Venus in Cancer

After several weeks of non-stop activity in Gemini, it was time for Venus to check out of the sign of perpetual motion and into the cozy, soothing and nurturing atmosphere that Cancer calls home.

Thanks to her rulership of Taurus, Venus has an earthy side that enjoys  a comfortable home, hearty meals and well-stocked cupboards. Although she appreciates comfort foods, Venus in Cancer will never be a domestic goddess like the Moon because the she-crab’s aprons are a bit too rustic for her style. Still, while she’s immersed in this domestic and family-oriented sign, she shares many of the Crab’s values. Consequently, she may find herself browsing the real estate section, reading home and garden magazines and daydreaming about the pitter-patter of little feet.

While it’s true that Venus can be flirty and hard to pin down, while in Cancer she’s devoted, steadfast and in it for the long haul.  The Crab is nothing short of tenacious, and while Venus is here she can be possessive and more than a bit clingy. Although she has the best intentions, her need to nurture and take care of her partner can make independent and self-sufficient types feel smothered. However, for those who share her level of commitment and appreciate her attention, love can last from here through eternity.

As the planetary ruler of money, Venus has a strong interest in finances. Since Cancer is a frugal sign, Venus thinks twice before splurging and believes in saving for a home, emergencies, retirement and numerous rainy days. While here, she’s extremely security-minded and will review her savings plans, reconsider her investment strategies and shop in bulk.

Since Cancer has some rulership over the past, Venus tends to be nostalgic whenever she visits the Crab. Likewise, during this time you may find yourself reminiscing about old friends and former flames. Just remember that if the past starts tapping on your shoulder or tugging on your heart, it’s perfectly fine to go back for a visit as long as you remember that memory lane tends to be littered with selective memories.



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