guys. However, I tend to be attracted to Cancer, Scorpio, Saguttarius and Aries men. I can’t figure out why I’m not attracted to those attracted to me.

    I’m a Scorpio sun, Pisces moon and Gemini Ascendant btw :)

    • The reason you’re not attracted to those who are attracted to you is because romantic compatibility is much more than the sun, moon and asacendant. The cross aspects between Venus and Mars play a significant role, as are connections from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in one person’s chart to the ascendant and personal planets – sun, moon, mercury,venus and mars. Likewise, where one person’s planets fall in your chart makes a difference. For example, if someone’s Jupiter falls in your 1st or 5th house, you naturally enjoy being with them because they make you feel good about yourself. You just haven’t met the right one yet but when you do, you’ll know it!

  12. Loving the website and comments! :)

    I notice I tend to attract Virgos (which rules my 11th house) and Tauruses (7th house cusp, Chiron Rx) both romantically and in friendship. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I (Scorpio) do not get along with Aries. It’s like World War 3. I’m betting its all the Scorpio in my chart, as well as 1st house dominants. Aries is also on the 6th house cusp for me. I have been doing temp work for years, HATE working, and am preparing to be self employed. I’m also wondering if I steer clear of Aries because it’s quincunx my sun. Either way, as you said, Debra, they make better business partners (for me) than they do friends.

    • The quincunx is definitely part of the equation, and if you have first house planets that adds even more of an Aries quality. When it comes to interacting with Aries, it becomes an issue of who’s the boss. Both Aries and Scorpio do well in self-employment as neither one likes being supervised or told what to do. ; )


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