Griffith v. Banderas: Antonio’s Side of the Astrological Story

Divorce and separation

Now that I’ve discussed  Melanie Griffith’s chart (click here), what planetary influences speak to the demise of Antonio Bandera’s marriage?

Although born in different years, Antonio’s Leo Sun is just one degree higher than Melanie’s, which means in recent months he too experienced a challenge to his identity courtesy of Saturn. In fact, he’s experiencing it again right now, and it follows on the heels of Saturn’s challenge to his natal Uranus, suggesting a clash of wills with  someone intent on gaining control.

However, the telltale sign in his chart describing divorce is that transiting Neptune (planet of dissolution) is opposing his descendant (cusp of marriage).  Add in a conjunction from transiting Pluto to his natal Saturn, and it’s clear that a major –  as well as  inevitable – transformation is underway.  This transit is usually connected to some type of loss, and with Saturn placed in Antonio’s eleventh house, the end of this marriage may also bring an end to a dream. Fortunately for him, Pluto ultimately replaces what it takes with something better, and with the April 29 eclipse strongly supporting his Saturn, it’s safe to say that promise will be kept.

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Although it’s to a  lesser degree, Antonio’s Sun is also under a liberating energy from Uranus, suggesting that on some level he welcomes this change. When one takes a look at some of the past planetary influences  to his chart, it’s clear that that this marriage has been fading for some time.  With transiting Neptune opposing his natal Pluto, the planetary significator of his second spouse which is Melanie, since as far back as the spring of 2013, it seems that the erosion has taken its toll.

Eclipses have also played a role in Antonio’s chart.  In fact, the beginning of the end can be traced back to last year’s lunar eclipse on April 25.  Like the solar eclipse that activated Melanie’s chart, this eclipse occurred in Scorpio, the sign of birth, death and transformation.   In this instance, it landed  on Antonio’s Neptune, which as the ruler of his Pisces Ascendant, signifies him personally and fell in his eighth house (intimacy, marital resources). As it did so, it also made a quincunx (adjustment) to his natal Mars (action, passion) as well his Moon (home, family, security), thereby forming a configuration known as a yod, which may have stirred up issues connected to intimacy,  communications, feelings and security, and if so, the May 25 lunar eclipse in Sagittarius squaring (challenging) his descendant (marriage cusp) likely brought them to a head and out into the open.

Now, as I said before, marriage and divorce show up in a couple’s composite horoscope, so click here to see how  it shows up in Antonio & Melanie’s composite chart.


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