Mercury in Libra

After spending several weeks in Virgo, Mercury was ready to ditch his duty roster in favor of the social scene. You see, although he appreciates his immaculate and organized earthy home, Mercury’s airy side prefers life in the social butterfly’s house where he can indulge his curiosity and stimulate his mind through lighthearted relationships.

While in Libra, Mercury is charming, attentive and very well-mannered. However, he is also self-indulgent and can be rather superficial. Although he enjoys the intellectual stimulation and verbal repartee that accompanies a relationship, Mercury has little interest in delving into the emotional aspects of it.

In addition to her role as the ruler of relationships, Libra is recognized for her ability to provide impartial evaluation as well as her talent for restoring balance, so while Mercury is here, he does well to spend some time studying the fine and often fragile art of maintaining balance.

As Mercury tries Libra’s scales on for size, he finds that he carries them quite well because both his airy and earthy sides are known for their sharp insights and analytical prowess. However, while Libra is the sign of  justice, it frequently suffers from bouts of “people-pleaser syndrome,” and Mercury initially finds his need to communicate impartial conclusions at constant odds with Libra’s need to make everyone feel good.

Immersed in the sign of diplomacy, Mercury soon understands, appreciates and embraces the skill of tactful negotiation. He also recognizes and respects the responsibility and yes, the burden, that Libra’s scales are constantly – and solely – forced to bear in the zodiac.

Likewise, during this time we would do well to engage in objective analysis in all areas of our life, and when need be, deliver our truths – especially the hard ones – in a tactful manner because in the words of Samuel Butler, “It is tact that is golden, not silence.”