Mars Triggers Turkish Coup

Breaking news:  President Erdoğan urges the public to take to the streets as the military makes an attempt to seize control of the Turkish government.

Welcome to the continuing aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto squares.

Here’s the astrology behind the coup:

Transiting Uranus (anarchy, revolution, chaos) is opposing (confronting) Mercury and Saturn in the nation’s chart.

turkey-horoscopeMercury is significant because it rules the nation’s 4th house (the masses) as well as its 12th house (secret groups). Saturn rules its 7th house (national disputes that affect the public ) and its 8th (public mortality).

When you put it together, the planet of anarchy, revolution and chaos is challenging the masses in a national dispute that affects the public.

Plans for the uprising would have been conducted in secret, and as the battle rages in the streets, public mortality is at risk.

Uranus also rules the internet, airports and social media, while Mercury rules communications, roads and bridges. Uranus is considered a planet of separation, and as it challenged Mercury, major airports, bridges and roads were blocked, and the public was cut off from internet access and social media sites.

The Planetary Trigger

It’s well settled in astrology that Mars (the planet of action) often serves as a trigger that sets other aspects (planetary connections) into motion.

At 24° Scorpio, Mars (military leaders) is making a quincunx to transiting Uranus. Although a quincunx is a minor aspect, it’s a tense one, and it just enough to ignite Uranus (anarchy). (Think about striking a match; sometimes you need to strike it hard to ignite it; other times a light touch does the job.) At the same time, Mars (military leaders) was making a conjunction (a powerful activation) to the nation’s Jupiter. In Turkey’s chart, Jupiter rules the 6th house, which includes those who enlist and serve in the nation’s armed forces.

In other words, Mars (military leaders) shouted “Charge!” and Jupiter (the troops) complied.



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