New Moon in Scorpio Brings Renewal


New Moon at 7°44′ Scorpio 10/30/16 at 1:38 PM EDT

New Moon in Scorpio
Brings Renewal





This month’s powerful Scorpio new moon is the perfect antidote for the toxic energies that were introduced by September’s explosive eclipses and reinforced by October’s angry full moon.

Like all new moons, this one invites you to set intentions, plant seeds and initiate new actions; and just like every Scorpio new moon, it’s saturated in transformational energy that promotes renewal. So what makes this new moon so special? Not a single planet is challenging it. This means that its transformative energy isn’t being diminished by stressful connections and is completely supported.

In addition to supporting intentions for something new, the energy of the Scorpio new moon is especially helpful for planting seeds for change. As it happens, this new moon embraces Mercury (thoughts) and creates a planetary trio (sun, moon, mercury) that will help you clarify what you want to change and, more important, what you need to change. Even better, this planetary trio and Neptune (psychic, transcendence) are engaged in a flow of positive energy that inspires understanding through intuitive ideas and messages. Drenched in Scorpio’s transformational energy, the insights you receive at this time are seeds for deep and lasting change that can lead to renewal in some area of your life.

There are two caveats for this new moon.

1. Whether it’s wearing a full moon or a new moon, Scorpio frequently demands that we release something. Full moons coincide with endings, so it makes sense to let something go at that time. This is a new moon, but whenever Scorpio is involved, so is transformation and/or rebirth. In order to be transformed or reborn, something has to die. So while a Scorpio new moon is about initiation, if there’s anything that needs to be transformed or reborn in your life, you may experience some type of ending as well.

2. You must consciously tap into this energy. Why? Because when all of the aspects (planetary connections) to the new moon are flowing as they are here, there’s an ease to to the energy that promotes harmony but not motivation. Without a hard energy activating it, the positive energy will just sit there (so to speak) and feel good. Since there’s no hard energy to do the job, you need to be the match that ignites this positive energy on your behalf.

So which life areas are being targeted for renewal in your life? They’re revealed by the horoscope house that’s hosting this new moon in your chart. If you’re not familiar with your natal chart, you can learn which house holds the new moon in your solar chart (this is Sun-sign based astrology) by locating your Sun sign in the list below.

If your Sun Sign is:

Aries, the new moon falls in your solar 8th house of intimacy, other people’s money and support, jointly-held assets and transformation.
Taurus, the new moon falls in your solar 7th house of lawsuits and one-to-one relationships.
Gemini, the new moon falls in your solar 6th house of work, health, service and pets.
Cancer, the new moon falls in your solar 5th house of romance, children, creativity
Leo, the new moon falls in your solar 4th house of home, family, real estate, parents and intuition.
Virgo, the new moon falls in your solar 3rd house of siblings, short trips, transportation and all types of communications.
Libra, the new moon falls in your solar 2nd house of money, income, values and self-worth.
Scorpio, the new moon falls in your solar 1st house – it’s all about you, including your approach to life and physical appearance.
Sagittarius, the new moon falls in your solar 12th house of solitude, secrets, past lives,healing and psychic abilities.
Capricorn, the new moon falls in your solar 11th house of goals, casual friends, colleagues and group relationships.
Aquarius, the new moon falls in your solar 10th house of career, status and fame.
Pisces, the new moon falls in your solar 9th house of foreign travel, higher education, legal matters and publishing.

Manifesting with the Scorpio New Moon

You can set any intention under any new moon but when it’s in Scorpio, it favors:

Actions, intentions and affirmations for new beginnings, renewal or lasting changes associated with sexual intimacy, physical healing/regeneration, psychological transformation, psychic development, loans, grants, scholarships, inheritance, estate and tax matters, mortgages, money that’s owed you, income from franchises or intellectual property.

This lunar energy also supports intentions to find tax specialists, estate planners, researchers, pension specialists, investigators, estate planners, insurance experts, debt counselors, psychoanalysts, psychics, funeral directors and mortgage brokers.

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