Melanie Griffith & Antonio Banderas: Is the Fault in Their Stars?

Just as Mercury prepared to station retrograde, it was announced that Melanie Griffith had filed for divorce to undo her 18-year marriage to Antonio Banderas. Although some were shocked by this turn of events, it’s no surprise once you look at their respective horoscopes.

Since marriage and divorce aren’t solo events, whether a couple is tying or unraveling the knot, it will show in the individual charts as well as their composite (merged) chart.

So does that mean the fault lies in their stars? Let’s take a look.

This past fall, Melanie’s natal moon  (home, family, security) was challenged by Saturn in a way that suggests an emotional or domestic crisis. At the same time, her Moon was the recipient of some very hard energy from a solar eclipse.  Whether they’re lunar (full moon) or solar (new moon), eclipses can be game changers, and while as a solar eclipse, this one spoke to new beginnings, it took place in Scorpio, the sign of birth, death and transformation. Along with Saturn, this eclipse also activated her north node, a point of fate that suggests she would be faced with a significant life decision.

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In December, Saturn made the first of its squares to Melanie’s natal Sun. Transiting Saturn is our astrological reality check, and when it  confronts our Sun in this way, it’s challenging our identity and demanding that we take a long, hard look at our life and the present consequences of past decisions.

Shortly thereafter, Saturn  briefly conjoined her descendant (relationships including marriage) and began to test her seventh house. When Saturn tests us, it does so to help us define what’s working in our lives and what needs to be changed. When it tests the seventh house, it’s time to examine our  one-on-one relationships and take corrective action regarding any that seriously limit us or fail to meet our needs.

On April 29,  Melanie’s moon and north node were once again activated by a solar eclipse. This one was  in Taurus, the sign that rules who and what we value, including ourselves. Fast forward to present day, and transiting Saturn, moving retrograde motion, is again squaring her natal Sun and motivating her to make a decision about her life.  Meanwhile, transiting Uranus (freedom) is sending liberating beams to her Sun (individuality and self-expression) in her fourth house of home while it forms a quincunx (adjustment) to Melanie’s Venus, because besides representing love and affection in general and falling in her fifth house of romance, it also happens to be the planetary significator for her fourth husband: Antonio.

Finally, with transiting Pluto, the planet known, loved and mostly feared for transforming whatever it touches, trining (supporting)  her natal Mercury (communications) in her fifth house of romance, Melanie Griffith signed the complaint and pulled the plug on her marriage.

As I said earlier, marriage and divorce aren’t solo events.  So what does Antonio’s chart show?  Click here to read all about it.

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