Venus in Libra

After spending the past few weeks in Virgo, Venus felt completely rejuvenated as she emerged from the Maiden’s house of health and self-improvement. Eager to resume her role as the most beautiful, balanced and popular goddess, she smiled brightly as she gracefully made her way into the most sociable sign of the zodiac: Libra.

As Libra’s planetary ruler, Venus is at ease in the sign of the scales, where her exquisite taste, impeccable manners and refined social skills have earned her a well-deserved reputation as the most gracious hostess in the zodiac. In short, Venus in Libra is unmatched in her ability to bring people together, facilitate groups and create harmony.

Although she enjoys being a social butterfly, Venus in Libra craves one-to-one relationships and is more comfortable, confident and productive when she has a partner. This isn’t because she can’t go it alone. After all, Libra is a cardinal sign with proven leadership ability. It’s just that as the mistress of the 7th house of relationships, she’s motivated to engage in all types of unions; and as the planet of love, she’s partial to romance.

Of the 12 possible sign placements, Venus in Libra is the one that most enjoys courtship. She appreciates ambiance, welcomes romantic gestures and takes delight in being wooed. She truly values the support and companionship that comes with having the right partner, and when she loves and is loved in return, she feels as though she can handle anything that life could possibly throw her way. She’s also in it for the long haul. As the 7th house ruler, Venus in Libra is a fan of marriage vows and will move on if she believes there’s no wedding band in her future.

When it comes to love, “you before me” is Venus in Libra’s mantra as she’s quick to cooperate, accommodate and put her partner’s desires ahead of her own. Although her intentions are good, if she’s not careful her eagerness to please her partner can inadvertently create a pattern where her own desires are routinely delayed or even denied.

When it comes to money, Venus in Libra is good at earning it and even better at spending it.  While some may consider her vain or self-indulgent, Venus in Libra firmly believes you can never underestimate the importance of a good impression, and she usually has the credit card bills to prove it.

While in the sign of the scales, Venus has the opportunity to weigh her actions and make appropriate adjustments. In short, she has the chance to establish boundaries and budgets that will create more balance in her life. If she does, she’ll soon experience a steady flow of peace, harmony and love in her life.



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