Mercury in Aquarius

After spending several weeks in Capricorn’s orderly, practical and status-conscious 10th house, Mercury was ready to bid farewell to the sign of the Seagoat.

Eager for a change of pace, he headed straight into Aquarius where he could think outside the box, color outside the lines and experience the joys of life as a non-conformist.

Aquarius is the sign of Mercury’s exaltation, which means that whenever the planet of intellect is dressed in the water bearer’s flowing robes, his virtues are magnified and he displays his abilities in a profound and distinctive manner.

Likewise, during this time you may feel inspired to push your intellectual boundaries and discover – or rediscover – our own unique brilliance. Since the water bearer is also the ruler of humanitarian and revolutionary causes, some of you may become involved in a humanitarian effort or a sociopolitical cause.

Above all, Mercury in Aquarius can help open your mind, liberate your thoughts and grant you a clear vision of a better tomorrow.


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