Scorpio Forecast


Mini-Forecast for Scorpio’s Year Ahead



The Sun has moved into Scorpio, which means it’s time to wish those of you born under this magnetic, mysterious and fiercely determined sign a very Happy Birthday. To help celebrate your special day, here’s a peek at what the coming solar year has in store for you!

On October 11, 2017, Jupiter will enter Scorpio and begin a year-long goodwill tour through your solar first house of personal opportunities as it makes its way towards your Sun. Why am I talking about something that’s almost an entire year away? Because your coming solar year is one of transition and preparation, and what you do (or don’t do) during the next 12 months will have a big impact on 2018.

Now, that’s not to say you won’t make any progress in 2017 (you will), but the fact of the matter is that 2017 is a bridge to a year that promises success for those who are prepared for it. That’s why I want you to give serious consideration to the ways you’d like to see your life expand and the type of opportunities you need to attract to make it happen.

A few years back, you had the weight of Saturn on your Sun. Some of you felt defeated and had to start over, and some of you gained clarity and moved forward, but ALL of you had to work hard. Now it’s time for some of that work to pay off.

With Neptune inspiring your Sun, it’s time to envision the life you want to live, and with Jupiter expanding opportunities from behind the scenes in your 12th house, it’s time to quietly lay the groundwork to help make it happen. I say “quietly” because it’s important that you don’t share your plans with everyone. (Most Scorpios don’t but if there’s a strong Libra or Sagittarius influence in your chart, you may tend to spill the beans). Why? Because if you bring 12th house plans out into the light of day, the energy tends to dissolve. That’s why it’s important to share your vision on a strictly need to know basis until Jupiter enters Scorpio. Once it enters Scorpio and moves into your solar first house (you!), the plans you made while it was in the 12th will come to life and start to blossom under its expansive energy.

Speaking of Jupiter, just a few months after it moves into your sign, life will get even sweeter. On December 20, the universe will hear a collective sign of relief from Scorpions everywhere as Saturn leaves your money sector. Until then, use this Saturn cycle to trim expenses, organize your finances and define your personal values. Determining who and what matters the most to you will fine-tune your vision and increase your power to attract it, while releasing what and who doesn’t creates the void to accept it.

If you use the energy of your coming solar year to get your ducks in a row, you’ll be ready to make the most of everything that Jupiter brings your way!

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