Mercury in Cancer

MercuryinCancerAlthough he loved being in Gemini, Mercury’s restless spirit inspired him to leave the comfort of his own sign and continue to explore the rest of the zodiac. As it happened, the next stop on his celestial itinerary would put his renowned adaptability to the test as he spent the next few weeks drenched in the sensitive, intuitive and emotional waters that Cancer calls home.

An intellectual in every sense of the word, Mercury filters the world through an analytical lens and experiences life through the head.

In contrast, Cancer views the world through an intuitive lens and experiences life through the heart.

As a result, Mercury finds conversations under Cancer’s roof uncomfortable.

In fact, the airy side of Mercury feels like he’s drowning the first time he’s drenched in Cancer’s emotions. However, once he catches his breath and realizes that his head is securely above the water, he’ll adapt to his environment.

One of the first things Mercury realizes is that though their style may differ, both he and the Crab have a reputation for being changeable. Just as he is repeatedly accused of being fickle by the rest of the zodiac, Cancer is routinely described as being moody. As a result of this shared experience, he feels a sense of camaraderie with his neighboring sign, and to his surprise, this type of feeling actually feels quite good.

Eager to learn more, Mercury dives in and starts to experiment by blending his intellect with Cancer’s diverse set of Moon-inspired emotions. As he does so, he comes to understand that the lesson here isn’t just to strike a balance between logic and emotion; it’s about reconciling intellect with intuition so they can work together in a most productive partnership.

By the time his visit here has come to a close, Mercury will be ready to wring out his clothes, polish up his wings and head towards the warmth of the Sun. As luck would have it, his next stop is Leo, where he can bask in its glow as he proudly expresses his newfound insights.