Mercury in Pisces

After attending one too many Mensa meetings while in the brilliant sign of Aquarius, Mercury began to experience an intellectual overload. Knowing that his attention span could not possibly last another moment longer, and fearing that his brain would explode if it did, Mercury bolted out of Aquarius and into the gentle, artistic and spiritual sign of Pisces.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is known for imagination, intuition and escapism. Consequently, as Mercury floats along in the Pisces cosmic ocean, his creative abilities blossom, his intuition comes into sharp focus and he loves to daydream.

DaydreamingAs a result, we may be inspired on a creative level, feel motivated to pursue a spiritual path or find ourselves lost in thought as we dream about a wonderful new future.

Appealing as this may sound, it’s important to remember that while Pisces is a noble, idealistic and gentle sign, there is a duality to the sign that’s clearly defined by its astrological glyph: Two fish swimming in opposite directions: one descending to its mysterious depths; the other ascending to the surface.

Whereas its higher nature rules artists, healers and the ideal, the shadow side of Pisces presides over the addicted, the afflicted and the restricted. Pisces rules all that is hidden, nebulous and ambiguous and when expressing itself negatively, it’s the master of illusion, confusion and deception. Although it’s true that we need to first envision our reality before we can achieve it, it’s imperative that we remain grounded or we risk falling prey to unproductive thoughts, unrealistic fantasies and unsavory relationships.

As the natural ruler of the 12th house, Pisces is a mystical sign that rules psychics, mediums, past lives, soul mates and karmic lessons. Mercury represents the intellect, and by virtue of its rulership over the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and hands, it presides over the five senses. Consequently, while in Pisces, Mercury’s energy is highly attuned and well-equipped to communicate through the veil.

Likewise, under this influence many of us will find it easier to recognize messages from their loved ones, especially those of a Neptunian nature such as dreams and fragrances. It is also a highly supportive energy for developing our intuitive gifts, communicating with our guides, angels and departed loved ones and delving into past lives.

Finally, since Mercury rules the conscious mind and physical health and Pisces presides over the subconscious mind and emotional health, this energy is excellent for re-examining one’s overall health. By doing the inner work while in Pisces, Mercury is assured that he will be ready to move forward on his path when he enters the dynamic sign of Aries.

And as long as we follow his lead, so will we.


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