Transiting Neptune Retrograde

It bewilders. It beguiles. It can be a visionary. It can be a fraud.

In its highest form, Neptune is the planet of intuition, inspiration, and spiritual awakening; and in its lowest form, it is the planet of illusion, confusion and deception.

While Neptune is retrograde, it signals a time when we are being guided to distinguish between genuine vision and  self-deception.

Of course, once we do, we will find ourselves faced with a critical choice. We can either acknowledge and accept responsibility for our mistakes, character flaws, and misguided beliefs, or we can continue to deny their existence.

If we choose clarity, we must embrace our bad judgment, self-delusions and misplaced faith and own them so that we can release them along with any associated feelings of regret, shame and inadequacy that have been inhabiting, inhibiting and diminishing our psyche.

On the other hand, if we choose to continue drawing our strength from the murky depths of Neptune’s intoxicating waters, we will continue to be shielded by its haze. However, even Neptunian illusions can’t last forever, and sooner or later Saturn, Uranus or Pluto will come along and  destroy the fantasy.

And that’s when we’ll realize that we aren’t just wandering; we’re actually lost.

Fortunately, despite its nebulous energy this period offers a clear path, but it takes courage to find it. As the natural ruler of the 12th house, Neptune doesn’t give up its secrets easily. It shrouds them in its mysterious, misleading fog and insists that we look beyond our ego and into our soul before it will allow us even a glimpse of its coveted, and highly classified, illumination.

The choices we make while Neptune is retrograde will determine whether we’ll experience it as a visionary or as a fraud when it goes direct.

As always, the decision is ours to make.