The Autumn Equinox


The 0° point of Libra proclaims the Autumn Equinox, but the Sun’s entry into the sign of balance announces much more than the beginning of fall.

It also marks the end of summer and the period of external growth associated with it such as agricultural crops, livestock births and increased social interactions.

Consequently, autumn is the bridge that takes us from the bountiful summer to the barren winter. It’s a period of transition where we too withdraw into the warmth and comfort of our homes, and a time when we have the opportunity to experience internal growth by embracing the higher qualities of the signs that comprise this transitory season.

If we do, when the Sun enters Scorpio we can tap into this sign’s determination to help us stay the course, as well as harness its power of transformation to create lasting change.  Then, when the Sun enters Sagittarius, we can embrace its optimism as we tap into its expansive nature and envision the wonderful possibilities for the new year.

If we do, we’ll be well prepared for our journey into winter.



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