Joan Rivers (1933-2014)

at the Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Event, Avalon, Hollywood, CA 02-26-14

“I succeeded
by saying what everyone
else is thinking.”
– Joan Rivers

Despite being 81 years old, the death of Joan Rivers came as a shock to most people. Perhaps part of the reason is that the self-proclaimed queen of plastic surgery was undergoing a minor surgical procedure on her vocal chords when she suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest.

I’ve always been a big Joan Rivers fan, and as much as I hoped she would pull through it, from the moment I heard it, I didn’t feel she was going to survive. In fact, I felt certain that Melissa Rivers would be making an announcement on September 4 that Joan Rivers had passed.

Why? Because I track the moon, and I knew when the transiting moon contacted Joan’s natal moon, the situation was going to come to a head, and Joan Rivers was going to make her transition.

Joan Rivers was a true full moon baby with a Sun and Moons less than 1° apart from being perfectly exact. This is so significant is because when the transiting moon opposed her natal Sun and created a personal full moon, it also made a conjunction to her natal moon and triggered the full moon in her chart.

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Now, just like every other month in which it occurred, this would be followed by the transiting moon’s entry into Capricorn on Wednesday at 6:15 PM EDT. When the moon passes through your Sun sign, you’re in the spotlight, and since Melissa Rivers is a Capricorn, it was clear to me she would be making an announcement on Thursday, and it wouldn’t be good news.

Why? Because full moons are associated with decisions, conclusions and endings, and although the transiting moon had been doing this on a monthly basis for more than 81 years, this time it would occur under very different circumstances.

This time, it would occur while:

Transiting Neptune was in her 12th house and opposing (a stressful aspect) her natal Neptune in the 6th house, while at the same time making a trine (an easy flow of energy) her 4th house cusp;

Transiting Uranus was making a quincunx to her natal Mars/Jupiter conjunction in her 6th house;  and

Most of all, it would occur while she was on life support.

The 6th and 12th houses represent the axis of health, and the minor aspect known as the quincunx is known for signifying health-related issues. Neptune and the 12th house rule hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals and anesthesia, while Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected or shocking events. With Aries rising, Mars is the chart ruler and represents Joan in the horoscope. The quincunx from Uranus to Mars describes the unexpected health issue she experienced. Mars is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and as it was simultaneously quincunxed by Uranus, it  exacerbated the situation.

Neptune also rules things that are hidden, and with transiting Neptune active in Joan’s chart during her surgery and at her death, it came as no surprise that the NYS Department of Health has launched an investigation or that the coroner’s office issued a statement saying the cause of death is inconclusive and requires further testing.

As the transiting moon continued on its way through Capricorn, it made a conjunction to Melissa’s natal Sun, thereby creating a personal new moon in her chart. New moons represent beginnings, and beginnings often follow endings. Now that her mother and best friend is gone, Melissa Rivers and her son Cooper must begin to create a new life.

Given Neptune’s influence, perhaps it was an undetected medical issue or an allergic reaction to the anesthesia or medication that was administered during surgery.

Then again, perhaps it was simply time for her soul to return home.

iStock_000009004731SmallWith Uranus in her 1st house, Joan Rivers lived life on her own terms.  She never gave up, and she never apologized for any of her jokes.

While she made her transition peacefully, the circumstances surrounding her death ensured that she didn’t go quietly.

One can only begin to imagine the red carpet that must have been rolled out for her.


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